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C14 A New World

Realm of Darkness.

This realm was once part of the Dark universe, but they pleaded to be separate from the Dark universe because of a war that nearly annihilated their entire realm. Later separated from their home verse, they started dying out as almost 80% of the whole race were weak to survive in the chaotic void.

After thousands of years of exile, they stumbled on a destroying galaxy as they used the opportunity to plunder its resources and kill its natives. Later fortunate enough to discover a treasure at the half immortal grade which can hide an entire galaxy from predators, one must be at least at the half immortal realm to notice anything. They later started assimilating other galaxies as they grew stronger the more worlds they conquered.

The owners of this realm were the parasitic dragonfly race, a race that lives on other organisms as they even feed on their own to gain power; the more they eat, the more powerful they become.

Trillions of Dragonflys were flying in space as they look different from typical dragonflies; this race of beings has green skin, long legs, and four eyes, as they also have four pairs of wings on their hunched backs. They were the ones sending monsters to earth to wipe out its natives and take over. They are unable to descend to earth because their auras were too strong for the earth's atmosphere.

Their alternative was to send lesser monsters to overflood this earth as they slowly rule it. But all of a sudden, the space folded as it created a door; two magnificent beings stepped out. If one looked closely, one could see that Patrick and Athena were floating in the void as they glowed with shining golden lights.

When Patrick and Athena disappeared from the Watson family's guests hall, they appeared in the empty void; Athena's sweet voice sounded in Patrick's ears.

"Patrick, you said something about bugs restricting the earth and sending monsters; what did you mean?"

" I was talking about a race of bugs exiled from their universe. They used a mythical grade cloak treasure to hide their galaxy from others; they sent lesser ants to take over because they couldn't descend on earth, but humans began awakening abilities and skills thanks to the celestial gate's interference. So began the fight of monsters and awakened."

Athena now knows the origins of monsters and gates as well as awakened humans.

Patrick turned off emotionless as Grace's voice sounded in his head; he turned to look at the infinitely beautiful Athena as he said in a sweet, caring tone.

"There should be no reason for my wife to wear a mask, and I shall cancel all those stupid restrictions. The abilities will still have their effects if you choose to grant whoever you want."

As Athena heard Patrick's words, she felt the mask disappear with the fake eyes as she slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes were shining like a diamond as she also had an infinity symbol on both eyes. She turned to Parick as she came closer to him, thanking her husband with a kiss as moments later, her dress changed to that of a goddess's as she began shining with a golden light.

Patrick removed the restrictions on Athena as he felt uncomfortable with his wife wearing a mask. He always wanted to see her beautiful face and her smile. Who should they be afraid of when they even look down on existence itself?.

"Let's go clean these bugs."

Patrick spoke as Athena nodded; she now had a smile on her face as her beauty was indescribable. Patrick also changed his clothes to golden robes like Athena's. Moments later, they vanished.

Patrick can easily wipe out the whole dragonfly race with a thought. But he chose to bring Athena to test her powers.

In the void above the galaxy where the realm of darkness resides, Athena floated next to Patrick as she spoke.

"Patrick, I will get rid of these bugs."

Patrick then gave her an imagination skill she can use to attack as she doesn't have any attack skills except defence and countering. Patrick never wanted his wives to get into battles, but thinking that with infinite life spans, they will be bored to death as he spoke to Grace.

"Grace, add an imagination skill to my wives' systems."

"yes, master"

Grace replied. The next moment, Athena floated close to the galaxy as she used the only ability she ever had, ice; the instant thoughts about ice came to mind, the entire space froze, including time, she then heard Patrick's voice.

"Dear wife, you are thinking too small for a goddess. Think more extensively; you are capable of bringing your imaginations to reality."

Listening to her husband, Athena realised that she was indeed a goddess. She wasn't the weak, fragile girl that would have died at 18 years old but an infinite being; she nodded as she began employing her godly powers more. The once frozen galaxy returned to its original state. She just reversed time, bringing everything the way it was.

This time she thought bigger, the dragonflies exploding in unison as she continued reversing time and destroying the realm of darkness and its galaxy over a trillion times in mere seconds.

Moments later, Athena chose to destroy this galaxy for the last time, then the once dark and magnificent realm of the dragonfly race vanished as Athena wiped out its existence.

Earth 001

The news of the disappearance of the Grey family spread from city to empire as many knew the Grey family were substantial; for a family with over 100 S ranks and even an SS+ awakened to disappear in the course of one night, the enemy must be at least a heavenly realm.

People continued with their lives as they started experiencing changes in the atmosphere; not long after, a man burst with power as he noticed he had just awakened; this scene happening all over the earth as even mortals began gaining powers and abilities.

In the void over the earth were Patrick and Athena. At the same time, she used her imagination ability on the planet as it gained an infinite life span and mana, causing its inhabitants to evolve.

The Watson family.

Because of the disappearance of the Grey family, many families viewed the Watson family as the leading family. Because they did not ask for compensation or resources, at this moment, Julius was in a courtyard as he also noticed the change in the atmosphere, finally believing what Athena's husband said before disappearing into the void.

"This is indeed the beginning of a new world."

He said with a sign.

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