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C10 Collect clues

"Well, what does she do?"

"She created her own studio and called it 'ace in the hole'. She gathered all sorts of news about celebrities and then sold them to other newspapers. Furthermore, she had a little money from her own family. One could say that life was carefree and carefree."

What? Wasn't that what I saw on the computer in the afternoon? It couldn't be such a coincidence, right? I hurriedly asked him about that huge amount of information.

"Oh right, Ah Jie, I have something to ask of you, you should know that brother is following up on Ruan Xinmei right now, I saw a thread about Ruan Xinmei on the computer this afternoon, and it just so happens that it was released by your rich daughter."

"What a coincidence!"

"Yeah, his ID is also called 'trump card'. Can you give me his contact information? I have something to ask her. "

"Really? Bro, you don't want to fight over it with me, right?"

"Kid, I'm serious with you, do you have one or not?"

"Fine, fine, fine. I'll give it to you right now. Don't try to trick me."

After obtaining her contact information, I immediately sent out a message to indicate that I was here for the matter regarding Ruan Xinmei. At this time, Ah Jie suddenly said that he wanted to go somewhere else to play. suddenly said that he wanted to go somewhere else to play.

"Come, let's go eat supper."

It was almost 1 in the morning, so I had to go back first. I still had to continue investigating the situation tomorrow. I decided to rest early today. I looked at my own heavy bags in the mirror, as well as some white hair. After taking a shower, I immediately went to bed.

The alarm clock woke me up the next morning.

Alas, time always passes so quickly, I looked at my cell phone and found that "trump card" sent me a message.

"Hello, my name is Little Wang."

Little Wang? It was not the same name as I had imagined, so I called him back to see if I could call him out. However, this Little Wang did not appear to be very willing and was very vigilant.

That was true. Breaking the news would usually offend many famous celebrities, and online posts would also attract many people. It wouldn't be a joke if any one of them caught him.

Since they couldn't get a date, he might as well chat with her online.

"Xiao Wang, I would like to ask if it's true that Ruan Xinmei got a room with someone?"

"Of course it's true. I personally saw her enter the hotel with a man, and at that time, Ruan Xinmei was not very popular, but after a while she became the core member of the team. Wasn't she relying on some shortcut?"

What she said made a lot of sense. There were so many people in a team that they had to be core members. The competition was also very big. Could it be that it really had something to do with the C consortium?

"Little Wang, did you take that photo back then? Can you show it to me? "

"Why would I want to show it to you? This kind of information isn't easily spread out."

"Don't worry, I'm Ah Jie's friend, and won't reveal this matter. Trust me, if you don't believe me, you can ask Ah Jie. He was the one who gave me the contact details. "

"So that's how it is. Fine, I'll send it to you. But what do you need these things for?"

"Wang Xinmei is a classmate of mine in junior high. I would like to ask her the truth of this matter and confirm it clearly."

"I'd advise you not to contact her. Someone like her wouldn't be clean either."

Although I didn't like what she said, she wasn't my girlfriend, so the main thing now was to figure it out.

I sent a message to tell her about it in person. He went to eat breakfast first, because he was extremely hungry when he woke up in the morning. When he went out, he saw the cat again. It was wandering around the area. It seemed that there was no one raising it.

"If I come back and you're still here, I'll adopt you."

As if it understood something, it meowed. Okay, this cat is a little interesting.

Ruan Xinmei invited me to the coffee shop where we met before, then I sat down and ordered two cups of coffee. But after a while, I saw Ruan Xinmei walking over. She sat down, but for some reason there were bruises at the corners of her eyes. I asked her what was wrong, and he just shook her head and said it was all right.

"Um, I've got some photos. Would you like to know if this is you? And who's that man beside you? "

She wanted to speak, but she hesitated, as if someone had slapped her on her back.

"That's me, that's me, the man beside me is …" It's Director K. "

Indeed, that man was Director K.

"Then I would like to ask if you relied on this to become a core member of the team?"

"This... "At first, I was too angry that I lost my mind, so I agreed to sleep with him for the night. She said that as long as I accompany him for one night, he would have a way to make me red, so at that time …"

This is definitely big news. If I can sell it for a good price, then I'll make a profit. I'll continue to trick him and see if I can get any more information from it.

"Are you sure the bruises on your face were caused by someone else?"

Under my interrogation, Ruan Xinmei finally admitted to being the boss of this case. She really didn't expect her to actually contact Boss K. Shouldn't she get rid of that man as soon as possible?

"Why are you still in touch with K.? Didn't you already achieve what you wanted? " As Ruan Xinmei spoke, tears began to rise in her eyes. She was truly a fragile girl who had been spoiled by those kinds of people.

"I also want to get rid of him, but ever since that time, he has been threatening me, saying that if I dare to run, I will be disgraced, and all of this will be made public."

This was obviously meant to scare her. If he said it himself, it would be harmful to both sides.

Looking at this student in front of me, I felt pity for her. I suddenly realised that if I could use her to make a living for myself, I would really be too heartless.

I suddenly wanted to help her, at least to get her out of this predicament. Was I too good? I always run away when there's such a good opportunity. Sigh, he was about to die!

So be it. I've decided, regardless of his salary, that I have to stand up for this sort of thing.

"Really? "Are you really willing to help me?"

"That's right, you're a good classmate of mine. How could I sit back and not care about such bullying? You're still a big star and I'm very happy to have the honor."

Finally she stopped crying and told me a lot about it.

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