God Of All Systems Lord/C9 Ring of Infinity.
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God Of All Systems Lord/C9 Ring of Infinity.
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C9 Ring of Infinity.

Patrick's celestial realm. Athena was lying on Patrick sleeping; she had just experienced the craziest day of her life.

First, her home was raided almost kidnapped; then, she got saved by an unknown figure who later revealed himself as a being with infinite power, which turns out to be her first love from the orphanage they lived in the past. And to top it off, she became the wife of this being, but more importantly, the first wife as that means she was the first to ever got laid by this being; she ended up having a system that grants her nearly infinite power as that means she is also a goddess now.

Patrick was lying on the city-sized comfortable bed as he spoke to grace. "Show me my wife's status screen." The next instant, he saw a screen of Athena's system and all her powers, Patrick comprehending that his name can't be mentioned in any system as it is coded with unknown. "good, now she doesn't have to worry about worldly significance. Patrick saw the eyes of #@$%^&* on Athena's screen, but he can see the coded words as it meant 'eyes of Patrick', which states that her eyes can only be placed on him as her existence is for him. "I suppose there are only eleven systems left for my wives?",

"yes, master,"

Grace answered. "Spread them around in different universes and increase the difficulty to hard; they must possess all of the requirements before they are selected, and they must be pure," although he already knows his wives, he still chose to make it a little more interesting.

With the screen disappearing in front of him, Patrick thought of something, when people get married, they usually have rings on their fingers to show it; he also thought of making an infinite dress for all his wives and masks, since their eyes will permanently be closed when he will be going on adventures with them to other multiple universes and dimensions, meeting and sparing with different gods and superhuman beings.

"Creation skill activated," grace's voice sounded out as Patrick was making a dress for Athena and a ring; he started by making a shining white dress for her as he and she will only control it. The dress was beautiful in every way as it represented magisterial power and might; he also created lady boots like sandals as they can wrap around the feet of the wearer; Patrick saw what she would look like in them and smiled "beautiful" sweet words came out his mouth as he slowly released his semen in Athena. He got up from the bed as mana washed him before clothes appeared on him instantaneously, his long silver hair getting ponytailed as he spoke to grace "cancel aura presence above Metro city, and reduce the 100 billion years life span to 1000 as I don't want unnecessary people living for no longer than a thousand years".

Without even paying attention, he finished making the dress and the ring with the eye mask as it grants his wives a second eye that they can use daily since they can't use their original eyes on anything else other than Patrick.

Dress of Infinity: A dress created from mana and universal laws and Daos. Has infinite defence. Infinite mana supply. Can change to whatever dress the wearer wishes. Equipped with Infinite counter, attacks are multiplied infinitely before they are countered.

Ring of Infinity: An object that represents the love and affection of @#$%^& to his wife, and a congratulatory gift for becoming his woman/goddess. Has infinite mana. Infinite defence, infinite beauty nourishment, Infinite space and items including an unlimited supply of everything in existence. Contains Life connection to @#$%%^&, you are always connected to your husband and can go anywhere he is unless he disapproves of it.

Patrick's expression was blank as this was just for his wives; he doesn't need something trash on his godly fingers, but it will do for his wives and safety. Thinking of how so much has changed from the beaten boy to the god of all systems and possessing unlimited power, he sighed, "what a crazy universe."

Moments later, Athena woke up sitting on the bed with blankets covering her; she felt something dripping out of her pussy as she knew it was Patrick's as she smiled. "I would like to visit my family as we left the house in turmoil; they must be thinking that I was kidnapped." "Don't worry, I will take care of it," he spoke as he was looking at Athena coming towards him, "you want to go for another round?" Athena hearing, this almost made her slip as she said in a mocking tone, "my pussy has to been stretched out to the limits by you, you made me cum so many times I lost count, and you fucked me for two trillion years, and you still ask me if I want another round?. you are a beast." Patrick is merely smiling as he said, "it was your first time; I was just considerate of your experience; I didn't want you to regret your first time." Athena just rolled her eyes as she asked where is the bathroom?", "just use mana to clean yourself, no need for water," Patrick spoke as Athena did what he suggested; she felt the mana going into places water can't go as moments later she was cleaned, but what to wear?.

She was standing naked with her d-cup sized boobs, her shaved clean pussy, and her curvy body as one could see her ass from her sides all showing to Patrick; Patrick saw this as he spoke, "now that you have become a goddess, your beauty has exceeded this universe," Patrick said as he couldn't take his eyes off her, realizing that his semen contributed to this.

"I made a dress for you and your sisters in the future; I only control it, and you, as you can control it with your thoughts."

"how many sisters will I be having?"

Diving straight to the matter of how many people she will be sharing her husband with. "Just eleven more, not much," speaking as if it was not a big deal. But Athena kept quiet, all she cares about is him, not his power or other women, and she is his first wife and mate; that's all she cared about. Using her thoughts as the dress slowly wrapped on her, she felt more energy rushing through her systems as she realised that Patrick could fuck her anytime he wants as she was not wearing underwear. Turning around only to find Patrick floating in the void, different types of universal Laws, Daos, Elements, and an infinity symbol in both his eyes as he asked, "Will you marry me?" Athena noticed the ring as she didn't even think and said "yes," she held out her hand as Patrick pushed the ring on her finger; right after the ring settled, they both left the castle, appearing outside.

In front of Athena were countless mounts and spirit beasts, infinity summons, and godly technologies.

Athena does not react to anything that can surprise or amuse her other than Patrick himself; she looked upon the creatures and lively machines with a dull gaze while wearing the eye mask Patrick made for her. "These are yours as you can do whatever you please, and there are infinite of them," hearing Patrick's words, she waved her hand as the infinite amount of creatures disappeared as she sent them all in her space, not even caring for them a second look. She slowly wrapped Patrick's hands around her big jiggly ass as she passionately kissed him. About a few minutes later, she stopped as one can see the mouth juices all over her lips; she then kneeled and started giving him a blow job; hours later, Patrick chose to cum, filling her mouth. Swallowing everything, she slowly got upraised her mouth with mana as she took off her eye mask while looking at Patrick with infinite love and affection. "Let's go see your family," he spoke while infinite mana and essence swirled all over him, Athena returning to her previous cold demeanour as she looks elegant and godly with her mask on. The next moment she nodded as they both vanished from the celestial realm.

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