God Of All Systems Lord/C11 The Watson family’s biggest surprise 2.
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God Of All Systems Lord/C11 The Watson family’s biggest surprise 2.
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C11 The Watson family’s biggest surprise 2.

Seeing their teammate getting sliced into pieces, the remaining assassins became frightened and decided to bite the poison in their mouths. Their bodies were paralyzed, not their mouths; Julius wanted to use this opportunity to get more information, but when he saw one opening his mouth, he understood that they were about to commit suicide; this made him even angrier as this meant that these guys came to kidnap his granddaughter prepared to die, which shows the significance of their reason.

"You think you can come in my territory and die as you please?"

Words of rage sounded out as a flash was all that was seen before heads started falling and blood started spraying all over the courtyard.

Without waiting for them to use poison, Julius had used his speed to instantly slice the necks of all four as Drax was the only one remaining. At this point, Drax was in a hell of despair as his last hope was gone; before he could even say anything, he was frozen to an ice sculpture kneeling.

"You disappointed me, Drax."

That was all that was said as Julius turned to the other family members, who were shocked to the core.

They came as soon as they saw the bright light only to find a young man in his mid-thirties standing in the middle of five men, they saw him use the skill ice sword of the Watson family, which surprised them even more, but they didn't even get to finish their thoughts when this man continued to slice a human-like a piece of meat, his speed was so fast that they couldn't see anything, all they could see was a man in the attack position paralyzed. At the same time, the other is a sword style position also stuck, but a few seconds later, the middle-aged man stood straight as they all saw that he didn't even have a single stain of blood on his sword but then the body of the paralyzed man splashed like a paste on the ground.

This scene leaving the entire courtyard silent as the more shocking one was about to happen; they then saw nothing but a flash as the man disappeared only to appear in front of an armless man while all the other frozen men's heads started falling. Blood sprayed all over as these spoke disappointment as he froze the other into an ice sculpture. He turned as they all made faces ready to fight, but then he spoke a single command.

"Clean this place and leave the sculpture."

But no one moved as they all thought he was an enemy, this man being way too similar to their patriarch. But one of the men leading came forward as he asked in a surprised tone.

"What happened, father?"

But Julius didn't answer him but gave another command.

"Gather the other family members into the meeting hall; little Athena has been kidnapped"


Shocking words were spoken as the young mistress was kidnapped. The young miss may not be as outstanding as the other grandchildren of the Watson family. She was the least when it comes to everything; other than her being a genius, her ice ability was weak, and she was proposed to by the grey family, which are full of geniuses and powerful beings. But with all such disadvantages, no one dared provokes her, which will be offending the entire family, more especially the patriarch who was always fond of her.

"Yes, father," Justin, who was the first son and Athena's uncle, replied and proceeded in doing that.

The family gathered as they discussed handling this matter and not letting the other families be aware as they might use this against them.

The meeting ended as Julius returned to his courtyard. Still, all of a sudden, the mysterious abundant energy suddenly reduced greatly as he felt over 80% of the mysterious power disappear. Julius nearly spitting blood out of frustration as his new vast power was taken away, and there was nothing he could about it; he didn't even know who or what gave him this power.

Next day.

A guard at B rank stood at the gate of the Watson family's mansion; the family recruited him because of his defensive abilities, which even a normal A-rank can't pierce despite him being at B rank. Today was his turn to do security as a moment later; he felt an ominous aura that made him want to die and sacrifice himself for this aura willingly. Still, just as it came, it vanished as he saw two beings standing at the gates of the family mansion. These being's presence could not be felt as it seems like they were there when you look, but when you try to handle it, it's like nothing, literally nothing, as if they were not even there.

The guard walked close to the beings because he was hundreds of meters away, but as he was about 50 meters away, an oppressive aura suddenly out of nowhere appeared as he was forced to smash his head to the ground and prostrate in front of these beings as he even felt joy doing.

Patrick and Athena slowly moved as he was floating in the space while Athena sat on the universal unicorn as it walks into the area; they went inside as the door automatically opened. Still, they saw a B rank walking as the next moment it came 50 meters close to them he feels down and prostrates, Patrick seeing this didn't even react as the next moment he spoke in a magisterial .demeanour


The guard's body loosened as he still stayed in the same position without even willing to get up.

Athena didn't even glance at the guard when he prostrated as she continued towards her grandfather's courtyard while on top of the unicorn; the unicorn had eyes that looked like a galaxy, and its a horn made out of universal laws and heavenly energies.

Patrick following behind Athena as he had already seen everything, reactions, comments, and even the trouble that was about to follow it, but he chose to enjoy the show.

Patrick and Athena levitated to the patriarch's courtyard as no one felt their presence; the guard still prostrated as another guard came to enquire what was going on, but the moment went close to his security mate, the same ominous energy pressured him too as two men were now happily prostrating inside the Watson family mansion.

Julius was in his courtyard when that same ominous feeling the guards felt appeared as he went into the prostrating position. Still, just after he had utterly prostrated, invisible energy pulled him up as he was raised in the air; he smelled a fragrance that made him feel nourished as he felt the abundant amount of mana rushing through his nostrils, but what was even more beautiful was the voice that spoke after.


With just these words alone, the patriarch opened his eyes only to see an extremely magnificent being who seems like a 20-year-old wearing mask covering her whole face; even her eyes had its front attached to the face mask. This being was sitting on something that doesn't even seem to be walking on the ground, not to stain its magnificence.

"Little Athena," "is that you?"

Julius had to slowly ask as this being looks like Athena, except she was already a grown lady.

"Yes, grandfather, don't worry about my looks; it's nothing."


Shocking, unbelievable words came out as this being as she said that her looks are nothing. If your looks are nothing, then everyone on earth is nothing.

Julius regains his calm as he spoke " little Athena doesn't need to worry about anything; as long as you are safe, then everything is fine," Julius said happily as he then saw a being standing behind Athena, this being wearing a different mask from Athena's as he wore a black and white outfit with a white mask.

Patrick wore a mask because his face might cause systems to start popping up for every creature that sees his face.

"Little Athena, who is this behind you?"

Julius asked because this being who was in front of him and not there felt quite mysterious, so he inquired before making any moves because making a move means becoming enemies. He doesn't even know what rank this is as he can't feel any energy from him and Athena.

"My love, this is my grandfather."

Ignoring her grandfather as she spoke to Patrick, introducing her grandfather to Patrick, although she knew Patrick already knew that, she still did as her husband comes first.

Patrick heard Athena's words as he nodded and slowly moved close to Julius as he spoke authoritatively.


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