God Of All Systems Lord/C6 Wife systems released 1
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God Of All Systems Lord/C6 Wife systems released 1
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C6 Wife systems released 1

Appearing outside the infinite realm, Patrick noticed the change in mana from the outside world.


Sighing in disappointment as he spoke lazily.

"Activated aura presence"

Skill: Aura presence; leaks out mana to the surroundings as it boosts all individuals within the selected range to maximum health, revives the dead, and grants 100 billion years of life span only to those who are about to die. Can expand infinitely as master wishes it.

The next moment Patrick decided to expand the range to the whole city of Metro.

He felt magnanimous and carefree because he would pick up his first wife, which was kind of his first love.

Athena is a beautiful girl who ran away from home and was found by the orphanage teachers as the same nun adopted her, just like him.

They later became friends, and even when Patrick was not awakened, she still liked and played with him, until one day, people with solid aura and powerful abilities came to pick her up, and that was the last time he saw Athena.

Thinking about Athena, he calmly ordered as he didn't care about the aura presence skill he just released, which was now bringing miracles all over the city as people who were incurable started healing. Some even awakening as the entire city was in turmoil, and being responsible for all this was simply in the void as he slowly spoke to Grace.

"Grace, create me twelve systems with the title of the wife of $&@?!%, I don't really care about awakened or not for all I care, she can be a street trash".

"Yes, master".

Grace replied as seconds later, 12 systems were created, each with its own functions and abilities.

Patrick already knew all his women and their characters, even some of their deepest secrets as he had infinite knowledge which is a passive skill activated, receiving an endless amount of information from all sources in the world.

"Master, should I arrange them in order or just send them out?"

Grace acquired for Patrick's opinion as the next moment a smirk appeared on his face as he said in an extremely dominating tone

"No need, I am going to pick up my first wife".

Metro city.

Watson Family mansion.

The Watson family is the second most powerful family in the metro city; they occupy 20% of the whole metro city in terms of business and wealth; they are only second to the grey family, which governs 45% of the city's wealth.

There are rumours that the Watson family has an S rank as their guest, which was invited for the birthday celebration of the Watson family patriarch, who is now 60 years old, it was said that the head of the Watson family is almost a rank S awakened and will soon promote the entire Watson family to the ranks of kingdoms instead of just cities.

In a courtyard, two people were sitting when all of a sudden a question broke the silence

"Brother Julius, we have been brothers even before monster gates start appearing and know that today is your birthday, I have a perfect proposal in mind that would strengthen both of our families and then promote to the ranks of kings".

Hearing the statement, Julius who was the 60-year-old family patriarch became interested as this proposal might just be the ladder to rising in ranks,

but the next sentence of the guest made him change expression instantaneously as the man dress in black continued.

"If my grandson could marry your granddaughter Athena, then we will be bound for life, and we will…."

He didn't even finish his sentence as the courtyard suddenly became extremely cold, cold enough for one to see the grass getting frozen in plain sight,

but before the ice could reach the guest, a lightning-like spark flew out of the black robe guest's hands as a moment later the frozen courtyard instantly began melting,

The guest continued to sip his tea as he continued speaking without even because he just got attacked, and not even viewing the patriarch of the Watson family as an opponent because his plan had been successful.

For the other to drink the tea from the poisoned cup, and since everything is in play, all that left is to kill the patriarch and kidnap Athena.

Which was rumoured that she has the ice goddess physique as she can only awaken her ability after losing her purity at the age of 18, or else she will die.

Or find someone with extremely powerful fire ability to cancel out the ice goddesses ice frost when she turns 18, the guest used this opportunity to kidnap Athena and let his grandson take away her purity as then his grandson will also have 50% of the ice ability.

Then his family will have two types of abilities which will make them even more powerful.

Julius the Watson Family patriarch realized that something was wrong, his mana flow has been reversed and the more he tries to neutralize the poison, the faster it's spread.

"You….so.. your plan.. was to abduct Athena long ago?"

The patriarch was truly angry as he released his ice ability to the maximum capacity as the next moment five more black robes appeared from the shadows as they all staged the Watson family patriarch.

In a room where a beautiful silver-haired girl lay, two black robes appeared silently as one tried to knock her out, but was instantly frozen, the other man too became frozen.

Athena who was frightened saw a figure dressed in white robes with golden stripes that could even shine in the dark, the long silver hair, and the half golden eyes almost made Athena shout out Patrick's name.

But then realized that Patrick does not have such abilities and so she took a couple of steps back as the next moment the men that were frozen instantly vanished as if they were never here at all.

Seeing this scene, Athena became even more frightened as she could see that this new individual was far stronger than the black robe men,

'If he wants to kidnap me, can I even resist?'

She started thinking of what to do when the surroundings changed as they appeared in a different dimension that looks like a celestial realm, but this one was different from the infinite realm, but still has the same capabilities as the infinite realm.

Back in the courtyard, after the five men stabbed the Watson family patriarch, they all were about to continue when they felt an extremely comfortable sensation as they noticed their skills rising, and bodies getting younger.

The black robe men were confused as they looked at each other in disbelief

"what is going on, cloud it be they the Watson family has a treasurer that can release such powers?".

The moment they came to this realization that it might be a treasure, they all scattered around the house, forgetting why they were here as they left the Watson family patriarch on the ground.

Don't forget Patrick's skill which he just released, and the 100 billion-year life span if the ability reaches someone who was about to die, that was precisely what the Watson family patriarch is experiencing; as the next moment, his half dying self slowly opened his eyes. He realized that the clothes seem to be a little bit bigger as he became a young man in his mid-thirties.

He became even more shocked as he checked his abilities and noticed that he had awakened four more powers. This situation leaving the patriarch speechless as he suddenly remembered why those people were here. And hurriedly ran towards Athena's courtyard as he took a step, he was already at the door of Athena's courtyard as he also realized that his speed has also increased.

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