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Godly Paparazzi/C17 Dangerous moment
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C17 Dangerous moment

"C903." At this time, Ruan Xinmei sent a message over. The message showed the room number. A moment later, Chief K also walked in through the hotel door, followed by another man. He looked like a follower, but why would he bring a follower to a place like this? I was worried about my heart.

K always took the elevator, while Ruan Xinmei was fidgeting in her room.

"Did K find out about the last time I switched glasses?" At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

"Xin Mei, it's my boss. Quickly open the door." Ruan Xinmei took a deep breath, suppressed her fear and opened the door. K directly went inside, looking at her with lustful eyes.

"This time, no one will bother us again. We can release ourselves as much as we want. I almost can't stand that old woman in the family anymore."

How could he despise his wife so much? He was truly guilty of heinous crimes! In any case, Chief K's wife was quite famous in the business world and even had a book of her own. Who would have thought that she would fall for such a thing?

K. walked directly to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Wait a moment, Chief K, you've just arrived. I'm not used to things like this." When her heart broke free, K. always pushed her straight down on the bed.

"Hmph, why do you care so much, you bitch?" "Don't think that I don't know you exchanged a cup of wine last time. This time, I won't let you off easily."

He didn't think that he would actually be discovered. His heart was beating faster and cold sweat seeped out of his pores. At this point, the only thing he could do was to play it by ear. She sat up, grabbed the hem of K. 's coat, and squeezed it.

"Sorry, Director K, let me serve you well tonight. You should go take a bath first. After a busy day, I'll wait for you in bed."

K. kept pulling her hand away.

"Fine, just wait patiently for me. You'll have a good time later."

After Ruan Xinmei finished speaking, he went into the bathroom. At this time, Ruan Xinmei suddenly flipped through the backpack, and guessed that there was something useful inside. Ruan Xinmei looked carefully, and finally saw something wrapped in kraft paper. She opened it and saw that it was filled with photos of women. Ruan Xinmei used his phone to take a picture of those pictures. She also secretly took a picture of K always taking a bath and sent those pictures to me through his phone.

This was great, these photos were enough to embarrass K, but unfortunately, Ruan Xinmei could not be found among the real photos written by the girls.

Just then, K. finished showering and came out, Ruan Xinmei hurriedly put everything back in the bag as she sat on the bed, looking like she was waiting for something.

I listened carefully to their conversation. Just in case, I had to go up and wait.

I waited for the elevator to come down. "Ding..." The elevator came down. The man who had followed his father came out.

Strange? Didn't he always follow him? Why did he come down at this time? This was a good opportunity, it would be easier if he was missing one person. I brushed past him, and the man gave off an eerie, wolfish feeling. There were sunglasses on his face, and there were only bodyguards and blind people who wore sunglasses in the middle of the night, right?

I got into the elevator and pressed a button on the ninth floor. The door slowly closed. I stepped out of the elevator, where the carpet was soft, and picked up my cell phone to listen.

"You've been waiting for a long time right? Right now, I'm as you wish. Heh …"

K immediately pounced towards Ruan Xinmei and rubbed his large body against her, kissing her neck with her lips. Ruan Xinmei resisted, but there was nothing she could do, the opponent's body was not something she could struggle free from, her tiny arms were being pressed down, she could not muster any strength at all.

Damn, I have to get there fast. I have to find a way to get rid of K. I got a knife from the storage room, put on my mask and hat, and ran to the door of 903.

Boss K was currently tearing at Ruan Xinmei's clothes, exposing the white undergarments on her shoulders.

Suddenly, I knocked on the door. "Hello, is there anyone here?" I'm a waiter here and I'd like to ask if there are any services that need cleaning. " I tried to trick him into opening the door in the name of the hotel attendant, but K. always seemed too busy and happy to open the door.

"No need, I'm busy right now. You can leave." I did everything I could at the door. What if he doesn't come out? I kept knocking on the door, ruining him.

At last K. couldn't take it anymore, and as he walked closer and closer, I prepared the knife I had hidden in my back.

K always opened the door, and in the instant I did, I held the knife in my right hand and pushed the door inward with my left. K always took a few steps back. He panicked. Ruan Xinmei, who was on the bed, also had a frightened expression. I quickly closed the door and locked it.

"Robbing!" I pretended to rob them, hoping to ruin their plans. I took the knife and stormed toward Director K.

"Get down, give me all the money, or else go see the King of Hell." K was always so scared of me that he fell to his knees, hands on the ground, trembling all over.

"If you want money then take it. I have..." Please don't hurt me. "

The pleading voice faltered, as if frightened. Looking at him like that, I really wanted to stick this knife into his stomach. Such a person would only harm others if he stayed in this world.

I looked to the side, Ruan Xinmei held onto the blanket tightly with her hands, blocking her chest. She was very scared, her eyes were staring straight at me, and her eyes were opened very wide, probably thinking that this was a real robbery.

I gestured to Ruan Xinmei, and in the instant that I took off the mask, she recognized me.

Only then did she slowly let her guard down. She picked up the clothes that had just been broken by K. and put on a coat.

I took the knife and motioned to her to come to the door. K. kept looking at me, trying to get away when I wasn't looking. I nudged him in the back with the back of the knife. He was so scared that he fell onto the ground.

"I need character. I'll take your woman with me."

After saying that, I picked up the black leather bag from the floor. I pulled Ruan Xinmei out of the room and closed the door, then quickly followed Xin Mei to the first floor of the hotel. After getting out of the elevator, I threw the fruit knife into the trash can, and quickly walked out of the hotel. At this moment, he bumped into the man who was following Chief K. He glanced at me, but I didn't look at him. I walked quickly with my heart in my throat to the parking lot.

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