Godly Paparazzi/C1 Stealth is for the best
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Godly Paparazzi/C1 Stealth is for the best
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C1 Stealth is for the best

It was one o'clock in the morning.

I had been squatting in the rental house for two hours in the dark, not even daring to light a cigarette, let alone play on my cell phone.

A few dozen meters away, the high-end apartment was still dimly lit. My surveillance target was busy in the room, oblivious to my line of sight.

The police?

No, no, I'm not the kind of person to eat at a public restaurant. Of course, I'm not the type to be a private detective or anything like that.

I'm a puppy.

They were the kind that took hot private photos with online celebrities and female celebrities and sold them to customers.

However, the reason I'm here today isn't for that small amount of money.

Half a month ago I received a tidbit saying that one of the girls on a live broadcast platform — the little beauty I'm staring at right now — had been hooked up with a rich boss." The other party had come and gone with such a low-key and luxurious car that it was completely watertight. Even now, Cheng Jiao was still selling her pure beauty in front of the camera, enjoying the money and gifts from the infatuated men's fans to the fullest.

If the news was correct, the level 10 million luxury car would appear again tonight.

Cheng Jiaojiao ended the live broadcast early. For the first two hours she sat at the dressing table, dressed slowly, and picked up her skirts, one by one.

You're asking me what I'm doing?

Of course I'm busy taking pictures!

For some reason, Cheng Jiaojiao who was in the camera did not smile at all, the excitement of her private meeting with the financial backer could not be seen. She simply peeled the dress off her body, threw it on the ground, and picked up the other one with a deadpan expression.

After a moment, she lowered her head, rubbed the corners of her eyes, and went back inside the house.

I quickly checked the results and looked at the beautiful figure on the screen. I couldn't help but feel thirsty, so I quickly ran to the kitchen to get a can of cold beer while she was out of sight.

He hurriedly returned just in time to see his phone vibrate a few times.

"The black Ferrari just got into the parking lot. The one you wanted to keep an eye on." My informant, the security guard at the high-end apartment across the street, sent it to me.

It really came!

Overjoyed, I quickly sent a red packet to my informant, grabbed my tools, and pounced on the window to look in the opposite direction.

Damn it!

The curtains in the bedroom were closed!

Little bitch, you're quite alert, is she considered a professional?

But luckily, the curtains were wide open in the living room, and Cheng Jiaojiao herself was in the living room carrying a bag, looking like she wanted to go out.

I gritted my teeth: What are you doing out in the middle of the night, working in your room!

Forget it, hurry up and prepare to follow them! Excellent puppies have two sets of preparations!

I grabbed my wallet and stuffed it into my pants pocket, at the same time, I paid close attention to the surroundings. After Cheng Jiaojiao picked up the phone, she suddenly stopped for a few seconds, then hung her bag on the wall, squatted down and took off her high heels, then sat down on the sofa barefooted.

She curled up into a ball, her beautiful little face buried in the shadows. It was hard to tell what she was thinking.

Is he not going out? I was relieved.

Cheng Jiaojiao quickly stood up, tidied up the room, and then disappeared from my sight.

After twenty minutes, there was no sound from the opposite room.

I waited anxiously for her potential customer to show up.

Don't ask for too much. Just ask them to show their faces in the hallway or living room. That way, the value of the items I get will double.

If this financial backer was not only a rich person, but also someone who already had a family, or even someone who relied on the Yue family's support and development, wow, if I were to slap his face, I would earn a lot!

But if I can't get it...

This was a huge loss. Watching the ticket slip away in front of his eyes made his heart ache!

Calming myself down, I stared at the window in anticipation.

Just when I thought that she might really return empty-handed today, Cheng Jiaojiao once again appeared in the living room!

She had just taken a bath, and now her body was wrapped in a towel, revealing only her white legs and her delicate shoulders. From a distance of dozens of meters, I could almost smell the bath lotion and the warmth of her body.

I quickly adjusted the camera to avoid missing out on anything good.

Cheng Jiaojiao's expression on the camera was a little nervous, as though she was arguing with someone in a low tone, but after a while, she revealed a forced smile and turned to enter the bedroom.

At this moment, the mysterious customer entered the mirror!

And it was a very crazy image!

It was a naked man, his back to the camera. He bent down and picked Cheng Jiaojiao up, and then threw him onto the sofa! It then pressed down on her body, unrestrainedly biting and stroking her!

Cheng Jiaojiao revealed half of her face, as she panted anxiously, seeming to enjoy being able to endure. Her arm was loose and hung on the man's shoulder, and her fair leg gently rubbed against the other party.

I couldn't help gulping down a mouthful of cold beer.

Calm down, what I want to do is to slap that man's face!

At this time, the mysterious man suddenly ripped off the bath towel that Cheng Jiaojiao was wrapped in! A lively and fragrant scene immediately played out!

I have to be calm!

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