God Of All Systems Lord/C18 Wives meeting
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God Of All Systems Lord/C18 Wives meeting
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C18 Wives meeting

The space above the broken planet shook as a spacecraft slowly appeared out of the void.

In the spaceship, Patrick with Athena observed from the computer screens; they saw the whole continent mapped out, secret realms and dimensions, and even the cracked dimension where demons use a gateway to the broken planet.

Athena walked from the computer screens as she went towards the window staring at the planet surrounded by a different energy. This planet is more significant in size than their home plane; she stood there naked as she saw multiple beings flying through space; some were using swords, some space beasts and some nothing as they used their energies to protect themselves from the chaotic void.

"What do you think of the cultivation universe?"

Patrick asked as he laid in the bed with hands behind his head like pillows.

"My love, this world seems to call their energy qi instead of mana, and they have cultivation books!. which, from a mortal's perspective, it's fascinating but is merely a waste of time."

Athena spoke with elegance and authority as she returned to the bed. She kissed Patrick as she showers with mana, but Patrick joined her during her shower as he fucked her before they descend. Athena did not mind as she was fucked in both holes later cumming; Patrick kissed her as he also showered.

Moments later, Patrick and Athena stood adjacent to each other as the spaceship disappeared into the void.

"Let's go meet your first sister."

Patrick spoke as Athena nodded; she wanted to see one of the twelve infinity goddesses she would share with her husband.

They both vanished as they appeared in the courtyard of Annastasia. Her once ordinary garden now filled with multiple immortal quality rank herbs and plants.

Anna was in her room when she felt power like hers appear above the broken planet; she knew one was her elder sister and the other her husband as they were the only entities with such presences.

Anna did not go to them, but she used her thoughts to create a pocket realm in her room, with a castle made of golden walls; plants filled the whole realm other than the castle.

Patrick and Athena walked into the room as they saw the pocket dimension. They did not react; Athena proceeded to speak as she vanished first into the castle.

"I will talk with my sister before you meet her."

Her words came out mockingly as she smiled at Patrick before going into the castle.

Anna stood behind the entrance as she saw Athena appearing inside next to her, this goddess not looking any less than her as they both held an equal amount of beauty and charm.

"So you are my second sister; I knew Patrick would be this thirsty for beautiful wives."

Athena said in a jocking tone; Anna was looking at her elder sister as she didn't expect this woman to accept her at first, but this made her smile as Athena introduced herself first.

"Hi, I am Athena King, your elder sister and the first wife of Patrick."

Anna, hearing the name of her sister and her husband, made her smile even more; this elder sister of hers was not arrogant or disrespectful as she didn't even show the face of disagreement but a charming smile and acceptance.

"And am Shi Ling, but my system showed Annastasia so that I would say Annastasia."

"Sister Ling shouldn't care of such insignificance; I will call you sister Ling, what do you think?"

Athena replied to Anna as she continued with the same charming tone. She then proceeded to talk with Anna. They both made chairs appear as they sat on thrones with the same design; they spoke of their history, food, and even their power; they both knew that they held equal authority as Patrick's wives.

"Sister Anna, let's go see that moron."

They both laughed as they walked out of the castle only to find a godly handsome man sitting on a throne. Anna saw how devilishly handsome her husband was as she fell in love instantly. This man looked infinitely attractive as his looks can only be compared equally to theirs.

Patrick already knew what Athena would be doing as he waited outside on his made throne while observing the universe from the outside perspective. Moments later, the door opened as his wives walked out; he acted surprised by Anna's beauty, but he had already seen her many times before they even met. He got up as he walked towards them.

Anna and Athena saw Patrick coming towards them as they waited at the entrance; Anna was about to say something when Patrick interrupted.

"My beautiful wives, I see that you have become acquainted."

"Hello, dear."

After she was interrupted, Anna felt something touching her lips as she also indulged in the activity.

Patrick kissed Anna the moment he came closer as he made the castle disappear.

"Why don't we have a meal first?"

Patrick suggested after he kissed Anna; Anna blushed as she looked at Athena with embarrassment. Athena saw her blushed face as she comforted her.

"Don't mind this moron; he's a beast with nothing in his empty head other than women."

Anna laughed as they both saw a small golden table and three thrones appearing before them. Food made of mana was about to emerge when Anna spoke disapprovingly.

"Husband, you have two wives, and you are disrespecting us by making food out of energy instead of letting us cook."

Athena agreed as they both looked at Patrick with angry faces.

"Ok..ok, my mistake, you don't have to look at me like that; you ladies can cook while I wait to taste your delicious foods."

Patrick said, surrendering; he wanted to increase the bond between them by such actions.

Athena and Anna smiled at each other as they brought cooking items from their item spaces with an infinite amount of items in all of existence and made an outdoor kitchen appear.

They used their physical hands to make all the ingredients and instant grow some of the ones they thought of adding. They used infinity flames and dimensional pots, universal slaying knives, godly aprons, and heavenly animals as meat; they also changed their infinity dresses to nylon with just bikinis under them.

Anna was shy at first, but she became confident when she saw Athena not even caring.

Patrick watched this scene as he became horny, he wanted to ravage these two soo bad, but he restrained himself as he also planned to give Anna her best first experience.

They finished as they brought the food to the table with spoons and knives.

They each sat beside Patrick as they ate.

"This is the most delicious male I have ever tasted; this was also one of the reasons I chose you all as my wives."

They finished eating as the table and food disappeared. Patrick made a castle much bigger than the last as he took Anna inside while speaking to Athena.

"I will be making your sister a woman; you can join if you wish."

Athena heard this, but she shook her head as she wanted to allow Anna to have her first experience in private and with Patrick, who likes to pause time and fuck for trillions of years, she just sat there and made a little fox appear from her infinite beasts and began playing with it.

Patrick and Anna entered the room; Anna felt she was carried and placed on a bed. All this time, she has been thinking of what sex would feel like; she has been a virgin all her life, and she never had friends other than the housemaids. She had never interacted with men other than her grandfather.

She always thought of falling in love, get married and have children. But also become strong so that her family will be protected from harm, but now she was facing that reality, she now has a strong, handsome and funny husband.

Patrick took Anna and laid her in the bed with her nylon clothing on.

"Is my wife ready to be a mature woman?"

He asked mockingly as Anna slowly stood up, the nylon dress falling off as she strolled towards Patrick while replying.

"Yes, my lord."

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