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C13 Anxiety

"Come, let's drink." Ruan Xinmei handed the wine over to Boss K, he did not seem to have noticed that the wine cup had already been exchanged. Phew, that scared me to death. Who would have thought that this Ruan Xinmei was actually quite quick-witted.

K. took the glass and drank without thinking, and they sat down on the sofa. Ruan Xinmei continued to ask the previous question.

In a little while, perhaps because of the glass of wine he had just drunk, K. always seemed a little giddy, and could not help talking. Ruan Xinmei took this opportunity to explain her plan.

"Director K, can you show me the pictures of those girls?" Ruan Xinmei whispered into Boss K's ear.

"Hehehe, I've slept with countless women, how would I know which one you want?" At this point, K had already become a bit blurry, as if he didn't know what he was talking about.

"So, do you keep the pictures you took of those girls in your cell phone?"

"How could that be possible? How could I put that kind of thing in my phone? Uh …" He seemed to be on the verge of fainting as he stood up with his hands supporting himself on the sofa, as if he was going to pounce towards Ruan Xinmei.

At this time, Ruan Xinmei stood up and dodged the drunk boss.

"What is it? What are you hiding from? Are you afraid that I'll eat you? Hehehe, I just want to eat you up! " Boss K walked towards Ruan Xinmei.

As soon as he started, he saw Chairman K's huge body fall, topple the table, and spill the tea set. The medicine was so fierce that it took less than five minutes for a man to fall.

When Ruan Xinmei saw this situation, she immediately used the phone to contact me, "You scared me to death, you scared me to death, I thought that I would be killed by him again." Ruan Xinmei told me anxiously that I should calm her emotions first before asking her to search inside the house to see if the photos or the relevant evidence were hidden somewhere within the house.

Ruan Xinmei searched through his house but didn't find anything similar to a photo. Ruan Xinmei entered his room, went through all the drawers of her desk, bed and closet but she still couldn't find anything.

Just as she was about to leave, Ruan Xinmei suddenly saw a box that looked like a safe by the bedside table.

He walked in and saw that it was indeed a locked safe. Since it was a locked safe, there must be something very important hidden inside.

However, he couldn't open it without a password. I walked in at that moment, and the room smelled strongly of perfume. Wow, this house is so stinky, it seems like it's a place for doing that sort of thing with women.

I have already recorded what Boss K had just said. I will first help Ruan Xinmei and the others to bring Boss K into the bedroom, and after putting him away, we will fake a scene of myself getting drunk and then falling down.

I told Ruan Xinmei to write a note at the side. It said: Director K, I originally wanted to go on tonight, but you suddenly became drunk.

After locking the door, Ruan Xinmei and I walked out. "You did well. Although I didn't get any conclusive evidence, at least some of his words were recorded by me. I think that in the future, I can use these too."

Now, what was he going to do, find a way to unlock the lock box in the room? It was already very late, it was already 2 in the morning, there were basically no pedestrians on the road.

"I'll send you back. It's already so late, is it safe for a girl like you to walk on the road?" He was worried that a girl would come home so late, and she was a star at that. If something happened, it would be very serious.

After sending Ruan Xinmei home, I walked along the street by myself, thinking about how I should explain this to the Group Leader Zhou tomorrow. The pressure of my life was making me breathless, and every day was so tiresome, and now I had to help a star out of trouble. He sighed and shook his head. Just like that, at a little after two o'clock, I was walking alone by the side of the road.

Without realizing it, I walked back to the rented apartment. There was a convenience store downstairs that hadn't closed yet, and coincidentally, I went in to buy cat food. Otherwise, the Qianqian might have lost at least half of its weight after following me.

Back in the house, I took off my shoes, threw my clothes away, and lay down on the bed. Perhaps the most comfortable time was when he was alone in bed with his eyes closed without a thought.

The Qianqian walked over. It was lying next to my head, using its head to rub against my face, as if it was a girlfriend that hadn't seen for a long time, sticking to me.

It was getting late, so he needed to rest early. I have to find a way to get past him tomorrow morning. After yawning deeply, I changed my clothes, washed my face and fell asleep on the bed.

"Meow …" The cries of the Qianqian woke me up.

"Why are you so early?" I looked at the time and it was already 10: 30. It was over. I was late. The team leader is probably going to chop me up.

I quickly got up, brushed my teeth, washed my face and dressed up. I directly scattered the cat food inside for the Qianqian to eat.

During the ride, Ah Jie called me, "Brother, brother, why aren't you here yet? All of the people our team leader is waiting for are getting impatient. " Ah Jie quietly told me that the Group Leader Zhou was probably beside him.

"Something happened to me this morning. I'm in the car and I caught up." I told the driver to drive faster. Unfortunately, there was a traffic jam ahead! My God, is my life so bad? Forget it, forget it. There was nothing to complain about now. After I paid the driver, I walked to the company. It was only about 200 meters away from the company. I darted through the vehicles.

At this moment, just as I was running very fast, the back door of a car suddenly opens and I crash into it right in the middle of the narrow road.

"Ah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't see anyone coming from behind just now, so why are you running on the road?"

At this time, a woman in a black suit and high heels walked out of the car. She seemed quite tall, probably around 1.7 meters.

"I'm in a hurry. Also, how are you going to open the door and look at the people behind?" That hit happened to be from a strong body. It really hurt to be pushed against the corner of the door.

She looked at me as I'd been injured.

"I'm really sorry. I was in a hurry because of an urgent matter. This is my name card. If there's anything you need help with later, please call me." She handed me a business card. On it was written: C Major Financial Group, your assistant in the HR department — Zhang Yunya.

Big C consortium, isn't this the K corporation? I didn't expect to meet his employees here.

After Zhang Yunya gave me her name card, she walked in another direction. Strange, could it be that he was late as well? Hehe, it seems like I'm not the only one here. She had almost forgotten that she was already so late. If she didn't hurry up, she would die.

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