God Of All Systems Lord/C12 The Grey Family’s Visit
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God Of All Systems Lord/C12 The Grey Family’s Visit
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C12 The Grey Family’s Visit

(Congratulations. If you made it to this chapter, then I appreciate your tolerance with my novel. I used misspelt and jumbled sentences in the previous chapters to get rid of impatient readers and keep you loyal and patient readers. You will enjoy the future chapters of God of all systems. Enjoy.)

The Watson family.

The Watson family's patriarch floated in the air with a shocking expression as he tried to comprehend what he heard from this masked person.

'I am her husband.'

This sentence was repeatedly sounding in his head as he felt his body slowly descending the earth. Standing on his feet, the patriarch didn't react as he discovered that whatever lifted him moments ago must be related to either his granddaughter or this being who claims to be his grandson-in-law.

But he put on an ugly complexion as he can't discern what ranks his granddaughter or her so-called husband are; all he knew was that their physical image was all that could be perceived and not their presence.

After over eighty per cent of the mysterious energy disappeared yesterday, he still felt more substantial than SSS ranks, almost reaching the heavenly rank. Still, despite all that, he couldn't see through these beings.

"It suitable that Athena found a husband, as long as she's contented, then I have nothing to say."

Julius readdressed Athena as she doesn't look little anymore; this Goddess-like being was sitting on a creature that looks like a unicorn and different in every possible way. This creature seems more majestic than any beast that he has ever seen.

" I am the patriarch of the Watson family; Julius Watson. It's an honour for my family to witness your existence."

Julius announced, kneeling with a bow while clasping his palms together over his head.

"There's no need for ceremonies between family."

Patrick's cold and unemotional words sounded out while carrying a majestic atmosphere around him and Athena. They then proceeded into the guest hall.

At the entrance of the Watson mansion, the two guards remained prostrated as it drew the attention of other family members. More people gathered as the two rose with bruises on their foreheads.

"Why are you guys prostrating?"

A man who seems to be an awakened S+ came with a search party asked in a seriously annoyed tone; this man was Athena's father, Jacob Watson. He is highly frustrated because of his daughter's kidnapping.

"Two high-ranking beings with powerful auras entered, on seems to be the missing miss, but am not sure. They went to the patriarch's courtyard."

Listening to the guard's words, Jacob sprinted into his father's courtyard; finding it empty, he went to the guest hall.

The Guest Hall.

Patrick and Athena slowly followed Julius as they entered an expansive hall decorated with gold and diamonds. Julius offered his seat to Patrick, but Patrick didn't respond as the hall started expanding from the insides. Moments later, golden and white thrones appeared in the air over the Patriarch's seat.

The patriarch was in disbelief; watching his guest hall expand to ten times its size almost made him want to prostrate before these beings as such magical powers can only belong to celestials and gods.

Athena was the first to move as she rose into the air, the colossal universal unicorn vanishing as it returned to her storage space. She sat at the white and sparkly throne that was slightly below the shining golden one.

Patrick appeared on his throne instantly as he spoke in a cold tone.

"Since the Watson family took care of my wife, I shall grant them protection for one trillion years. All members of the Watson family will have an average life span of 500 years, as the rest will depend on your fortune to break through the ranks, which are heavenly, mythical, celestial, divine, and half immortal realms. and each realm has nine stages before reaching the next."

Powerful words rang out inside the guest hall as the patriarch was standing while facing up, his mind going through rapid changes as he can't even begin to comprehend this entity's words. Protection for one trillion years? 500 years on average? There are more stages above mythical?

Many questions were popping out, but he held them as he willingly prostrated this time.

"Thank you, your excellency."

Julius replied with joy all over his face, as then, Jacob came running while shouting Athena's name. But when he entered, he saw his father, who is a proud and domineering man bowing to two entities that were on thrones. This scene baffled Jacob as he asked.

"Father, why are you bowing? And where is Athena?"

Julius ignored his questions, but then a sweet melodious voice sounded out as his face gained light.

"Father, I am fine. No need to worry."


Jacob ran at full speed, but when he was 50 meters away, his soul trembled as he felt the will to worship these beings. But energy pulled him to his feet as Athena withdrew a sword from her storage with an elephant design that then floated in front of him.

"Father, this is a gift prepared for you."

Devouring elephant ice sword: A sword made of extreme ice element as it has an elephant spirit that can absorb other elements. Can freeze space and time when supplied with enough mana. Can replenish the mana of the user by absorbing energy from the surroundings. It also increases the ranking speed by 100 times.

Jacob saw the sword floating in space; he didn't know what to do. But then an elephant spirit shot out as it entered its forehead.

He adjusted to his power as he then came to his senses, prostrating like his father as he thanked Athena as a divine being instead of as his daughter.

"My love, that will be all."

Athena spoke in an infinitely sweet voice as Patrick nodded, his voice ringing out in space as they both vanished from the guest hall, leaving an empty void as the thrones also disappeared with them.

"Prepare to experience a new reality as those bugs sending monsters and restraining this world will be gone."

Julius and Jacob slowly rose from the ground as they both saw the disbelief in each other's eyes. But before they could even comprehend the words and start celebrating their fortune, a messenger entered but seeing the expanded space of the guest hall, he tried his best not to forget his message as he came back to his senses.

"Patriarch, the Grey family has come to visit."

"The Grey family?"

Julius and Jacob looked at each other in confusion as Julius order to let them in.

"Father, do you know why they are here?"

"No, but I think news of Athena getting kidnapped has spread, and they must have come to use this opportunity to suppress us. But they shall be the one to suffer."

Father and son spoke in the hall as the messenger obeyed the order.

The Grey family has suppressed all other families in Metro city and even wiped out some of the weaker ones. They control over 40% of the wealth and resources; they have over 100 S+ awakened, 40 SS awakened, and 5 SS+ awakened. They came from a high ranking kingdom and settled in the Dasia kingdom, explaining their power.

They wanted to increase their power, but if they start a war, the king might interfere, so they chose to use marriage proposals to control the other families. Those who disagreed with them didn't live to see the next day as they all mysteriously disappeared overnight.

They received an anonymous message that the granddaughter of the Watson family went missing. They thought they might use this opportunity to gain control over the Watson family. Without waiting any further, they visited the Watson family immediately.

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