Godly Choice System/C1 God Level Selection System
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Godly Choice System/C1 God Level Selection System
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C1 God Level Selection System

Zhonghai City, Loongyang County.

Zhonghai City was one among the three top-tier cities in the country, and found its place as one of the most well-renowned capitals on the globe. With its back to the vast hinterland, it was situated at the mouth of the sea, facing the ocean. Innumerable trading ships flocked there, making it one of the top commercial hubs in the world.

No wonder people of other counties administered by Zhonghai City strived to wind up there.

Those who stayed back in Loongyang County and refused to migrate, were those without aspirations.

February 15, Zhicai High School, Grade 12 Class 14, Mock Exam.

"Lee Yun, wake up!"

The invigilator, a physics teacher of Class 14, hovered over a sleeping student and rapped on his desk, exasperated.

The third semester of Grade 12 had barely started, and the school had already organized a mock exam. Its purpose was to let the students get started on the preparation for the college entrance exam, as soon as possible.

While the mock exam seemed to have nothing to do with the students of Class 14. Class 14 was the weakest. The students suffered poor grades and the school had given up on them long ago. What was expected of the students was to secure the minimum marks to obtain high school diplomas. It was ideal for them to behave until the college entrance exam.

However, Lee Yun was audacious enough to nod off on his desk during the exam.

The physics teacher could safely overlook those who craned their necks to peek at the papers of others because the classroom was full of academically poor students. They couldn't take down correct answers even if they wanted to.

However, if the chief invigilator were to come across sleeping examinees during patrol, he would be taken to task.

"Lee Yun!!"

As the teacher jostled him, Lee Yun finally woke up. He rubbed his eyes, stretched himself and yawned.

The physics teacher's eyelids twitched. This student was good-looking. Around 5 ft 11 inches would be an accurate guesstimate of his stature. Lee Yun had good facial symmetry and his body was well-sculpted.

However, his lazy conduct had marred his otherwise dashing persona.


Lee Yun nodded at him drowsily, to convey that he had woken up.

"Hmph! Appear in the test properly," the teacher instructed him, before continuing the rounds with hands clasped behind his back.

He did not ask Lee Yun to get a passing grade. Such expectations were futile as far as the dull students of Class 14 were concerned. They could get two or three multiple-choice questions correct, at most. It would be a miraculous achievement to reach a two-digit score!

Lee Yun could tell what the physics teacher meant. He had no alternative but to act accordingly.

Lee Yun grew up in an orphanage. At the age of six, he was adopted by a kindhearted, elderly man.

Lee Feng, his godsister had also been taken in by the man. He was very fond of her.

The old man had passed away a few years ago, leaving Lee Yun, Lee Feng and his two granddaughters - a family of four, in economic turmoil. Lee Yun took over the responsibility of supporting the family. He worked part-time jobs at night to cover living expenses and tuition fees.

Therefore, there was no way Lee Yun could solve a random multiple-choice question (MCQ) of physics, which had variable answers.

"Mark the shortest one or the longest one?" Lee Yun said, pondering over a question. "I choose D!"

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for acquiring the God Level Selection System! System Initializing... 1%... 100%... Binding Successful!"

What? A System?

He chose D on an MCQ and acquired a system? What was going on?

Lee Yun stuck his lip out and wondered whether he was hallucinating.

Nothing followed the alert. Lee Yun gave a cynical smile. The system in fantasy novel didn't exist in real world.

He might as well return to solving the question.

"As shown in Figure A, a light spring... A: When the object is separated from the spring... B: The strength coefficient of the spring is 7.5N/cm..."

Lee Yun knit his brow after a glance at the tough physics numerical.

An indefinite MCQ was one in which there was more than one correct answer. Getting all the correct answers brought 6 points while partially correct answers brought 3 points. Incorrect answers, on the other hand, secured no points.

Therefore, physics MCQs were the toughest and the most stressful questions in the comprehensive science exam.

Just then.

'Ding! Choice event triggered. The Host please choose."

"Choice 1: Write nothing. No reward."

"Choice 2: Write the correct answer A and B on the exam paper. The host will get two beginner's gift bags as the reward!"

"Goodness! The system is for real?"

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