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C3 Using Powers

Standing in front of the mirror, Patrick could see three golden infinity symbols appearing on him; moments later, two of the infinity symbols appeared on his eyes and one on his forehead.

The wound he received from Will, which healed before he even came to the infinite realm, and his previous skinny self seemed to be non-existent as his new self appears perfect in every way. His golden eyes now contain silver with the infinity symbols—his short silver hair, now long enough to reach his waist. Looking at himself now seems to be 6,4'' as he thought of what to wear because there are infinity things he could get from his storage space. Because he has silver hair and golden/silver eyes, he decided to create his clothes.

" Skill: creation activated."

Skill Creation: The ability to create anything.

Patrick's imagination portrayed what type of clothes he wanted; the next moment, mana swirled as fabrics started forming. And after a few seconds, a long white robe appeared with golden lines that formed a dragon behind it. Next came long pants, as one could see it has the same design as the robe. Still, the lines were on the sides, next came the boots that appear to be gold as everything put together made a cool badass outfit. With the completion of the outfit, grace spoke again.

"Ding, Robe of infinity created, pants of infinity created, boots of infinity created,

Robe of infinity: A robe that was created by a god while using mana as its material. It has an infinite defence, made by Patrick. It is indestructible.

Pants of infinity: Created from mana, it has an infinite pocket space and infinite durability.

Boots of infinity: Created from mana, and boosts speed infinitely, can massage and increase jumping distance infinitely.

Patrick's reaction was calm as he didn't even bother to read the messages. With a thought, the screen disappeared as the clothes moved and attached themselves to him. The next moment, his naked figure now don in gold and white attire as he looks infinitely more majestic than the jade heavenly emperor himself.

Slowly rising from the floor, hands behind his back, Patrick decided to try his infinite power, appearing outside the towers as the void felt like a home to him, feeling the endless mana flowing through his lungs and organs.

"Let's see what skills to use."

"Ding, skill: Realm expansion activated."

As he thought of the infinite realm he was in, he thought of expanding it. The next moment, the domain, which was thousands of square miles, was now being constantly expanded as it instantly grew to millions of square miles as that was what Patrick wanted.

"Next, let's try time and space."

"Ding, skill: Time-space god activated"

Skill: Time-space god; can control time and space.


While floating in the void, Patrick could see the space rumbling as the next moment he appeared in the past. The reason he chose to come to the past was, of course, for his parents. Who would forget his parents when he becomes a literal god? Well, at least not Patrick.

While controlling time, Patrick chose to come back eleven years in the past as that was the time his parent died in the gate; the gate was an A rank gate, which could be considered very high in the past for Patrick, but now it's nothing but ashes for him. Appearing in the void, he said in a severe and calm tone, "Activate infinite knowledge and make it passive", as the command came out, the voice of grace followed.

"Ding, skill: Infinite Knowledge activated."

"Ding, skill: infinite knowledge became passive."

Skill: Infinite Knowledge; Grants complete knowledge of everything and anything in existence, can see the past and present coherently.

"Grace, can you please stop sounding the ding every time you want to do something? It makes things slower."

Patrick asked as he felt that the ding sound was getting annoying. If grace has to say ding every time, it makes things even more robotic. He was thinking about making a body for grace, but he decided not to because grace and he were one.

"Yes, master"

grace replied; instantly after, knowledge started pouring into Patrick's mind, can see the present, past, and future simultaneously, from the space void to the underworld. Everything in all existence appeared in his mind, noticing other universes and timelines with solid characters, but what amused him more was realising that there are other system users in different universes and timelines discovering that grace was the one freely giving random systems in the void as it was allowed that only privilege by the universe which is now Patrick himself.

"good job, grace".

Patrick spoke in a slight tone as a trace of a smile appeared on his face, "my adventure will not be as dull as I thought in the beginning".

Extremely arrogant words came out of his mouth as he was seeing the past and present at the same time while his smile became more prominent and more expansive; for a trillionth of a second, he forgot why he came to the past as if grace noticed that Patrick was starting to lose himself in the joy she asked,

"master, should I activate the skill emotionless?"

Patrick came back to himself as he also realised that he indeed got lost in joy from the battles he would be engaging in the future, especially with a being called "Nie li" and "Lou Zheng", those two seem to be from different realities as they both are gods in their universes like him, except they were not using systems, but something called cultivation.

Patrick chose to forget about that, as he answered grace's question,

"no need; I was merely enjoying my future battles with one or two cultivators."

Space quacked as Patrick spoke more arrogant words.

"Let's bring my parents back."

Patrick chose to not even look at his parents' past as he knew everything. What happened was that they were in a gate before they were overwhelmed by a bunch of wild monster wolves that are 7 feet tall, and they are extremely fast, with his parents choosing to sacrifice themselves for the team, and therefore leading them to their death.


"Mortals will always do mortal things, leaving your child and even your unborn baby to save a bunch of ungrateful fools. What a kind-hearted family I had"

he also found out that his mother was five weeks pregnant, which means she didn't even know she was pregnant.

"Activate skill: Reality reformation, and Resurrection."

Patrick spoke with his hands behind his back, not even paying attention to his words altering reality itself. Still, he saw his mother's reaction after seeing him eleven years later through the infinite knowledge skill.

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