God Of All Systems Lord/C15 Starting with the cultivation World
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God Of All Systems Lord/C15 Starting with the cultivation World
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C15 Starting with the cultivation World

Patrick was not reacting or saying much as he had already seen future events using infinite knowledge. From Athena destroying the realm of darkness a trillion times to her giving earth 001 infinite mana and lifespan. He saw the present, past and future simultaneously as he smiled, Athena asked.

"Where are we going this time?"

"We will now begin our adventure."

Patrick replied as the next moment; he thought as an infinitely big spaceship appeared, occupying billions of miles of space as this was the smallest one in his infinite area. The spacecraft began shrinking as Patrick willed it, stopping at the size of a regular spaceship. Patrick didn't want to walk to the other multi-verses and worlds as that will be tedious. He also wanted to spend some natural time with Athena without stopping it. They both will be enjoying themselves while on the trip, which is standard time will take decillions of light-years to reach the closest universe, which was the cultivation multi-verse.

Patrick and Athena entered through the spacecraft's body without doors; the moment they appeared inside, Patrick gave the command to the ship to start the journey as he looked at Athena while speaking in a low seducing tone.

"Shall I have the pleasure of satisfying my wife while we are on this trip?"

Hearing Patrick's question, Athena thought as her dress fell off her body, stepping forward as she replied.

"Always, my dear."

They appeared inside the bedroom as they began another battle of domination.


Patrick and Athena passionately kissed while Patrick caressed Athena's body, his left hand grabbing her juicy ass as he had his right hand in her pussy; his fingers inside her pussy as he used fast speed to fumble her insides. The next moment, Athena squirted on his fingers as she shivered, falling to her knees.

Athena shivered as her pussy became sensitive. She fell to her knees seconds later; she saw a 9-inch long dick hang in her face as she began stroking it. She massaged the dick for minutes as she opened her mouth, taking in the whole thing while sucking intensively, juices draining from her pussy.

Patrick watched Athena swallow his dick as he could feel her throat. She increased the speed as she stroked his dick energetically while making a cute face as if sucking on a lollipop. Seeing her cute face, Patrick couldn't hold it as he released it in her throat, the semen going straight to her belly.

Athena swallowed the remaining cum as Patrick picked her up, slowly letting her down as his dick was angled at her pussy.

"Ahh...., Yes, daddy, right there."

Athena moaned as she spoke dirty.

"cmon, squirt for daddy, show daddy what your godly pussy can do."

Patrick joined her as he vigorously rammed her pussy over and over while she squirted every time he thrusts. Athena held a blissful expression as she became intoxicated, her eyes rolled out, her tongue hanging out as tears of lust-filled her face. She slowly regains consciousness as she wrapped her arms around Patrick's neck.

Patrick didn't slow down but increased his speed, Athena wrapping her arms around his neck as she began pushing herself rhythmically as they pulled and pushed together. Patrick carried her to the bed as he went into a missionary position; Athena wrapped her legs around Patrick's waist as she tightened her grips, pulling Patrick to enter deeper.

"Faster..., harder..., make it grow to 10-inch and ravage my guts."

Athena said in a seducing tone as she tightened her pussy, even more, gripping his dick.

Patrick made his dick touched her womb as he felt her grip; this caused him to unleash more ferocious power and speed as he thought of nothing other than destroying Athena's pussy. He continued for 20 hours as he switched positions to dog style.

Athena felt a dick entering her ass as she was virginated in both pussy and ass. Patrick fucked her in the ass for another 30 hours as the feeling he felt while fucking the ass was different from the pussy's.

They continued for what seems like an eternity as they began staring into each other eyes with love as Athena was the first to speak.

"I love you, Patrick."

"I love you too, Athena."

Hearing Patrick's reply, she spoke seductive words in his ear.

"Cum in me, and let me always carry part of you in me."

"Not now, my love, we have till infinity to think about having children, But my cum filling you will do for now."


Athena moaned as she cummed with Patrick. She shivered profusely as moments later; she passed out. This goddess of infinity, fucked to sleep as the one who did this, laid next to her.

"I will get you and your sisters pregnant when it's time. Just bear with me."

Patrick spoke as he pulled the sleeping Athena into his arms as he cuddled her, kissing her forehead as he went to sleep with her. They don't need sleep, but they still did to increase their bonding. Patrick did not forget to ask grace whether his wives have received their systems.

"All systems have found their masters, master."

As Patrick went to sleep, Grace spoke, the spaceship moving at light speeds as it went through the void and disappeared.

Patrick's venture on Earth 001 ending as he headed for the real adventure. His first goal was to find beings who claim to be gods of their respective universes and domains. When he first used infinite knowledge, he gained an endless amount of data from the universe. He felt he was the universe itself as he knew everything that happens or before it even happens.

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