God Of All Systems Lord/C7 Wife systems released 2
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God Of All Systems Lord/C7 Wife systems released 2
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C7 Wife systems released 2

In the celestial realm.

Patrick stood not too close but not too far away from Athena; using infinite knowledge, he saw what she was thinking, her reactions, and even what was about to come next, looking in both present, future and past simultaneously, as the next moment Athena spoke.

"Who are you? And why do you resemble Patrick from the orphanage? If you touch him, I will let my family give you the taste of despair…,"

But before she could even finish her words, there was a lip on hers as the other lip stopped her, but before she could react, a sudden female-like voice sounded in her head as she forgot she was getting kissed.

"Ding, Wife of #%^*+$&@ system, activated "

"Ding, synchronization complete."

System name: Wife of $&@;!

Master: Athena King

Race: Human+♾

Life span: ♾

Wife skills:♾

Mother skills:♾

goddess of infinity:♾

Abilities: Wife of $&@?!, first goddess of infinity, mother of creation, Smile of infinity, a touch of infinity, eyes of @&$;?!, the womb of infinity.

Goddess of infinity: as you are the wife of &$@?!, your only purpose of existence is to accompany him for all eternity.

Wife of $&@?!: because you are the wife of $&@?!, you are granted the skills; one wish upon ever offspring produced.

First goddess of infinity: as you are the first goddess, you are to maintain and manage the harem of $&@?!and bring love and joy.

Mother of creation: for every created being in your womb, you get to receive $&@?! From &@?$.

Touch of infinity: whatever you touch is granted infinite life and mana.

Smile of infinity: for anything that makes you smile, gets infinite life span and mana and one wish.

Eyes of !?$&@: as these eyes had laid on !?$&@, then they shall only be used on !?@&$ and whenever you look at !?@&$ and ask for anything, it shall be granted.

Womb of infinity: with every offspring you carry, you are granted one wish; you can have as many babies as you want and can reproduce anytime you want.

"Ding, transferring system functions to master."

As if an electric shock was on her, she suddenly jolted as the next moment; she pulled her mouth from Patrick's as she looks closely into his eyes as she asked, "what happened to you, Patrick?" But after a few seconds, they both disappeared as they appeared in one of the celestial castles; without saying anything, Patrick thought about them growing into a 20-year-old version of themselves as Grace sounded out

"Using physical skill reconstruction, age progression, infinite stamina, and time stop."

Almost as these words sounded out, Patrick and Athena could observe each other as they both saw each other growing out of their clothes, but Patrick's clothing wasn't torn as they grew with him.

Athena, whose clothes were no longer fitting for her, stood there uncovered, Patrick standing a foot away as he thought of his clothes, which vanished when he saw Athena's curvaceous figure; he also deactivated all system functions except the four he precisely activated.

In the celestial realm, in a celestial castle, and in a space big enough to fit an entire kingdom, two entities stood naked while looking at each other, but the silence was broken when Athena rushed to her husband.


Without even thinking, she knelt, as she uttered magisterial words and she started using all of her abilities as her eyes met his, the next moment one could hear wrap sounds as one was on the knees while energetically sucking on Patrick's dick which was 9 inches long and 2in wide.

She kept sucking as the next moment Patrick picked her up as he laid her on the bed, which was as big.

"This is my first time, be gentle."

She spoke these words with infinite shyness in her eyes as she just kept blushing while trying to hide her complexion from Patrick. But Patrick knew everything when it comes to sex, so instead of just inserting his dick in her, he started licking and sucking upon the liquids that were coming out of her.

A few moments later of intense fingering, licking, and sucking, the goddess of infinity, had her first squirt as she trembled while holding Patrick's face in her pussy, saying,

"Don't stop…ha…..ha….ha, don't you dare stop".

She seems to be threatening Patrick as the next second, Patrick got up slowly as he spoke in her ears.

"It's time for you to become a woman."

Immediately after the words were said, Athena could feel a big long dick slowly entering her Pussy; she gazed into Patrick's eyes as she slowly spoke in his ears.

"Make me your woman, let my pussy be the shape your dick permits it to be in, let my goddess virgin pussy taste the god raw dick of yours."

Words that seem opposite to the shyness and blushing girl as she became a completely different person, and Patrick, after listening to all her sexy words, spoke words of authority as he said

"Your wish is granted, my goddess."

As if lightning shook just landed on her, the instant Patrick's dick penetrated her virgin pussy; her hymen broke as she let a moan of pain and pleasure; after few seconds, Patrick decided to unleash his raw virgin dick energy on his first wife.

Without delay, he lifted her from the bed and carried her on his hips; the game of fuck and squirting continued.

"ha…ha….ha.....ha…..more...….more, daddy fuck my guts out, .....let me squirt on that godly dick of yours".

Listening to her taunting chatter, Patrick became more like a dragon as he began floating in the void while fucking Athena vigorously as she squirts after every ten pounds or less.

"Daddy fuck me harder; I need more."

Noticing that level 1 was not enough, he whispered in her ears again as this time he was about to enter god mode.

"You are about to experience 2 trillion years of fucking".

Because he stopped time, that means that they can live here for billions of years as they wouldn't even have spent a single second in the real world. "Switch to primordial race, and releases adjustable."

Patrick felt his body constitution change as he suspended Athena in the void while fucking her centillion times a second.

Athena's body started losing control as her wife's techniques came into play; she quickly gained control over her body as she pushed Patrick under her as she began to ride the best dick of her existence.

She looks at Patrick in the eyes as she said

"Make it bigger and longer."

Patrick not even saying anything as Athena could feel the dick growing in her pussy as the tip touched her stomach. Patrick and Athena fucked for a total of 2 trillion years as Patrick finally cummed in Athena.

"Cancel activated skills," as Patrick lay on the bed, he ordered. Athena was lying on top of him with his dick in her pussy, and that's how they lay down. She looked at Patrick as she said, "thank you for making me a woman.

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