God Abuser/C90 Warriors I Can't Let You Leave the Battlefield!
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God Abuser/C90 Warriors I Can't Let You Leave the Battlefield!
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C90 Warriors I Can't Let You Leave the Battlefield!

The calm Iron Blood Judge was the scariest. This was the consensus of everyone who knew about him! There was no longer any trace of joy or anger on Ye Wentian's face. He looked at the remaining less than a thousand iron-blooded men.

At this time, Grey Wolf gently placed Yu Hongyan's corpse on the ground. Finally, he gently caressed Yu Hongyan's beautiful face and said softly, "Grey Wolf has lived for a thousand years. You made me understand what love is. It is very sweet. It is very beautiful. You have let me know that there is such a beautiful thing in this world. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey. My husband will avenge you. Hubby, I will not let those people bully you. In my heart, You will always be the most beautiful bride! Grey Wolf only loves you in his life! "

After saying that, Grey Wolf stood up and walked towards Ye Wentian. "Magistrate! Don't worry about me when you charge later! I'm already dead. You can't save me. Remember to kill a few more people to avenge me!"

Ye Wentian looked at Grey Wolf quietly. He actually saw a trace of emotion in Grey Wolf's eyes. It was a trace of reluctance to part with his brother. At the same time, Ye Wentian knew very well in his heart. When the charge began, he could no longer take care of anyone. Because there were too many enemies. If he still held back. . . He, Ye Wentian, would be the only one alive today. He might be able to protect more people if he gave it his all. However, there were bound to be many brothers who would die as well.

Grey Wolf said these words because he was afraid that Ye Wentian would not be able to exert his full strength because he was too burdened. It could be said that he didn't want to leave this battlefield alive today!

"Magistrate!! We are already dead!" All the remaining iron-blooded soldiers simultaneously roared in unison! That voice resounded through the clouds. Although it was hoarse, it was definitely the most beautiful voice in the world!

Ye Wentian didn't say anything. Instead, he turned around and faced the Xiongnu army. Zhuge Jing saw the smile on Ye Wentian's face when he turned around. It was an extremely proud smile. That's right! Having such a brother was definitely something to be proud of! He looked down on all the heroes in the world!

Zhuge Jing could not help reevaluating Ye Wentian.

At first, he thought that Ye Wentian only relied on his incomparable ability to make everyone willingly follow him through life and death. He thought that this powerful Ye Wentian only got the respect of everyone in the world because of his strength. Now, Zhuge Jing knew that he was wrong!

No matter how invincible a person was, it was impossible for him to have so many brothers who would rather die than be a burden to him! What was truly powerful wasn't Ye Wentian's strength! As for what exactly it was!? Zhuge Jing didn't know either!

"Brothers!! Where is our flag!?" Ye Wentian shouted. A trembling iron-blooded soldier handed over the flag pole to Ye Wentian.

Ye Wentian took the flag pole and fiercely nailed it to the ground.

"Boom! ~~”

The entire ground began to shake from the violent force of Ye Wentian's attack.

"My brothers! Letting you leave the battlefield now is absolutely an insult to you! Even if you know that if you don't leave the battlefield, you won't have the chance to walk down this path ever again. But I, Ye Wentian, will not do that! Because all of you are warriors! Every one of you represents the honor of iron and blood! All of you are f * cking heroes! For the motherland that you love! All of you have persisted until now! Let me accompany all of you through this last period of life! "

"Kong! Indestructible Iron-Blooded Blood!!! "

All the Iron-Blooded Blood became fanatical. Right now, everyone was overdrawing their own energy. Actually, their situation was already terrible. Even if they didn't fight anymore, Many of them would die, but the Magistrate had come. Their War God was here! Their brothers were here!! They could still charge again, the last charge in their lives!!

Ye Wentian pulled out the flag pole of the Iron-Blood Flag from the ground and placed it behind him. "Iron-Blood! Charge!" Following Ye Wentian's furious roar, a huge spatial ripple appeared out of nowhere in the Xieyang City.

The next moment, Ye Wentian's figure had already disappeared. Grey Wolf roared wildly and his body shot out like a lightning bolt. All the remaining Iron-Blood Warriors began their last brilliant charge in their lives. Zhuge Jing lightly waved his fan. A small spatial ripple appeared. After the ripple, he also disappeared. . .

Although Ye Wentian was in a state of extreme speed, he could still clearly feel it. Most of the remaining Iron Blood Warriors died on the way, even though they died before they met the enemy in their final charge. They died during the charge. He was a hero!!

"Ye Wentian!! Slash! " After a furious roar, Ye Wentian's body fell into the Xiongnu army like a superimposed meteor. The huge Air Blade was recklessly activated by Ye Wentian using the flagpole. It was even bigger and more lethal than the previous Air Blades.


In an instant, roughly twenty thousand Xiongnu soldiers were killed. With just a simple attack, the Xiongnu army was thrown into chaos. They really did not know how to defend against the Magistrate's attack, but now, they had to face a furious Iron Blood Judge who was about to go crazy!

After Ye Wentian and the Xiongnu army caught fire, the Iron Blood Division also encountered the enemy troops at the front. In less than two breaths of time, except for Zhuge Jing and Grey Wolf, all the Iron Blood Division soldiers were killed. There were only three people left on Xuanyuan's side on the battlefield!

Grey Wolf's Fury of the Forest was even crazier than any of the previous times. He was attacking without caring about the consequences. Without any defense or hesitation, his energy had reached a peak in an instant!

He was the only one who had blocked the charge of the Xiongnu army. Zhuge Jing's figure kept flashing in every corner of the battlefield. Every time he appeared, dozens of Xiongnu soldiers' lives would be taken away. Although Zhuge Jing was very fast, as a civil servant, he was not very good at killing people. Therefore, his lethality was not as great as Grey Wolf's.

Grey Wolf's ultimate move could not be used endlessly. When his attack weakened, the surrounding Xiongnu soldiers began to rush towards him from all directions.

In an instant, his body was hit by more than 30 slashes. Blood was spurting out from his body continuously. At this moment, his eyes had already turned blood red!

"Ye Wentian! Remember what you promised me!! Fraud, I'll be leaving first!!" Grey Wolf suddenly shouted at Ye Wentian, who was attacking recklessly in front of him.

Wolf's guts would not allow him to die in such a cowardly manner! After he shouted those words, the energy in his body began to rampage without restraint! 。。。。。。

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