Godly Paparazzi/C15 Embarrassment to meet
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Godly Paparazzi/C15 Embarrassment to meet
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C15 Embarrassment to meet

After seeing off the landlord, I went back to my room to sleep. At that moment, my cell phone rang. Who's calling me? I checked. It showed the HR department of C major consortium. I think he called back.

"Hello, this is the HR department of the C consortium. What can I do for you?" It was the voice of a young woman, most likely her, I remember.

"It's me, I was accidentally hit by that man when you opened the car door this morning?"

"Oh, it's you. What business do you have now? Is he here to seek compensation from me? " I'm not a bad person, it's as if I'm going to extort her.

"No, I'm fine, I just want to ask you something."

"If it wasn't about work, I probably wouldn't have time to answer your questions here."

"Wait a minute, wait a minute. I'm a newspaper reporter, when are you free? "I have some very important things I want to ask you about. It has to do with the C consortium." I said quickly.

"It has something to do with our company? "Mhmm …" How about tomorrow morning? I don't have time tonight. "

"Sure, no problem." After having decided on the time and place, he would wait until tomorrow to finally have a good night's sleep.

As usual, he lay down. It was almost evening by the time he lay down. I woke up and walked up to the balcony. Looking at the sun outside my window, I felt comfortable looking for rays of warm light. At night, there would probably be more beauties to look at. This was too great! The Qianqian at the side looked at me with disdain as I laughed.

In the blink of an eye, it was already night. I had arrived at the previously agreed upon place to wait for Ah Jie.

"Why isn't this guy here yet?" I sat and shook my legs, smoking and waiting. But after a while, I saw Ah Jie running over.

"Sorry, sorry. I was late tonight." Ah Jie was panting heavily as he ran.

"Let's go. I'll take you to see her." So it turns out that Ah Jie arranged for us to meet at the bar, so we left and headed towards the bar.

Inside the bar, a deafening bass shot went straight into my ear. There were a lot of people at the scene. If you push me, I push you.

We found a bar and sat down. Because it was very noisy inside, Ah Jie gestured for the bar staff to bring three cups of wine. Not long after, I saw a familiar figure walking over. She was wearing a red dress with high heels and bangs. Why did she seem so familiar with this person? Where had she seen him before? Wasn't this the woman who accidentally bumped into me this morning?

"It's you?" Why are you here? " I asked, surprised.

"You two know each other?" Ah Jie was suspicious. It was only now that Zhang Yunya recognized me.

"It's you!" I didn't expect to see you here. You are Ah Jie's friend? "

"Yeah, I'm Ah Jie's friend." He hadn't thought that he would see her in this sort of place. Then, wouldn't he be able to ask her about those things in person right now? No! The scene was still too noisy.

"Come, come, come. Sit down and talk. I'm Yue Lao today. I'm very embarrassed when I see you guys like this, okay …" Ah Jie said with a wry smile.

"Hello, my name is Zhang Yunya. Let me introduce myself again." After Zhang Yunya finished introducing them, she shook my hand. In fact, she felt that he was a very polite girl. She had a pretty good figure, a oval face, big eyes, and white skin. She looked completely different from the girl she was in the morning.

"Hello, I'm …" During the introduction, I was actually a little nervous. This was the first time I had this kind of situation with a girl. Don't tell me I have feelings for her.

"Aiya, brother, why are your ears red? You're so nervous when you see a beauty! "Hahaha, useless." Ah Jie laughed until he almost choked on his wine.

"You son of a b * tch, I just drank a bit of alcohol a moment ago before I turn red, alright? If you keep spouting nonsense, I'll tear your mouth off."

Ah Jie immediately covered his mouth with his hands, like a kid who had been scolded for doing something wrong. I think it's better to ask her out tomorrow to talk about it. It's not a good situation to be in right now.

We ate and drank. After a few rounds, Ah Jie seemed to be a little drunk.

"How about we stop here for today?" I said to Zhang Yunya.

"Alright, it's getting late now. But let's send Ah Jie home first, I'm driving here. "

We carried Ah Jie out and placed him on the back seat. Zhang Yunya seemed a little drunk too.

"Why don't I open it? I can see how worried you are." I'll drive Ah Jie to his house first. Zhang Yunya seemed to be asleep at this time, what should she do? Why did she fall asleep at this time?

I slapped her gently on the face, and she turned her head away, unable to cry out. Sigh, there was no other way. I couldn't possibly stay outside for the night, right? So I drove the car back to my own rented apartment, opened the car door, and tried to carry Zhang Yunya out, but she refused to cooperate.

After going through so much trouble to bring Zhang Yunya up to the next floor, I'm so tired. This 1.7m is really hard to move. It was unknown what Zhang Yunya was saying, but she kept muttering to herself. After entering the room, I placed Zhang Yunya on my bed. Looking at her red and drunk face while she was lying on the bed, I think that every man would have the urge to act like a devil.

I helped her take off her shoes, tidied them up, took care of her, and the moment I covered her, he wrapped his arms around my neck. My face was only a centimeter or two away from his, and she smelled of wine and perfume.

All of a sudden, she kissed me, but I had never felt what it was like to be kissed by a girl. Her lips were soft and warm. When she got drunk, it was as if she had been drugged, which aroused my desire, so I pulled her clothes down. And then we'd be stuck together, and the night was not going to be peaceful...

When I opened my eyes, it was already dawn. I looked at Zhang Yunya, who was missing. I wondered why she left so early. My sheets still smell like she left them last night. Ah, it's been a long time since I've released myself so happily. But would I let her down like this? I just met her for the first time last night and she's already done this. I hope she doesn't mind too much.

While I was dressing, I saw a small slip of paper on the floor that she had written to me before she left: Was I drunk yesterday? You actually took my first time! You're dead! I'm leaving first! Hmph!

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