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C2 Status.

Patrick was shocked but did not express it. What he saw was something a living being can't even fathom in its existence. He understood what this means with his intelligence, but he still couldn't believe it and asked the system, but forgetting that the system does not have a name and calling it system might seem normal, but it would be uncomfortable for him wondered.

"Do you have a name?"

"No master, does master wishes to give me a name?"

The system asked. Listening to the question, Patrick nodded his head as he thought what name would be best for a female voice that's sweet and pretty. A few moments later, he nodded again as he spoke,

"what do you think about the name grace?"

He asked.

"registering grace as system's first name".

Hearing this, Patrick was satisfied as he smiled, the infinite skill calm playing its effect as he didn't display any emotions other than nodding and smiling. The next moment, he then asked the question he wanted to ask,

"grace, why does my status have such an anomaly?".

And indeed, his question was quite logical as this should not be happening. Not even in those novel books, he read has such unreasonable stats.

"As the possibility of me finding a master was one in infinite, the universe allowed me access to everything as long as I find a master. And after finding master, all my restrictions were lifted, which means master can do anything he wishes with no consequences".

Listening to grace's speech, Patrick became more shocked as the next moment he went in the position of sitting down with nothing behind him. Still, as if the realm understood him, a chair like a throne appeared out of the void as it timely was there before Patrick could sit down.

Patrick understood more about the origins of the system. He was fortunate to be the one grace bounded to since the beginning of time. And will be the only one forever. He felt warm in his heart as he grew up without parents because his parent was caught in an accident during a monster gate attack, since then he had been living in an orphanage. Even when things were good, everything changed when they realised that he was an ordinary human being.

In a world where monsters appear all the time, with different types of powerful awakened mostly populating the kingdoms, the only way to survive is to be strong. It doesn't matter your background or position; if you are not strong, your words mean nothing.

With him obtaining infinite power and no restrictions, of course, he was happy. With his intelligence, he knew that people would start viewing him as their saviour and hope if anyone knows about this. However, he doesn't care, as he has the capabilities. Still, he's not like superman or flash, going around saving people and receiving appreciation. Because he views the world realistically if he had no powers, no one would respect him, or he might even get killed trying to talk to one.

He leaned his head on the golden throne to understand all these different factors and possibilities as he let out the sign.

"how life changes when you reach the top of existence."

Closing his eyes, he said a single word in his mind as grace understood what he meant.

"Open System Status"


The space in the void trembled as Patrick uttered these words with power and authority. The realm shook, and mana swirled as what was about to be revealed was something that had never happened in novels, anime, marvel, dc, or even in a cartoon as Patrick adjusted to the reality that he has become a god, a literal god.

System Name: Grace.

Master: Patrick Alexandra King

Race: Ancient Primordial Origin System Infinite Void Being+∞

Life span:∞











Seeing the stats, Patrick covered his face with one hand while letting off a smirk as he comprehended the significance of such stats, which by all right proclaims him as nothing but a literal god.

"Grace, can I control my powers to however I like?"

Patrick asked.

"Yes, master"

Hearing the answer, Patrick confirmed his thoughts and started analysing his status each.

Race: Can become whatever race the master chooses.

Systems: Can create infinite systems.

Skills: Can create any power with imagination.

Wishes: Has infinite wishes, can grant and take them back.

When Patrick saw the wife and the children on the panel, he became surprised as grace answered his question before he could even ask.

"Master is already the strongest being in existence and need not worry about anything except the happiness and adventure that awaits master, and if master wishes it also to create offspring".

He also saw the servants, but he understood what this meant as he might need one or two servants by his side when he's bored. Patrick got up from the throne as it disappeared. He slowly walked towards the towers as the moment he thought about walking, he was already at the most prominent and central building, which was thousands of miles away from him, a googolplex of a second ago.

Realising that his speed was infinite, he didn't think much about it. He stood in front of a mirror that appeared because he willed it, his muscles and tightly refined body of a god were exposed, he saw himself naked standing as he spoke with magisterial might.

"Activate infinite thinking".

Patrick spoke as space shook, choosing to activate his thinking process as he will be busy in the future.

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