Godly Luck Upgrade System/C4 Examination Start
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Godly Luck Upgrade System/C4 Examination Start
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C4 Examination Start

This person was tall and wore a light blue profound dragon robe. His aura was imposing and imposing. His cultivation was at the Earth Stage Late Rank Level 9.

"Fellow clan members, our Xu Clan has been established for hundreds of years …."

The Xu family's patriarch, Xu Yun, had just arrived in front of the golden lacquer chair when he stopped and said in a loud voice.

"Now, I announce that the Xu family's elite test has officially begun."

After saying that, Xu Yun glanced at the people standing in the auditorium and continued speaking. However, his gaze stopped on Xu Haotian for a moment, then shifted away. Then, he slowly sat down.

"I am not a heartless person. "Looks like I still have some hope."

Others didn't know what that look meant, but Xu Haotian, who was experienced in reading words, caught a hint of encouragement from it.

"Since the Patriarch has announced the start of the assessment, I will now give all of you questions."

As soon as Xu Yun finished speaking, the clan elder who sat at the first position on the right began to speak at a leisurely pace.

The moment Xu Haotian heard this person speak, the information on this person popped out in his mind.

This old man's name was Xu Chengfeng, he was the Xu family's oldest qualified elder. He was a highly respected person, and whenever there was a major event, he would come out and preside over it. His cultivation had reached the perfect ninth level of the Earth Stage. Amongst all the people on the surface of the Xu Clan, he was the one with the highest cultivation base.

However, what made Xu Haotian more concerned was that this old man had a very good impression of his previous body. He was also the only clan elder who stood up to plead for Xu Haotian after he was framed.

As a result, Xu Hao was not expelled from the Xu family.

"Everyone should know that the seven great clans of Tianxuan Kingdom are currently fighting amongst themselves over the allocation of newly discovered spirit mines.

Just a month ago, our alliance's Qin family was suddenly surrounded by the Yun Prefecture's Bei family. The Qin family's patriarch hoped that our Xu family would mobilize the entire family's power to save the Qin family.

Our Xu Family is indecisive in this matter. You should be well aware of the formidable relationship within. Therefore, the topic of this Hall Competition was the solution to this problem.

The idea of the younger generation is the best. In the end, we will accept them and they will get first place in this exam. "

After saying this, the Xu Chengfeng elder swept his gaze over the youths present and continued to say:

"There is no correct answer to this matter. Everyone can rely on their own imagination to analyze the current situation in Tianxuan Kingdom." and then give what you think is the best answer. "

"Ding!" "The time limit for receiving the prize is almost up. If you don't receive it by then …"

"Euthanasia, I see. "Receive."

Xu Haotian helplessly curled his lips. This notification sound was too incomprehensible.

"Received reward complete. "Thank you for your cooperation."

"Ding!" "Cultivation method, the time limit for receiving a Yang Reversion Pill is almost up. If you fail to do so …"

"F * ck!" Leader, I'll take it. Can you change the punishment method! "

"Sorry, your request is not accepted by the system."

As the system notification rang out, Xu Haotian felt his chest suddenly sink. Two items appeared.

"Damn, I got it just like that." This was much more exciting than becoming a living person. But this is my grandson's military tactics. "

Xu Haotian thought.

"Ding!" Since the big wheel lottery was a random prize, there were two ways to experience it: physical and inherited. And he only had one chance. Unfortunately, this reward was an inheritance experience. "Does the host want to pass on Sun Zi's military skills?"


Xu Haotian didn't hesitate to read it. Even if it was a virtual experience, he still had to choose to read it. He finally understood that as long as this darn System issued a prompt, you had to execute it, or else he would be euthanized.

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