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C1 Dream

"Artemis, Aren't you going to hunt? You are good at hunting, right? Go and hunt a mistress!" It was Hera, Hera's bitter laugh filled every corner of the room.

"I don't want to hunt a mistress, hera. I just want to hunt your bitterness and cruelty among all the lovers of zeus. You are unbelievably pitiful creature." I stand up on the table and transform myself into a lovely dove.

I keep on flying until i realize that im close to humans. Human will hunt me here. I stood up on the branch of a tree and look behind. I was too far away from Mount olympus. It cannot be seen by a mere human eye. It was filled of spell.

I transform myself into human and disguise as a beggar. I want to look how human behave and how does they survive daily.

"You look so dirty. Are you hungry?" It was a mortal voice. I turned around saw a guy. He's handsome and has a good pysique. Come here! I will bring you to mother.

"Mother, look i have found her outside. She looks hungry do we still have foods?" He asked his mother.

A pretty woman in her 50's smiled sweetly while looking at me. She looks so kind and gentle.

"Come over. I will give you food and a bath." She grabbed my hand and pulled me to a little table.

"What's your name?" She asked me while setting the table. She put a ancient plate and cup infront of me along with the roasted wild chicken.

Is it a wild chicken? Whoaaa! I wont transform myself anymore in any other form that human hunt for food. Look the fate of a pitiful wild chicken, Roasted!

"What's your name again lady?" She asked me with a gentle voice.

"Artemis, my name is Artemis." I told her as i grabbed the leg of the wild chicken to have a bite. I haven't tried any human food before.

Roasted wild chicken smells really good and taste really good. But, something is wrong why i suddenly felt dizzy! I looked at the woman she's laughing evily. She looks like a demon while my sight is spinning as if im about to faint.

Bzzz-Bzzz-Bzzz! It's my alarm clock. I quickly got up and hold my head. My head is unbelievably heavy and painful. My vision is still blurry but i saw something outside my window. It's a white dove! The beautiful dove looks familiar. It's the dove in my dream.

New chapter is coming soon
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