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C11 What should i do

So the reason why Ruan Xinmei agreed to go and get a room with K. was because of her boyfriend. I didn't even know that she had a boyfriend, and there was no news of her having a boyfriend in the society anymore.

It turned out that Ruan Xinmei's boyfriend was the general manager of a certain listed company, which was founded by his father. At that time, Ruan Xinmei was just a small member of the SweetsGirl +, and was not very famous at the time, and her family's condition was average as well. The male parent thought that should have found a girl who was also from a big family to interact with.

She was a very strong person, but sometimes, she was also a girl who didn't dare to move. Later on, in order to not let her parents look down on him, she was chosen by the K., who was watching her audience, during one of the commercial performances. She was initially told by Ruan Xinmei that he could help her reputation to rise.

In fact, this K always wanted to curry favor with her. On the night after the trade show, K always made an appointment with Ruan Xinmei to meet her. He thought that it was just a normal meeting to help her improve her reputation, but he never thought that this K always had the intention of following through with her.

At that time, Xin Mei didn't want to agree to this, but she also wanted to improve her reputation and status. She didn't want to be interrupted by his parents because of them. The addition of the condition that K. always opened was a great temptation to the little man who had a strong desire to win.

"K also forced me to take nude photos, saying that if I ever let his story get out, he would post those photos online and ruin my reputation."

I didn't expect this K to be so cunning. The bruises on the corner of Ruan Xinmei's eyes were from yesterday. Because he had heard about the previous meeting, he had ran over to find her, probably because she was afraid that something like this would be leaked. Ruan Xinmei touched the wounds on the corner of his eyes again, and looked at the injured girl in front of him, feeling heartache.

"I'll help you get rid of him, and I'll make him lose face."

"Really? But the other party is such an influential person, how are you going to help me?" Ruan Xinmei told me with a doubtful look. She was afraid that I would make the matter worse if I did not complete the task well.

That was true, since the other party was from the big boss's background, then if they went to look for him directly, I would probably be in trouble. Since they wanted him to lose face, at the same time, they could not keep pestering Mei Xin.

No, there's no use regretting it now. Since she said she was going to do it, then of course I can't let her underestimate me. Although I'm just a little dog, I'm not just capable.

"Don't worry, can you help me get some ugly things about K.? All this is useful to me. " I wanted to use Ruan Xinmei's relationship with K. to get something that would make him look bad, or at least make him famous. I also wanted to think of a way to get rid of the photo of concerned Rose on K Boss' phone.

"I need your help, or else it will be hard for me to help you alone. When you have a meeting with K., think of a way to tell me about the photos. As long as I can get rid of your weakness first, the rest will be much easier."

"Alright, I'll try my best." She looked scared and didn't want to see that man again. I didn't want to pester that guy anymore, but otherwise I wouldn't be able to help her. After chatting with Xinmei, she decided to get up and say that she wanted to go back. She had a performance to prepare tonight, which coincidentally happened to be the commercial performance of the C consortium. At that time, K would probably be here as well.

After bidding farewell to Ruan Xinmei, I returned back to the rental house. The moment I opened the door, a huge yellow shadow walked past me. Startled, I thought it was some kind of ghost. The cat kept barking at me. Right, there seemed to be an agreement between me and it.

"Alright, since I'm already back and you're still here, look at your sincere heart." The cat seemed to understand my words. It stopped meowing and came over to rub its head against my shoes. I carried it in. He had just enough money to spend, and now he had to raise more cats. I gave this cat a name, "Qianqian," hoping to bring me some good luck.

The Qianqian fell head first into my blanket, so I quickly ran over and picked it up.

"You brat, you don't even know what dirty stuff you have on you, yet you want to come to my bed? At least wait for me to give you a bath." After saying that, I simply grabbed him by the nape of his neck and went to the toilet. Damn, this cat isn't easy to deal with.

After washing the Qianqian in the bath, I went to rest. The Qianqian ran to the place on the carpet and laid there by itself, thinking about something. I lay down on the bed. It was very comfortable, but at that moment my cell phone rang again.

"How's it going, what's the big deal you're talking about?"

Hearing that it was Group Leader Zhou, I immediately sat up.

"Oh, I'm investigating. This is an important moment. Team Leader, wait a moment. I can guarantee that I won't disappoint you."

"Hurry up, kid. The higher-ups are all rushing me. Don't make it difficult for me. You decide for yourself." With a "pa", he hung up the phone with the same impatience as before. Hu … I sighed and lay down again.

The warm sun outside shone into the floor of my room, and a cool breeze blew through the half-open window. The world was calm now, and as I closed my eyes, I fell asleep.

Time flew by, and soon it was night again. He got up, stretched, and his stomach unknowingly began to growl.

After dinner, I sent a message to Ruan Xinmei. I wanted to ask her where her commercial would be, and I wanted to see if I could find anything. After hearing the news, I changed my clothes and prepared to head to the place where Ruan Xinmei would perform.

The Qianqian blocked my way and kept shouting at me. What? By the way, I haven't given him anything to eat since the afternoon. I walked over to the fridge, and the Qianqian also walked over. I opened the fridge and saw that there were only some snacks and beer inside. I wondered if this cat was still eating snacks.

After rummaging through, I finally found a few packets of dried fish that had been marinated at the bottom. Hehe, this should be something that he knows how to eat. I tore open the package and threw the Qianqian onto the ground. As expected, cats are really irresistible to fish.

After feeding the cat, I left the room. It was not even 8: 30 PM for Ruan Xinmei's commercial performance.

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