God Of All Systems Lord/C1 Infinite system.
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God Of All Systems Lord/C1 Infinite system.
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C1 Infinite system.

Metro city, one of the twelve cities of Dasia kingdom, has all kinds of awakened and powerhouses secretly hidden from the spotlight. As always the city was lively as you can see many people roaming around the streets and some riding some things which seem to be monsters, and some driving cars.

But in an alleyway in the slums,

"you piss of sh*t".

One could hear a shout as a group of four boys were beating down on a single boy,

The boy who was the victim seems to be a kid with silver hair and golden eyes, with a highly handsome face for a 15-year-old. He had a skinny body; as you can tell, he lives in the slums.

"you think because you have a pretty face means you are the best?"

A boy who seems to be significant in size said while kicking the boy on the ground. One could see the hatred in his eyes. On his left hand, mana slowly gathered as the next moment; fire sparks lit up as a flame appeared on his left palm.

The other kids showed signs of disbelief as one asked,

"big brother Will. Are you going to use your abilities on waste like this?"

The boy, John, asked as one could see the fright in his eyes because all of them have abilities and skills, but no one dares use them against an ordinary human as that will be a capital offence.

"What?, are you afraid of this little punk dying?, haha, John you have gotten soft because of a mere mortal. I am just testing out my new level of fire skill, not a big deal".

Will spoke casually to John as he had an evil smile on his face,

"Do you guys also think I should go easy on him?"

He turned to the other two boys as he asked. The two boys vigorously shook their heads as they knew they were weaker than Will. Although they all are from the same orphanage and they all have awakened abilities, theirs were still not enough to match Will's power, so they didn't protest against him.

Will shot his fire on the boy's arms.


The boy screamed because of the pain.

"Haha, now let's see how you use your brains without your hands."

Will said as hehe slowly walked away, the others following as their figures disappeared from the alleyway.

The beaten boy was left on the ground in pain as one could see the anger in his eyes. His name is Patrick Alexandra King. He grew up with the boys that had just beaten him up in the same orphanage. Other than his handsome looks, he is also intelligent, with an estimated IQ of 500.

Because of his looks and intelligence, all the adults and girls liked him. Until, five years ago, when they did the awaken test on them, he was the only one of the unawakened; because of this, everything became the opposite of the past; girls and other orphans started calling him trash.

Twenty years ago, people started awakening powers and abilities for an unknown reason, some getting the ability to fly, some strength, and some healing.

But five years later, monsters started showing up from portals called gates, but the first portals were low ranking gates as they were taken care of by the allied awakened without a sweat. Still, later, higher ranking gates started appearing, and people started facing a crisis, with some powers not affecting the monsters as it led to even more casualties. Still, some awakened with powerful abilities allied and fought back, ending up creating different kingdoms and cities.

As Patrick lay on the ground holding onto his left hand, he let out a shout as he slowly got up and then leaned on the wall, breathing heavily as traces of beat marks was all over his body. His clothes were thorned.

Suddenly, a sudden light appeared right in front of his eyes, as his golden eyes met the bright light, which was unbearable; The light shot right in his forehead as the next moment, a sound that seems like a female British robotic voice sounded in his head.

"Ding, search complete successfully."

"Infinite system found master..., synchronising"

"infinite.... system..?....master..?"

Patrick was utterly shocked as the next moment he started seeing different pop screens appearing all over his face, not even able to finish his sentence as he fell to the ground sitting.

"synchronisation complete, activating all functions."

"5....4....3....2....1, all system functions activated."

"What? Who is it? Come out now."

Patrick panicked, as he had never encountered such a situation. he thought that maybe he was being attacked? But then the same voice sounded again.

"Detecting master to be in a panic state, activating infinite calm."

Infinite calm: Passive; brings one endless calmness.

Immediately, Patrick's mind calmed as he spoke with clarity and confidence.

"what are you?"

"I am the infinite system, the originator of all systems, and I have chosen you as my master."

"what do you mean chosen me as your master?"

Patrick continued with the same unhurried tone.

"I am only allowed by the universe to choose one master forever, but the possibility of me finding my master is one in infinite. Since the beginning of time, I have been looking for my master, and today I found you, master".

Listening to this, Patrick slowly analysed the situation and thought of a question.

"What are your functions?"

Patrick knew what a system was, as in this reality is just like any other, with storybooks and novels. Still, he only read them when he was bored, so he didn't care much differently. These stories have systems with functions and abilities, but he considered these things nothing but fiction and fantasy, unrealistic stories meant to bring children joy.

"master, I have infinite functions and abilities, with no limits or restrictions, and you can access all of them".

The system spoke as the next moment everything around Patrick changed.

Patrick noticed the sudden change but was not panicked as the next scene was stunning as one could see an extensive landscape with tall towers and skyscrapers. He asked in a calm tone.

"where am I?"

"Master, this is your infinite realm, and everything here belongs to you. Do you need the system functions transferred to you?"

The voice asked.


Patrick slowly answered, and he immediately heard the voice again.

"Ding, transferring system functions to master."

The next moment, Patrick received the system functions. He was surprised to find that the system has infinite functions and that none of them was locked, but what surprised him the most was his unbelievable stat.

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