Godly Luck Upgrade System/C12 Supreme Elder of the Xu Family
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Godly Luck Upgrade System/C12 Supreme Elder of the Xu Family
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C12 Supreme Elder of the Xu Family

However, he suppressed the trembling of his heart. He quickly cupped his fists towards Xu Haotian and loudly said:

"Third young master, the clan leader has ordered for the third young master to head to the main hall immediately."

"This group of people gives off an extremely oppressive feeling. His cultivation base was also blurry and indistinct. Could it be a profound entrance expert? "It seems that the Xu family's background is much deeper than I had imagined."

"However, as I happened to be dozing off, someone sent me a pillow. Presumably, the idea of surrounding Wei and saving Zhao Zhice had already been put on the agenda. It just so happened to be convenient for him to complete the Sub Mission. Three hundred growth points, and I can even summon a bodyguard. I'm really looking forward to it! "

"Lead the way."

Xu Haotian gently smiled and said.

"Come on, third brother!"

Watching Xu Haotian leave, Xu Rui silently blessed him.

The Xu family's meeting room was extremely secretive. From the memories of the original owner of this body, he knew that he had only heard of it and had never gone there.

This was a place where only the absolute core of the family could set foot. Even Xu Song and Fan Hai had been denied entry when they reached the great circle of the ninth level of Qi Condensation. Only the legendary half-brother had ever been there.

"Moreover, it was when he was accepted by the Jadesea Sect's Sect Leader as his last disciple." In the blink of an eye, ten years have passed. I wonder how this second brother of mine is doing. "

As Xu Haotian followed the guard, he thought to himself.

The guard led Xu Haotian to turn left and right, passing through three gates and finally stopping in front of a two story building.

Then he bowed towards the closed door and said, "Patriarch, Third Young Master Xu Haotian has arrived."

"Come in."

Xu Yun's dignified voice came from outside the door.

"Third Young Master, please." The guard leader looked down at Xu Haotian and stood to the side.

Seeing this, Xu Haotian nodded at him. He then pushed the door open and walked in with a calm expression.

However, just as he walked in, a strong gust of wind came straight at his face.

Xu Haotian was scared by this sudden turn of events. Without any hesitation, he threw out a Zombie Fist.


An earth-shattering power gushed out from Xu Haotian's fist. Violent spirit energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings, not only instantly turning the incoming force into invisibility. Even the figure that was punching out flew backwards at an extremely fast speed.

"Eh, interesting. "Not bad kid, if we two of us had clashed at the same starting line, I would have become the second big tree."

Xu Haotian quickly withdrew his fist and looked toward the source of the sound.

He saw a tall, white bearded elder standing about forty to fifty feet away, glaring at him. As for Xu Yun, Xu Chengfeng, and the other higher-ups of the Xu family, there were also a few people that they did not know sitting at the sides of the hall. Their mouths were wide open as they looked over in shock.

"Um, what's going on with father?"

Xu Haotian could tell that these people were trying to test him.

"Haha, a good son of the Xu family. Not bad, not bad." Five boys tell him who this old man is. Your kid is not bad, this old man likes him. "

The white-bearded old man laughed out loud and sat down on a gold-painted chair in the middle of the hall.

When Xu Haotian saw this, his eyes lit up. Who was this old man?

"Tian'er, come here. This is one of the three Great Elders of the Xu Family." Elder Xu. Just call me Third Grandpa. "

"Ding!" Host needs to capture the sincerity of a Heavenly Gate Stage expert. The special prize is the fawning of the great turntable lottery draw. "

"What the f * ck!" The Heavenly Gate Realm. That was a super expert. He did not expect the Xu family to have such a powerful expert. I'm good at flattering him! "

Xu Yun waved to Xu Haotian, then he introduced the old man to Xu Haotian with a smile.

"Brat, Xu Haotian greets Third Grandpa. I wish you all the best in life, and that you'll grow younger the more you live. "

"Hmm, hahaha, this brat is quite amazing. His cultivation is outstanding, and he even has a sweet mouth. This old man likes it. Come and sit by my great-grandfather's side." "Oh, right. I have to incense my ancestors first."

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