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C5 Mom and Dad Systems

Elizabeth and Alex were utterly astonished because of the scene that was in front of them; they have never seen such magnificent buildings,

"son, where are we?"

Alex asked as he sheathed his sword, strolling towards Patrick,

"it's a realm which I created",

Patrick's reply was always calm as Elizabeth asked,

"Patrick, what rank are you?",

Alex also turned towards Patrick as he also was interested in his answer. Seeing that both his parent were looking at him with disbelief, Patrick didn't reply but instead spoke to grace.

"grace activate system creation and create two systems for my mom and dad, and just give them unlimited life spans, and make them gods of their respective awakened abilities, with infinite storage and items, that will do",

words full of extreme arrogance and authority was heard after Patrick finished speaking.

"Ding, mother system activated, synchronising"

"Ding, father system activated, synchronising"

As if pouring clean water in a dry cup, both Alex and Elizabeth felt an abundant amount of mana rushing into their bodies as screens kept popping up in their faces, as Alex drew his sword to engage in a fight, but later realised that the screens are not tangible. Still, Elizabeth was a little calm as she was a healer and understood what to do.

Elizabeth POV: as I asked Patrick what rank he was, he didn't answer, but then a few moments later, I saw an advanced technological screen appear in my view. I didn't react because I knew Patrick and Alex were here, so they wouldn't let anything happen to me. I just stood there as the next moment I saw a long list of organised settings.

System name: Mother system

Master: Elizabeth King (mother of @#$%^&*)

Life span: ∞

Ability: goddess of health: ∞

Items: ∞

Ability: goddess of health; Passive; Because you are the mother of @#$%^&*, you are granted the ability to be a goddess and can be worshipped. Skills; Resurrection, Blessing, eyes of infinity, walk of creation, mother of @#$%^&*.

Resurrection: Active; Can bring anything back to life, can grant 1000 years of life span on any resurrected being.

Blessing: Active; Because you are a goddess, you have the skill to bless your followers and subjects, grants an infinite supply of mana to all blessed beings, increases life span by 100 million years upon every time subordinate bows three times to you.

Eyes of infinity: Passive; As a goddess who has laid eyes upon @#$%^&*, you are granted the skill of visions of infinity, as your eyes will only permanently be closed when not in the infinite realm because for every being that receives your gaze becomes a subordinate of the Inifinite King's Family, with endless life span and mana, and such beings can only be subordinates to @#$%^&* and his family.

Walk of creation: Active; With every step you take, it causes that entire universe to resurrect, and all beings in that universe become your worshippers—grants infinite mana and life span.

Mother of @#$%^&*: Because you are the mother of @#$%^&*, you are granted the sub-skills; Creation, Destruction.

Creation: Can create anything.

Destruction: As the goddess of health, enemies might (1 in ∞) try to attack your benevolence and to prevent such a situation, you have the sub-skill to wipe out reality or timeline with a thought.

Seeing the list of skills under abilities, Elizabeth became speechless as she genuinely could not comprehend what type of feeling she was experiencing right now, from the beginning of the sound to the last bit, she was merely standing, until the voice sounded again, all this taking no more than 5 seconds as Patrick could see what his mother's abilities were, a disappointed look appeared on his face as he spoke with regality "grace why does my mom have such weak abilities? and why does she not have any wishes?" words total with infinite arrogance and power sounded out as only himself understood what he meant by "weak" Patrick's definition of power should be nothing less than infinite, but then grace answered, "Because only the master has such privilege" more words of authority sounded in his head, Patrick coming to a realization that since he is the god of all systems, then nothing can be googolplex 0s 1% close in comparison to him as that will be violating the universal balance, he can do it, but it does not mean everyone can, which made Patrick realize more that nothing in existence itself can be stronger than him or close, or that will be a universal disorder.

"Ding synchronisation complete",

"transferring all system functions to master" Elizabeth heard the voice once more as she started receiving an abundant amount of information and power; two seconds later, her demeanour changed as she went from looking like a happy jumping mother to a goddess of all creation as she only looked towards Patrick with a smile while activating all her skills and abilities so Patrick could receive all her buffs, except she did not know that non of her abilities and skills works on Patrick not even if Patrick himself allows it, as receiving buffs from others means weak to him. Elizabeth turned around as she did not even look at Alex, who was also experiencing his system; she took two steps and then vanished which; she chooses one of the finest and largest towers to live in caring for the baby in her womb, knowing pretty well that the baby will be a girl.

System name: Father system

Master: Alexandra King (Father of @#$%^&*)

Life span: ∞

Abilities: god of war/flame god ∞

Items: ∞

Ability: god of war; passive, because you are the father of @#$%^&*, you are granted the ability to be the god of war, Skills; Infinite war body, thought of doom, fist of infinity, blades of reality, father of @#$%^&*.

Infinite war body: passive; the more you fight, your body grows and passively absorbs energy from existence, infinite defence, and infinite mana.

Thought of doom: Active; when engaging in a fight, whatever thought you think of will be your opponent's reality.

First of infinity: As your hands will always be chained when leaving the infinite realm because a single swing of your arm can wipe out universes and timelines.

Blades of reality: Which will never be used, as the blades of reality should always stay in the space storage because when compared to what @#$%^&* has; it can be considered as nothing but utter trash. Can wipe out time and space and reality.

Father of @#$%^&*: because you are the father of @#$%^&*, you are granted the sub-skills;

Creation, Destruction. (it's the same as the mothers)

Ability: flame god, passive; because @#$%^&* permits it; you are the god of all flames, skills; flames of infinity.

Flames of infinity: Can burn anything, but should not be used, as it merely a match lighter to @#$%^&*.

"Ding, synchronisation complete",

"transferring system functions to master",

the next moment just like Elizabeth, Alex's demeanour changed as one could see a chain with infinite power coming out of the void slowly wrapping around his arms as this will be his restriction when leaving the infinite realm because of his fist of infinity.

Alex slowly turned to Patrick as he said in a smiling clam tone,

"it looks like my son has had massive encounters",

of course, he understood all these powers and abilities he could never have, not even in his imagination were because of Patrick, he dared not ask as even on his system panel, he could see that the @#$%^&* meant something that was way above him, maybe infinitely, but that's something he will never get to experience or witness.

Patrick smiled back as he spoke calmly without even recognising his fathers' powers as his fathers were not his "warm-up" level.

"father, you can choose any one of the infinity buildings, or you can create your building, and please stay close to mom. She might give you a surprise".

Walking away unhurriedly, Alex turned his head and said

"I am proud of you, son, I have always been, I will always be proud of you no matter what you do".

His words sound more like an " I know you have infinite power, but at least use it wisely" phrase.

Listening as his father disappearing into the building next to his mom's, Patrick turned around. He left the infinite realm, ready to experience his adventure and begin the search for his wives.

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