Godly Luck Upgrade System/C11 First Sub Task
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Godly Luck Upgrade System/C11 First Sub Task
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C11 First Sub Task

"It's nothing. It's just a little trick." It's not worth mentioning. It's not worth mentioning. "

Xu Haotian was modest on the surface. However, he could not suppress the excitement on his face. He raised his hand to cover Rui Rui's head, a warm smile on his face.

"Aiya, Third Bro will become silly if he keeps touching someone's head."

Xu Rui puffed her cheeks and happily protested. To her, there was nothing more joyful than having her third brother become stronger.

The current Xu Haotian was no longer the good-for-nothing young master from a few days ago. Instead, it was to test first, exposing Xu Song's great contribution to the enemy. Not only did he recover his status as the successor. Moreover, the status of being a participant in the meeting was much higher than that of an ordinary young master. It could be said that the current Xu Haotian was like a rising star, showing off in the Xu family.

Looking at his younger brothers and sisters who were laughing and scolding him with mischievous smiles, he could feel their concern from the bottom of his heart. In Xu Haotian's heart, there was never such a feeling of happiness.

"Forget it. For the sake of this new family, this world cares about me. I will work hard to create the future of the Xu family."

"Ding!" Activating Sub Mission: Lead the Xu Family to become the number one family in Tianxuan Kingdom! Mission successful: Reward 100,000 growth points. It was a chance to summon an Earth Level bodyguard. The task lasted for three years! "If the mission fails, I will be euthanized."

"Ding!" Triggering the side quest to kill the Sun family's young master, Sun Buyi. Quest Success: Reward 3000 Growth Points, a chance to summon a Black Level bodyguard. The duration of the mission was fifteen days. "Mission failed, euthanasia was not discussed."

Two consecutive system notifications rang out. The massive growth rate almost made Xu Haotian bite his tongue off.

Although he failed or died from euthanasia, Xu Haotian's self-confidence had increased tremendously. He firmly believed that he could only succeed and not fail.

"Ding!" Congratulations to the host Undying Zombie on its small success. Reward 10 points for growth. "

"Ding!" Would the host like to use your Growth Points? "

The system's notification rang out, making Xu Haotian so happy that his face turned stiff.

"Yes, immediately."

"Ding!" Congratulations to the host for successfully advancing to the eighth level of the Transcending Mortality Stage. The growth value has been used up. "

"Ding!" Congratulations to the Host for successfully activating the Host Template feature. "

Host: Xu Haotian

Race: Human

Bloodline: Heavenly Beast Bloodline

Level: Level 8 of the Vast Ocean Realm

Cultivation Method: Undying Zombie Skill

Divine Power: Zombie Fist

Weapon: None

Skills: Devour

Intelligence: 35

Buy: 0

"What's the use of activating the host template?"

Xu Haotian asked.

"Ding!" Host can be aware of their status whenever the template function is turned on. The growth value can be used to the maximum extent reasonably. keep yourself in peak condition at all times. "

"There are other uses for it?"

"Of course, growth points can be used in any area. For instance, in order to increase one's intelligence, purchase weapons, cultivation methods, and so on."

"What the f * ck!" It can be used as money, it's so damn cool. Eh! That host sister didn't use her growth points and saved up. You won't euthanize me, right? "

Xu Haotian asked worriedly.

"Sorry, I'm not a girl. There was no discussion about euthanasia. "

The system's notification sound rang out.

"*!" I knew it. "

His originally fiery heart instantly turned cold.

"What can I buy if I work so hard to earn that little bit of growth value!" It's not enough to plug the teeth. I'm a fucking poor man. "

Just as Xu Haotian was standing in the middle of the crowd, chatting and laughing with his younger brothers and sisters while feeling depressed towards the system, a team of guards suddenly walked over from afar.

When the young masters surrounding Xu Haotian saw this, they stuck out their tongues and moved out of the way.

This team of guards was the most mysterious group of guards in the family. It was under the direct control of the Patriarch. The guards were under the sole command of the Patriarch.

They would only appear in the clan when there was an important event. Normally, he would be cultivating in the Xu family's secret location.

The leader of the group looked at the broken tree and the house in the distance that was crushed by the broken tree. His pupils suddenly constricted and he was overwhelmed with shock. I heard that Xu Haotian's bloodline is impure, since when did he become so powerful? "

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