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Godly Paparazzi/C18 This is all a misunderstanding
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C18 This is all a misunderstanding

"You scared me to death. I thought you wouldn't be able to come, but the pressure almost killed my hand." she said, trembling. We stopped a taxi by the side of the road and got into it.

"Let's go to my house first. There might be some things in this bag that can still be used." A few seconds after the car door closed, the man in black came running out of the hotel entrance. He looked around, followed by Chief K. Those who swayed left and right when they walked were most likely frightened to the point that they still hadn't recovered from the shock just now.

Soon our car was out of sight, and we went inside the rental house and put the black leather bag on the coffee table.

I slowly unzipped the purse. There were really a lot of photos of women inside, maybe forty or fifty, enough to make a photo album.

Most of the women in the photos were not famous celebrities, but some of them were already popular. I was shocked by the photographs. If the news got out, the company would probably close down.

"What should I do? If there's still no picture of me, then my weakness is still with him. I can't escape."

I think it's the safe in K. 's master bedroom. And why did he need to bring these very important and very dangerous photos with him?

At this time, Zhang Yunya called me.

She mentioned over the phone that the employee who had previously been fired had been fired because of knowing about General K's affairs. The employee originally worked with General K. 's assistant, General K.' s assistant? Could it be the man I just met at the hotel?

Zhang Yunya described the appearance and characteristics of the assistant beside Boss K, I have already confirmed that the person just now was his assistant. Looking at the photos of the women, there were some angles that didn't look like they were taken by a pendulum, but rather that of someone else holding a camera. So it was the two of them working together. His assistant was supposed to be responsible for helping K. destroy or transfer these items.

Now that the evidence was there, all he had to do was find a way to get the contents of the safe out.

Ruan Xinmei laid on the bed. She was worried that this matter could not be resolved. It definitely won't be a problem! "We've already gotten the evidence, and it won't be long before you stop getting pestered by this kind of people."

I comforted her, Ruan Xinmei and her boyfriend were going to get married soon, but regarding these things, her boyfriend was completely in the dark, and even Xin Yue didn't dare to tell him these things. Ruan Xinmei was very afraid that her boyfriend would think that she was a woman that didn't know how to love herself and didn't know how to be shameless.

Saying that, Ruan Xinmei silently shed tears. She was like a pitiful little girl who had been abandoned, using all her strength to wipe her tears.

"Are you all right? "Why don't you stay here for tonight? Although it might not be as spacious as your apartment, from the looks of it, you don't need to come any further." It was almost 12 o'clock.

In the end, Ruan Xinmei agreed to sleep here with me for the night, "Come sleep in my room, you are a 'guest', I will sleep on the sofa."

"How can I accept this? I was lodging at your place. I'm already troubling you to begin with, how can I let you sleep on the sofa again?" She tried to push me into my room.

"It's okay, you're a girl, I should have taken care of you, stop arguing about our relationship." I took the spare pillows and quilts out of the cupboard and tossed them on the sofa. It's decided then, that Ruan Xinmei won't be able to force me down, and can only obediently enter the house.

I lay on the sofa. The living room was lit only by a faint light. It was a quiet night. We covered our heads and wondered what to do next. How to get the contents of the safe, in case there wasn't what I wanted. Everything he had done would have been for naught.

He closed his eyes and entered into a deep sleep.

Suddenly there was a wet feeling on my face, as if something were licking my face.

We slowly opened our eyes. There was a yellow object in front of our sleepy eyes. I rubbed my eyes and finally saw that this yellow object was the Qianqian.

I immediately sat up and lifted him off me. My face was full of drool, and I quickly wiped it clean with a few tissues.

"My face isn't for eating, what are you trying to do?" I stared at the Qianqian angrily, when Ruan Xinmei came out of my room.

"You're awake?"

"Yeah, the cat woke me up early in the morning." I yawned.

"I need to hurry back. The agent just called to ask where I am. I lied that I didn't come home to spend the night with my sister."

Just as Ruan Xinmei was about to change her shoes, there was another knock on the door.

Who was it? He knocked on the door so early in the morning. I looked out of the cat eye in my bare feet. Oh my god, why is Zhang Yunya here? And she seemed to have a red bag in her hand? It was as if she had just finished visiting the market.

Damn it, if she saw that Ruan Xinmei was also here, then she would have misunderstood greatly.

I was thinking about what to do, I didn't expect that Ruan Xinmei would open the door by herself, she really met a lousy teammate.

As soon as the door opened, the atmosphere turned awkward, and the three of us exchanged glances.

"Who is she? How could she be inside?" Zhang Yunya stared at Ruan Xinmei.

"Hello. "I am Xinmei, we are in the middle school together, so please do not misunderstand."

Then he turned to me and said, "When did you get a girlfriend? If I had known, I wouldn't have stayed the night here. "

"What?" You two actually spent the night here? " I could tell that Zhang Yunya was furious, she said that she had an urgent matter and had to leave in a hurry. I pulled Zhang Ya in.

"Listen to me. This is someone I work for. She's a star."

"You still dare to spend the night with a celebrity? You're welcome."

I made Zhang Yunya sit down and explained the sequence of events to her slowly.

"She's also one of the main victims. Yesterday, to help her get away so late, it wasn't safe for a girl to go home that late, so I let her stay. We didn't do anything between us, so I slept on the sofa."

It took a lot of talking to explain everything to her.

Zhang Yunya sympathized with her, "If there's anything that you need help with, you can look for me. I'll be doing things in the company more conveniently than you are."

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