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C12 Meet k again

I went downstairs and called a taxi, and caught a ride to the scene of Ruan Xinmei's performance. There were quite a few people at the time. The fan club and security team were there, along with some guests. When I first entered the factory, security guards stopped me.

"Stop right there. Do you have an admission permit? If not, you can't enter." The security guards stopped me with their hands.

What? I didn't think that I would have to get permission to enter. What should I do now, I don't have this item.

Just then, Ruan Xinmei walked over and said to the security guards: "This is my friend, I called him over to help."

After I finished speaking, I followed Ruan Xinmei in. There were many of them, as well as his team. But strangely, the eyes of their team members towards Ruan Xinmei were a little different. Most likely, it was because of that incident last time that caused their team members to discuss among themselves, muttering something that seemed to be a whisper in their mouths. I believe that if this matter with Ruan Xinmei was not resolved earlier, there would be very serious consequences regarding the external influences and suspicions of those around him.

The show was about to begin, and as the crew prepared to go on stage, I went behind the curtain at the side of the auditorium to watch them perform.

At this time, there was a figure below the stage who looked as if he had seen it somewhere. That's right, he was President K of the C consortium. Could it be that he was going to look for Ruan Xinmei again tonight?

After a wonderful performance, there were applause and screams from the audience. At this time, that person had disappeared. I rushed to the backstage and saw K always saying this to Ruan Xinmei.

However, it seemed that Ruan Xinmei was not too happy, and her gaze was a little erratic. She frowned, could it be that he had made an offer for Ruan Xinmei to get a room with him again?

But after a while, K always left. At this time, I went in and asked Ruan Xinmei what K always said to you just now.

"He said that he heard that I was going to find him in his house at night. What should I do? I think that she is going to harm me again." Xinmei said uneasily.

I have to think of a way. Maybe I can use this opportunity to get some information.

"Like this, you go to his house at night. Then, we'll see if we can find relevant evidence. If we can get it, it'll be much easier! "

After I finished speaking, I waited outside for the news. I told Ruan Xinmei to send me the address and itinerary, I had to follow him.

My stomach suddenly got hungry again. Why do I know how to eat recently? I walked around for a bit and saw a stall selling Ma Chou. My stomach just happened to be hungry so I went over to eat something first.

After filling my stomach, Ruan Xinmei sent a message to me, "I'm over at 119 Bluesea Street."

I looked at a taxi on the side of the road and headed for my destination.

"Ding dong, Ding dong." Ruan Xinmei pressed the doorbell, and K., who was wearing a white bathrobe, opened the door. There was an evil smile on his face.

At this time, I also arrived near his house. I saw that there was a house being renovated opposite his house. I thought that maybe I could find a better place to observe the situation inside.

I stepped over a lot of wood, with nails and all, and the ground was littered with tools and water.

I tiptoed like a thief to the fourth floor. It was a good place to see the living room and the living room.

It really was the home of the rich. It was a few hundred square meters, and it even had a swimming pool.

To prevent him from seeing me, I found a place to lie down. There was a lot of dust rolling around.

Since it was upstairs and hadn't been built onto the wall yet, as long as there was a good chance of getting to the second floor, it would be easy to see a person inside.

At this time, K. always received two glasses of red wine from the kitchen. However, he seemed to have done something to one of the glasses and placed something on top of it. While K. was busy making preparations, I immediately made a call to Ruan Xinmei.

"Be careful, Xinmei, I just saw him put something in your cup. I don't know what it is. In a while, don't hang up the phone and get rid of those things. I'm recording right here, what if … " Before he could finish, Chief K came out.

"Little Mei, who were you talking to just now?" This beast's voice was truly worthy of being pummeled. The moment it heard him, the beast wanted to do something to him.

"No …." That my mother called to ask how I was doing. " She answered anxiously.

"Hehehe, didn't you have a good time? "Without me, how would you be able to live well? You have to treat me well in bed. Without me, you are nothing!" I clenched my teeth in disgust.

At this point K. put two glasses of wine on the table and invited Xinmei to have a drink.

He placed his glass of wine in front of her, and she suddenly changed the subject.

"Director K, do you remember the first time you and I met?"

"Why did you suddenly ask this?" K. always seemed to be on the defensive, and his tone became rough. Shit, could it be that he was seen through?

"No, I just think that you were different that time. I still like that time." However, at that time, she had been doing some small movements with her two fingers crossed nonstop. It was likely that she was nervous too.

"Aiyaya, you little slut. A few days ago, you were still crying. Why are you being so honest today?" K. said with a smile.

"Chief K, you're so skilled. Compared to those photos, you're pretty good. Did you ever try out other girls? You stayed behind to admire their pictures too?" Strange, what exactly is this Ruan Xinmei thinking? Helplessly, I scratched my head.

At this point K. suddenly asked, "Why are you asking this? Do you want to take back those pictures of yours? I'm telling you, it's impossible! "

Ruan Xinmei immediately explained: "Aiya, Director K, how could I want to retrieve my photo? I've become very popular with you for helping me out so much now, I won't be able to enjoy the limelight, I don't even have the time to keep my photo."

He never thought that this Ruan Xinmei would have such a fast reaction speed.

"Haha, I'll let you experience that feeling again tonight. Come, let's have a drink." With that said, he handed the wine on the table to Ruan Xinmei.

Crap, what should we do now? We don't know what will happen if we drink this wine.

Then I saw a rock the size of an egg next to it. God help me. I picked it up and looked at the glass in K. 's main yard.


K. was scared out of his wits. He turned around and shouted angrily: "Who is it!" After that, I hastily ran to the outside and opened the window to peek outside. I immediately found a corner to hide in.

At this time, Ruan Xinmei suddenly exchanged K's chief's wine with her own. Then she took her glass and walked over to Director K.

"What happened? What happened to K.?"

"I wonder which grandson threw something in here. Fuck it, go."

"Don't be angry, don't be angry, Chief K, don't ruin our fun."

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