God Of All Systems Lord/C19 Becoming a Woman
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God Of All Systems Lord/C19 Becoming a Woman
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C19 Becoming a Woman

Anna walked towards Patrick with her curvy figure exposed to him; she slowly came closer to Patrick as she whispered in his ear.

"Make me your woman, and let me know the feeling of womanhood."

Patrick responded with his clothes vanishing as he lifted Anna from the floor while kissing her; they both kissed for a few minutes before he proceeded to the bed.

Anna was laid on the jade-like bed as she felt kisses raining from her forehead to her vagina; she then saw Patrick ripping off her underwear as his tongue licked her wet juices from her pussy.

Patrick licked her clitoris as, moments later, she squirted heavily on his face, her legs shaking and her hands holding on to Patrick's head while screaming.

"Don't stop...don't stop...., please eat my vagina."

Her words mixed with moans and pleasure as she screamed; Patrick continued for a couple of minutes as she continued to squirt on his face continuously. He slowly raised his head as he was about to penetrate her. With her underwater gone, Anna removed the bras herself as her sexual arousal increased.

Patrick aligned his dick with her vagina, slowly inserting it; Anna felt the tip enter, but before she could say anything, a sharp pain ran through her vagina; Patrick penetrated her hymen as he spoke words of in her ears.

"Congratulations! you are now a woman."

Anna hearing his words, smiled as she spoke.

"Now, fuck me like a god punishing his goddess for being disobedient; let my vagina acknowledge that it belongs to your dick alone. Stretch it however you dick pleases."

Her dirty talk surpassed Athena's as she's been reading books about sex and relationships. Her words made Patrick become a savage as he started ramming her faster and harder, her moans sounding loud without restraint as she was fucked.

Patrick did the side fuck style as she looked into his eyes, seeing him ravage her with one leg up. She has been squirting all this while every time he thrusts, causing the bed to become soaked;

They then continued with different styles as she was also vaginated in the ass; Patrick utilized both holes as he came over and over, filling her up. Anna went down his dick as she began sucking off the remaining semen; moments later, Patrick came in her mouth as she swallowed everything.

They have fucked for weeks now in the pocket realm as Patrick did not activate time stop or fucked her for trillions of years; he only fucked Athena that long because it was his first time. Patrick and Anna laid on the bed as she played with his dick.

"Here is your ring; this ring symbolizes my love for you, and you can check the properties of it."

Anna watched the ring enter her finger as her system announced the infinity ring was equipped; she was surprised by its abilities as it gave her direct connection to Patrick. And it was not inferior to the dress of infinity much.

"Thanks, dear."

She said while laying on his chest. She is now a wife and an entity with infinite power and life span, which means this world and its powers hold no meaning to her in the slightest; she can go to the immortal realm on a stroll and other realms with nothing stopping her.

"I going to spend some time in the cultivation universe and try out some of its powers."

Patrick spoke as Anna agreed. She wanted to explore this broken planet more and other dimensions with her family. She got up as Patrick told her to use mana to shower; she did as she felt cleaner.

"Husband, would you like to meet my mom?"

Anna asked, waiting for Patrick's reply.

"We will be staying in here for a while, so I don't mind."

Anna smiled as she was eager to introduce her mom to Patrick; although he already knew her mom, she hadn't met Patrick yet. She also mockingly.

"Dear, some cultivators wanted to marry your wife to a bunch of morons for power, so I was thinking of punishing them. But now that my grandfather is in the immortal realm and my mother. I would like to see the expression of the emperor's face when he realizes that there are two immortals in the Shi family with the destruction of the Bei family."

"If my wife wants the world, then she can have ten million more worlds; don't have to worry, it will be taking care of."

Partick spoke with authority and power as he, too, got up and dressed. They both walked out of the castle and saw Athena playing with a silver fox while sitting on her throne as she created worlds with her thoughts; she turned around to see Anna dressed in a white dress. Athena also changed her nylon dress as she dons the same white color mixed with red.

"Congratulations, sister, you also have a ring now."

Athena spoke with a smile as she went and held Anna's arms; Patrick looked at this as he knew his wives had allied; this would be trouble was all he thought as he heard Athena's voice.

"Patrick, let's go have some fun in this cultivation world, please?"

Patrick nodded his head as they all left the pocket realm appearing in the garden the next instant. Athena and Anna walked side by side and held Patrick's arms from both sides; they walked to Shi Meng's courtyard.

Shi meng has become an immortal thanks to her daughter; she has been cultivating the skill Anna gave her, which helps her counter any attack ten times more powerful than the original and recover faster using worldly energy.

She was cultivating when a knock came from her door; she used her immortal senses to scan the entire broken planet as she became astonished. To her surprise, she didn't pick up any living being that was 100 meters from her search. There should be someone who can hide their aura well, but even still, she should be able to tell if a person knocked on her door, which was meters away from her bed.

She vanished from her room, appearing on the room in an annoyed state, but when she saw her daughter and two more beings that have the same presence as hers, with the devilishly handsome young man having more presence than the other two.

All she saw was their physical bodies; she couldn't sense anything. She came down as she saw these people closely, including her daughter; they all had symbols in their eyes she couldn't understand, making them more gorgeous.

"Mother, let me introduce you to my husband and elder sister."

Anna spoke as power was automatically leaking from her body on purpose, making the atmosphere more lively.

Shi meng opened her mouth slightly as moments later; she regained herself; these people looked like gods from the god realm as they were too pretty to be true. And they exuded power that by any cannot sense. She thought maybe her daughter was practicing when they crossed paths; she thought when the devilishly handsome young man spoke.

"Mother-in-law is indeed beautiful; now I know where my Shi ling got her beauty from."

Patrick complimented Shi meng as he used Anna's old name because he didn't want to complicate things. A hairpin appeared from thin air as it floated above Shi meng before falling in her hands.

"This is a small gift which I hope mother-in-law would not take offense to, and I hope you like it."

Shi meng saw a hairpin form from the air as it floated before landing in her hands. Hearing this man's words, she was shocked; small gift? Take offense? Hope I like it? These questions felt like the tribulation she was bout to experienced when her daughter dispelled it with a wave of her pinky.

One must realize that these beings are likely from the god realm, and anything from the god realm is at least an immortal and higher-rank sacred treasure. Their hair alone is a treasure that can grant an ordinary cultivator with a high realm. So this being calling this hairpin small made her stupor.

"Son-in-law, you must be joking; how can I be ungrateful and not accept a gift from family."

Shi meng said she wore the hairpin straight away; she felt power surging through her as her skin started changing to an even younger woman, her skin looking like a 25-year-old as she looked only inferior to these beings.

[Hair pin of immortality (unbreakable): A hairpin, when equipped, can grant the wearer infinite beauty nourishment and can increase the cultivation speed by one billion times]

Anna and Athena were able to see the qualities of the hairpin as they had systems and, of course, it can analyze and process information and report it in system detail to them.

"Since I gave you the gift, we would be in Shi ling's courtyard; it was nice meeting you, Mrs. Shi Meng. You can ascend to the immortal realm anytime you wish."

Patrick turned around and left with the three Anna telling her mom to be careful even though she gave her the skill, knowing that no one could kill her.

Patrick and his wives returned. Shi meng was left standing there with her mouth open. She now finally believes that these people were gods as she sent a telepathic message to the Shi patriarch to immediately meet her in her courtyard.

New chapter is coming soon
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