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C4 Am Back


My name is Elizabeth; nine years ago, my husband Alex and I walked home after coming from a date night when we suddenly started hearing noises and screams. My husband, a firefighter, thought it was a fire outbreak but then went to the location. We saw people flying and some using water like abilities. That was when people started awakening their powers, and two weeks later, Alex and I awakened our abilities.

Alex awakened a fire ability, and I awakened a healing power, which we later ended up recruited to guilds, and we started making more money than we used to. But then I got pregnant, and we gave birth to our first son, whom we named Patrick Alexandra King; his first name was from my mother, whose name was Patricia. Four years later, while I was in the kitchen, we received news that the government made an emergency alert, that an A rank gate had appeared in our area, so Alex and I went, while Patrick was sleeping, but little did we know those wild wolves will ambush us.

The wild wolves, which are extremely fast, seemed to be slowing down as they came to a complete stop. Then I saw a man who appears to be over six feet tall appear out of nowhere as we both reacted in disbelief, because the moment the man appeared in front of me, all the wolves vanished as if they were never there in the first place.

POV: Narrator.

Patrick used Time-space god skill to appear in front of his mother, not even paying attention to the wolves as he had seen his mom and dad die over a billion times already. He used reality reformation and resurrection skills to bring his parents alive as he didn't care about the other people. The wolves vanished from reality itself as if they were never there.

Patrick slowly laughing with joy and spoke in a slow drag tone as the woman was confused, and Alex quickly jumped in from her as he raised his sword to Alex.

"Stay back if you don't want to be chopped to pieces by my blade."

Alex had seen this man making wild wolves vanish but yet still chose to face him.

Patrick seeing this scene made him even more proud of his father as if it were other people; the fact that Patrick could appear alone in front of them without them noticing would have been the reason for them to start kneeling and pleading for their lives, but his father still got the courage to point a sword at a being like that,

"don't worry, Dad, it's me, Patrick, your son."

but Alex became even more cautious as this man or creature like man dared to call his wife "mom" and him "dad."

, he slowly stepped backwards as he asked,

"What type of monster are you to be able to transform to humans and act like a human?"

Only now did Patrick realise his skills only affected the environment and his parents' lives, not their minds, as to them, they are still alive and not dead, he slowly stepped back as he commanded.

"Grace use memory connection skill."

"Skill: memory connection activated."

Skill: memory connection; grants a specific amount of memory to certain individuals and experiences.

The next moment, Elizabeth and Alex started feeling an abundant amount of memory ran in their heads as Elizabeth was the one receiving the emotions more severely as she was pregnant a few seconds later.

"Patrick?…. is that you? What happened?…..how are you?...your eyes, your height."

Elizabeth was barely able to keep her calm as she understood what just happened. The man in front of her was her son, Patrick; he used his abilities to grow and look more handsome because he became awakened. Of course, it's a lie, but Patrick can't bring himself to tell his parent that they died and that his mom is pregnant. Although he could help them get through it, it will always leave a mark in their minds, and Patrick does not want to change his parents' lives to satisfy his fantasy, so he sent them the memory of his awakening the next day and came to save his parents. Alex was nodding as he spoke in a severe tone.

"it's good that you are fine, but why put yourself in danger? do you want your mother to kill me?"

Alex spoke words of anger and jokes as Elizabeth heard them was the first to laugh as she felt happy that her son awakened; she doesn't have to worry about him anymore.

Patrick, standing next to his mother, finally felt the feeling of warmth and family love.

"Let's leave here."

Patrick spoke as the next moment; three figures vanished from the void space they were as they appeared in a beautiful realm with ancient technological buildings. Patrick said two words as his aura shook and mana condensed.

"Am Back"

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