Godly Luck Upgrade System/C15 Barrett's Sniper Rifle
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Godly Luck Upgrade System/C15 Barrett's Sniper Rifle
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C15 Barrett's Sniper Rifle

"Holy sh * t, this thing even has its own shopping mall. It's pretty human-like." Now that he had 100 growth points, he wondered what he could buy. It's not that we're stingy, it's just that we're really poor. "

Xu Haotian thought as he pressed the purchase option without any hesitation.

"Third Uncle, did Tian'er awaken some sort of bloodline?"

After Xu Haotian left, Patriarch Xu Yun looked at Xu Duo and asked solemnly.

"If my elder has guessed correctly, Tian'er's awakened bloodline should be a kind of mammoth bloodline that is on the verge of extinction in the Xuan Wu Continent."

What Xu Duo said had set a storm in the hearts of everyone present. The blood of mammoth,

This was the bloodline of an expert that had established a glorious reputation in the Black Tortoise Continent. If Xu Hao was from the mammoth bloodline, did that mean that a super strong warrior would appear in the Xu family?

"Xu Yun, after this mission ends, allow Tian'er to participate in next year's Profound Dragon Summit. If he manages to enter the finals, he'll have a spot in the Hidden Dragon Rank. Just give him the Earth Level cultivation technique that only the mammoth bloodline can learn. "

"As third uncle commands."

When everyone heard Xu Duo's words, their spirits were immediately lifted as they replied in unison.

"I have to let my family's juniors have some more contact with these three kids." "He's a future super strong warrior."

Everyone replied respectfully. They all thought at the same time.

"Wow, there are so many of them. The System isn't lying. This really is a large-scale self-selected shopping mall."

Cultivation technique type, weapon type, skill type, talisman type, medicinal pill type …!

Seeing the densely packed merchandise on the virtual screen, it was so dazzling that one couldn't take their eyes off it. It almost made him dizzy.

"F * ck!" These items were priced around 100,000, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of growth points. When he saw this, he could not help but be speechless. Even the cheapest items required a thousand, and only at a price of ten thousand could one buy them. Black, so black! "What the f * ck? He's a real black merchant."

"These talismans are not bad. With my current wealth, I can buy one or two of them." If he really couldn't do it, he would have to put in some effort on these talismans. "Eh, this, isn't that the Barrett's sniper rifle? And it's only 100 growth points."

Seeing this, Xu Haotian's face lit up. Why does this Lucky Upgrade System have everything?

Barrett's sniper rifle was a gun king from his previous life. It has the advantage of great shooting power. It was the best choice for a good sniper.

"Barrett's sniper rifle is also the only weapon that can be bought in the shop with 100 growth points. It's also the cheapest weapon. "

"It's fine, I'll take it!"

Xu Haotian happily chose to buy it.

"Barrett's sniper rifle, modified by the system, the bullet becomes spiritual energy." "Host, you only need to infuse your spiritual energy into the bullet to condense it for sniping purposes."

"Handsome, handsome!"

Xu Haotian stood in his own room, holding his Barrett Sniper Rifle. Looking at its cool shell, the fire in its eyes flickered continuously.

He raised his gun and, following the example of the snipers on TV from his previous life, aimed at the roof ridge three hundred meters away and pulled the trigger.

In that instant, he felt the spiritual energy within his body being automatically sucked into the sniper rifle. With a bang, a bowl-sized hole was blasted into the roof three hundred meters away.

"What the f * ck!" That's a ballet sniper rifle? "

No matter how you looked at it, this destructive power seemed like a masterpiece made by a small-sized cannon.

Xu Haotian couldn't help but praise him.

However, although this fellow's power was astonishing, his size was simply too great. He couldn't use his storage ring even though he was at the Worldly realm. Naturally, they could not be put away.

Only when one reached the profound entrance realm would it be possible to use storage-type magic tools once the body has developed a consciousness. Forget it, just carry it on your back.

He carried Barrett's sniper rifle on his back, just like a special forces soldier from his previous life.

"Ding!" Triggering the main mission would be the glory of the Mysterious Dragon Summit. It occupied a position on the Hidden Dragon Rank. Successfully rewarded 900,000 growth points. A random lottery chance. Summon two bodyguards. Time Limit: One and a half years. Mission failure: Directly deprive the host of all authority and recover all previous gains. "

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