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C17 Becoming a Wife

Shi Ling flew in the air as she saw the mountain range coming closer. She reached the mountain range but chose to enter the outer areas where the low-level beast resides; she knew she could kill a level 7 beast equivalent to a stage four spirit king at her full strength. That's how strong she was.

But she chose the low level as she didn't know what will happen after.

As if nature heard her, a beast that looks like a tiger with dark shining scales growl as it slowly walked towards her.

"That's the moon scale tiger; it's just a level three beast; although I only have 20 percent of my strength, I should be able to kill it with ease."

The next instant, the tiger jumped as its speed was fast, its claws stretching out at Shi Ling.

Shi Ling reacted accordingly as she readied to use her killing move from the start; she had a severe expression as she tried to form the qi blade.

Suddenly, before she could even form the qi blade, a bright white light entered her forehead as the next moment, she heard a cold robotic female voice.

"Ding, wife of $&@?# system activated."

"Synchronizing all functions."

Shi Ling had eyes of disbelief as a screen popped in her vision."

"Synchronization complete, transferring all functions to master."

She then saw the screen change.

[System name: Wife of $&@?#]

[Master: Ling>Annastasia King]

[Race: Human+∞]

[Titles: Wife of $&@?#, Goddess of infinity]

[Life span: ∞]

[Wife skills: ∞]

[Mother skills: ∞]

[Abilities: Infinite imagination (granted by $&@?#)]

[Skills: Smile of infinity, touch of infinity, eyes of infinity, womb of infinity.]

[Items: ∞]

[Infinite imagination: Can bring any thoughts to reality.]

Seeing this, Anna was a little shocked but calmed down the next instant; she saw her name change to Annastatia, but before she could ask anything, the same system voice sounded again.

"Ding; obtained item: Dress of infinity."

Immediately qi started gathering in front of her as she saw multiple universal laws and Daos mixing before a shining looking like galaxy golden dress appeared in her view; the dress she had vanished as she saw her naked self floating in the air.

She didn't react with shame or embarrassment but watched her body transform from her queen-looking cultivator body to a Goddess looking infinite beauty; the dress wrapped itself around her as she understood all its abilities. (check the previous ring of infinity chapter.)

The dress assumed the form of white, mixed with golden ashes in it. Anna was experiencing all this power and abilities. She just smiled as now has the mentality of a wife and an infinite being; feeling the unlimited power surging through her, she asked calmly.

"System, so you are a creation of my husband?"

"Yes, goddess."

The system answered.

"Why was I chosen?"

"You were already chosen by $&@#; I was sent by $&@?# of $&@?# to bind with you."

The system replied.

Anna understood something; she was already chosen, and the system she has was just sent to her. She also realized that there is a first wife, and she's currently with their husband.

" Why do you not call the coded names?"

Anna asked in confusion.

"Because everything in existence is unworthy of calling $&@?# by his name unless he allows it."

Anna had a stunned expression as she realized her husband belittles existence itself, which made her wonder how she was chosen as one of his wives over all the women in existence; this question alone made her have a prideful look as she spoke charmingly.

"Can't wait to see you, my husband!"

Anna came back to her senses as she noticed something; time had stopped all this while, she saw the suspended moon scale tiger as its claws were out going for the kill.

She reversed time with her thought as she watched it. In the attacking position, the tiger slowly began reversing as it went back every step until it was in its cave, laid down, and slept just like how it was before noticing Anna.

Anna seeing this scene, nodded as her powers were real.

"So I did become a wife!"

She had never thought of having a husband, maybe after she ascends to the immortal realm and becomes a true immortal. But by then, she can live for billions of years, and the feeling of love would not exist.

"System, where is my husband?"

"Goddess, your husband is in another universe. "

Hearing the answer, Anna shook her head as she understood with infinite power, where can't you go? As she thought, she asked.

"Can I go to him?"

"Yes, goddess, but I suggest you wait, as he will be coming to your universe soon."

Listening to this, Anna became happy as she smiled, but she then realized that her smile could grant anything infinite mana, life span, and a wish. But since it's active, she can select who to give it to.

"Let's heal grandfather, then make both him and mother immortals."

She thought about bringing back her father from the dead, but she grew up without him, so she didn't, because the bond she had with him is extremely low."

Shi family.

Shi Meng was in her room when suddenly she witnessed the impossible; a door appeared in space as a beautiful goddess walked with elegant steps as she wore sandals which floated from the floor; this being looking just like her daughter but also looked different because this being was infinitely beautiful than Shi Ling.

But then she heard this being speak, her voice also just like shi Ling.

"Mother, it's me, Ling'er."

"Ling'er, it's you? But how is this possible?"

Shi Meng found it hard to believe that this goddess-like person was her daughter, so she asked to confirm.

Anna nodding her head as she hugged her mom; the next minute, Shi meng felt an immense amount of qi rushing through as she breakthrough realms every second as she felt her realm reaching half-immortal, then full-immortal.

Shi Meng looked at Anna with a gape expression while her realm rose through the roofs every second. Anna transferred mana and gave her mom a cultivation skill. Anna looks at the shocked face of her mom with a smile. She didn't use touch of infinity or the smile skills as she didn't want her mom to live forever without a man, so she gave her mana and became an immortal; at least she would have company with other immortals in the immortal realm.

Anna chose to heal her grandfather without him knowing because she doesn't want too much attention, as she only wants to spend time with her husband.

Shi family hall, some of the family elders were arguing when a man stood up and refuted.

"Patriarch, we need to give Shi Ling's hand to the Bei family; we can't afford to offend them. Two days ago, their patriarch broke through and became a first-stage spirit emperor."

Listening to this, all the other elders began making awkward faces as some began switching sides quickly.

The patriarch might be stronger than them, but a spirit emperor is not someone even the emperor would offend, let alone a weak family like the Shi family.

Shi patriarch also had an ugly expression as he heard this news. He became suspicious of this elder as he knew such inside information of the Bei family; he didn't attack or question him because that might also help their plan.

He sat without saying anything as he observed the elders on his side start supporting the elder's words.

"Patriarch, I also think it will benefit the Shi family to let Shi Ling marry; she is already 22, and she is not that talented; she always stays in her courtyard and cultivates bit with no results; we have wasted many resources on her, I think it's time to let her fulfill her family duties."

Many continued to nod their heads, agreeing with what was said. The Shi patriarch became angered at how cowardly his elders are; they used to be one of the strongest families, but losing most of their strong members in battles declined to this state. And the worst thing was that the emperor didn't acknowledge their sacrifice but just gave them some gold and a couple of lands, which he later seized because of false accusations.

He stood up and walked out without saying anything.

But after he had sat down in his room, he felt all his injuries healing and felt qi rushing into his body; moments later, he advanced by five and became half immortal.

The patriarch sat down in disbelief as he saw impurities leaking out from his pores. He could hardly breathe; he was about to bathe as he noticed his realm, leaving him in complete shock as his realm advanced to the true immortal realm, which means he can ascend anytime he wishes.

Anna, in the void, watched as she spoke.

"A bunch of fools that will die soon; what a disappointment for the patriarch to have such elders."

"Since everything is settled, I will wait for my husband to meet my mom; perhaps he already knows her!"


Anna sighed as she asked her system.

"When will my husband reach?"

"Goddess, he is already here."

The system replied as the next instant!


A spaceship slowly appeared in the void; Patrick finally reached his destination as his adventure began.

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