Godly Paparazzi/C14 First encounter
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Godly Paparazzi/C14 First encounter
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C14 First encounter

I hurried over to the company, huff huff, I was exhausted. I finally got there, for the first time, I felt like I had entered hell. Come on, I'm ready.

The moment the door was pushed open, everyone inside began to write their own drafts. It seemed that everyone was quite keen on their performance.

"Here, here …" Ah Jie gestured for me to go over.

"The Group Leader Zhou is inside. You should go in and have a good chat with him. I see that he's so angry that his head is about to explode." Alright, it seems that there's no way to avoid it. I pushed open the door of Group Leader Zhou's office. When I pushed open the door, I saw him with his legs on the table, crossing his arms and legs, as if he was waiting for me.

"Is there anything else you want to say?" Group Leader Zhou's tone revealed an indescribable killing intent.

"Sorry, team leader. I met some accidents on the road this morning, so …" I didn't tell the team leader the real reason I was late. If I let him know that I was late because I had overslept, I would probably be in trouble.

"Didn't you say last time that you had a lot of material for me? "Where is he?"

In a fit of excitement, I took out the recording I had made at Boss K's house yesterday. I played the recording of an affair with another woman, and thought to use this to fool around for the time being. When I had investigated the truth of the matter, I would show it to Group Leader Zhou.

"Whose recording is this? It sounds a bit crazy. You went to shoot some big shot yourself. " Group Leader Zhou looked like he wanted to know.

"Group Leader Zhou, this is only a part of my investigation. After I'm done, I can guarantee you a satisfactory result." Only after saying that did Group Leader Zhou's face return to its original expression.

It was only then that I left the team leader's office. I had finally settled it, and at this time Ah Jie said to me: "Brother, let's go out tonight. I'll introduce you to a beauty, hehe."

Why has this brat become so diligent recently? He brought me girls and took me out to eat, drink, and play.

"Alright, then let's go out together tonight." I straightforwardly agreed this time and asked Ah Jie, "What kind of girl are you recommending to this brother? Is it convenient to reveal?

"I'm telling you, bro, this girl …" Won't you know when you see it? " Ah Jie smiled and said to me.

"Alright, since you know how to keep people in suspense, why don't we go out for lunch later? This time, this big bro will treat you. "

"Alright, that's fine. You can leave now. My stomach is already deflating from hunger."

After saying that, we followed them to the Food Street. There were a lot of different kinds of food there as well. The two of us strolled around and then found a Chinese restaurant to sit at.

I ordered a few big dishes, some side dishes, and a little wine.

When we were almost done eating, a fat man in a black jacket and jeans, a little drunk, came up to our table. He probably was already drunk to the point where he didn't know what he was doing. He patted Ah Jie's shoulder and loudly shouted, "You know who I am, and how dare you sit here?"

I glanced sideways, as if he didn't have any friends to stop him. Was he here alone? If it was just one person, things would be much easier.

At this time, Ah Jie shrugged his shoulders with all his might. Although the other party was quite big, a person like Ah Jie had also trained in it before. How could he let others casually touch his shoulder, let alone this kind of situation.

After Ah Jie shook off his shoulder, which man looked like they were going to fight? Just when was about to grab onto Ah Jie's neck, Ah Jie immediately pulled back, and the drunkard pounced on empty air.

The drunkard knocked the table away. At this time, the boss came over to stop him. However, because the boss was quite big, no matter how the boss tried to persuade him, it was useless. He even pushed him.

When that drunkard wanted to punch Ah Jie again, Ah Jie dodged cleverly. At this time, I went up with Ah Jie to trip that drunk guy up, and we shouldn't stay here for too long.

I never thought that something would happen after we ate, Ah Jie and I ran out.

"It was really exciting just now. If it wasn't for the fact that there were too many people, it wouldn't have affected me that much." I already beat up that drunkard. " Ah Jie said while gesturing with his hands and feet.

Actually, that's what I thought back then. If I could beat him up, it would be good as well.

After accompanying Ah Jie back to the company, he still has some matters to attend to, so I'll be going back first. After returning to the rented apartment, he sat on the sofa and noticed that there seemed to be something different. Eh? Where did the Qianqian go? Why didn't I see it? I searched around the house but couldn't find the Qianqian.

After searching for most of the day, I suddenly saw a Qianqian outside the window. I didn't expect him to follow my window and crawl down. I opened the door and went outside to get it.

"You really made it easy for me to find her. Are you running away from home?" After saying that, I grabbed the back of its neck and carried it upstairs. Suddenly, a black and white cat followed from behind. Its tail looked as if it had been crushed by a wheel. It had no fur, and it had a scar that had already been healed. And it seemed to be a female.

Alright, this brat. Now, even cats can tease girls. After they look at each other, I shut the door. I went to the kitchen and took out the cat food and poured it in the basin for it to eat. I guess it must have been hungry for an entire afternoon, since the Qianqian ate like a dog.

I went back to bed and thought about how I should settle the matter with Ruan Xinmei. Right, didn't I run into the employee of the C Big Consortium earlier this morning? Maybe I could get to know him. I used the card she gave me and called the number above. No one answered. So I went to rest.

Time flies. Suddenly, I was awakened by a knock on the door.

Who was it that disturbed me when I was sleeping soundly? I went to open the door wearing slippers. It turned out to be the landlord. I guessed that he was here to rush the rent. Speaking of which, I had already delayed the rent for half a month already. I've been waiting for my manuscript to be finished, and then I get the money and I pay it.

"I'll have the money to pay the rent in a few days. Can you delay it for me a bit longer? I'm really sorry." I used sincere words to plead the landlord to let me go. Although I don't know how many times this happened, the landlord was still pretty good.

"Alright then, I will drag it out for you for a few more days. After today, I will come again to collect the rent." The landlord said with a helpless expression.

"Sure, sure, sure!" I nodded.

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