God Of All Systems Lord/C10 The Watson Family’s Biggest Surprise 1.
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God Of All Systems Lord/C10 The Watson Family’s Biggest Surprise 1.
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C10 The Watson Family’s Biggest Surprise 1.

Out space above the Earth 001.

Patrick and Athena appeared in the void, Athena maintaining her elegance even when arising out of the hole as her godly steps landed on space.

"Colossal universal unicorn"

Athena thought as the next moment.


A unicorn with different types of universal and heavenly energy came out of her storage space as its gigantic body slowly starts shrinking to the size of a human, Athena sitting on it with both legs on one side. Patrick didn't even look at the pet as he had already seen this scene over a billion times; he was just busy thinking whether he should visit the orphanage or wipe out those boys' existence.


"Grace turn on emotionless, I hate mortal feelings, there is no need for me to revenge, they merely did what any mortal will do when their position is threatened."

A king will never allow his subjects to possess more authority or power than him, or he might lose control of the kingdom and might even get himself killed, so what those boys did might seem cruel to the average human being. However, he knows well if it wasn't for Grace by extreme luck landing on him, he might still be that weak orphan kid with no abilities or skills, and a person like that can only be a registrar, as brains mean nothing without brawls in this awakened planet.

"Emotionless activated"

Skill Emotionless: Brings one's emotions to the state of nothingness.

Patrick turned to Athena as she looked back, smiling, Patrick not returning the smile as he spoke in a cold tone.

"I am in an emotionless state; I will only deactivate it when I am with my family; of course, you are my family, but gods don't need emotions, as that has been a weakness many had fallen to. Although we don't have weaknesses, people taking advantage of my family is the last thing I want".

"We will be going to your family; if you were just as ordinary as you were yesterday, your position in the family would only change after you have been married off to a bigger family or powerhouse, but now your destiny has changed, and you are a goddess, my wife, and an infinite being."

"Such things never happen, not even in dreams, but here we are, plus my parents and little sister Patricia coming will make us five infinite beings."

"I hope you think like my wife and an infinite being before you actions, as a single touch from you can grant someone infinite mana or energy, and life span, such impossible feats don't even exist as even the jade palace of cultivation world their gods are merely qualified to be our messengers and servants, their life spans been merely trillions of years before they perish."

Confident and domineering words were spoken nonstop like rain falling from the sky, making all his junctures of why emotion is a weakness, and he said all this with hands behind his back and eyes looking down on the word existence itself.

On the colossal universal unicorn, Athena didn't even react to Patrick's words as she merely gave the nod while replying in an infinitely sweet voice.

"Yes, my love."

Patrick nodding as he spoke calmly

"Let's go see your family."

Skills activated: system god, reality reformation.

System god: can control all technology in existence.

Patrick is simply entering the internet as he gains access to all of the technology, creating an identity for him being married to Athena King and his previously dead parents while reforming reality as his parent were never quiet.

Immediately after space warped, they were at the gates of the Watson family mansion.

Patrick changed his white and golden stripes robe to black and white, white long sleeve shirt and a black coat on-top, and of course his black boots, Athena riding the universal unicorn change the shape of her dress from sexy showy when she was only with Patrick, to long body white sleeves, combined with her ring she portrayed the elegance of a zillionaire's wife.

( Like really, that's not even 1% of her wealth as she is a goddess, she possesses infinite currency, so forgive me for underestimating her worth).

Days ago after Athena was gone:

Julius one stepped to Athena's courtyard; disbelief was all over his face as his speed was even more significant than an SSS rank, maybe even a heavenly class? But before he could finish his thought, he saw Athena's room was empty. Anger was written all over as the next moment he used his speed and disappeared.

The five black robe men from the shadow guild and Drax were busy identifying the treasure releasing such marvellous wonders.

'Having such a treasure will make me become a heavenly rank or maybe even ascend to the mythical rank of the legends.'

This was the thought going through all their heads, forgetting their mission as who will care about a puny little girl they can catch anytime over a sacred rank treasure. Still, all of a sudden, they felt an ominous, deadly aura rising in the courtyard they just came from as Drax was the first to regard it as he was an S+ rank, fear starting to rise from the depths of his origin as he made his way to the courtyard only to find not find Julius who was supposed to be dead. Still, a young man in his mid-thirties standing with ice and four other abilities floating in his hands, seeing this scene, Drax was calm on the outside, but his instincts were telling him to run, but he still acted confident and asked!

"What is such a master doing in this backwater city?"

His words not been too rude or servile, looking around still not finding Julius as he thought that maybe the Watson family had offended a powerhouse and he had come for punishment. Still, the man's words shocked him as the voice was the same as Julius except much younger.

"Stop pretending and bring my granddaughter out now."

Drax's fear appeared all over his face as sweat started dripping from his forehead.

"You..shouldn't…shouldn't you be dead?"

"Your face, how is this even possible? You must be a monster from the gates."

Drax's face was full of fear as he saw Julius using five different abilities instead of one, and his face became much younger; he then noticed that it was because of the aura that they all just felt, but how did he become much more robust, more youthful, and even gain four more abilities?

"Brother Julius, let's talk about this; this is all a misapprehension; we should….! Ahhhh."

Before he could finish his sentence, he cried in pain as he lost both arms; this speed made him even more scared as he did not even see Julius move but lost both arms.

"How….is ….this…even …possible?"

"Tell me where my granddaughter is, then I might spare your pathetic betraying life."

Hearing Julius' question, Drax fell in confusion, 'did they not succeed?' He thought to himself as everything became even more confusing if the girl is gone, and they are gone, does that mean they succeeded? Drax coming to this conclusion, became slightly better, but he then thought of his situation as his mood returned to despair.

Hearing someone scream, the other five black robe men came to the courtyard at full speed as they saw Drax kneeling on the ground without arms, Drax seeing the men, shouted for help!

"Attack together and kill him. Go all out."

Immediately after the command, five shadows moved fast, attacking from different angles with their full power.

Julius seeing this, didn't even react much but raised his hands and used one of his new abilities.

Ability: Light angel; uses light to replenish energy and attack—skills; light blind, purification, healing.

Light blind: releases a blinding light that blinds and paralyzes all enemies within a 10-meter range.

Purification: As you are an angel, you can purify all darkness and demons. Cost 50% of mana.

Healing: Heals all selected creatures within 100 meters, cost 80% mana. Heal yourself to full power cost 20% mana.

"Light blind"

Instantly, light burst out of Julius's origin as the darkness around the mansion vanished, causing everyone to be paralyzed within 10 meters which were as big as the courtyard. Still, the light drew the attention of the Watson family members as more than 20 guards and three men leading them came running to the yard, some holding guns, some swords, and some using their abilities.

All the shadow guild members were paralyzed; they were all stuck in an attacking position with weapons in their hands dripping with poison. Julius slowly walking to the one closest as he used his ice skill,

"ice sword."


Sounds of slashing could be heard as the body of the assassin was sliced into million pieces.

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