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C19 Amusement park

"It's really great." I hugged Zhang Yunya and her ears started to turn red.

However, what exactly was in her red bag? He opened the bag and found some ingredients inside.

"Why did you buy these things for me?" I was puzzled. Was she going to cook here?

"What are you back for? "Of course it's for cooking. I've been looking for a long time looking for this place. I found it myself using the last memory I had." Such a woman was truly rare. Did she really treat this place as her own home? If she doesn't have to order take-out food in the future, it would be great if someone could cook three meals here. At least, it would be a step closer to my goal in life.

The Qianqian ran out at this time. It stood amongst the ingredients Zhang Yunya had bought and sniffed left and right. Suddenly, it stuck its head inside and used its mouth to pull out a fish. I quickly stopped it.

"You also have a cat? I like small animals. This cat is really interesting and fat, so cute." Zhang Yunya used her hands to pick up the cat. Its body was straight and its fish tail was still in its mouth.

After the farce, she turned all the ingredients into the food on the table. I couldn't help but exclaim that a professional woman could cook so well. She also made two fried fish for the cat.

After eating their fill, Zhang Yunya started playing with the cat.

"I used to have a cat too, but I think I lost it because I couldn't take care of it properly. I haven't been able to find it since."

I silently mourned for three seconds for the cat and then silently went to wash the dishes. "Eh …" Why does it feel so strange that there's suddenly someone else at home?

"In a blink of an eye, afternoon arrived." Don't you have to work today? " Zhang Yunya didn't go to work today, instead, she came to find me early in the morning.

"No need. Today is actually the fifth anniversary of the company's establishment. Originally, we planned to celebrate it together with the company's people and hold a banquet or something like that. At that time, the leader of the company, Director K seemed to have cancelled today, so most of the company's people were on vacation today." Zhang Yunya continued to stroke the cat's head.

Don't you think it was yesterday? If he lost something so important, he probably wouldn't be able to sleep. If he couldn't eat, he wouldn't even have the mood to hold a banquet.

I continued to think about the safe. I asked Zhang Yunya, "Have you been to Boss K's house before?"

"How could I have gone to that kind of person's house? Why are you asking this?"

"I saw a safe deposit box in Master K's room. I think there are secrets in it that you don't want others to know about. That might help your heart."

"I've never been there before. At that time, I will help you contact the person who was fired. Before, when Boss K's new home was just bought, someone from the company that was close to him was invited to go with him. His assistant was there as well, so I think that person should be there as well."

I'll remember the man's contact details, and then maybe he'll be of some help.

"Do you want to go out to play in the afternoon? It's rare for me to be on vacation today, so you don't need to work today."

"It's such a hot day outside, where can we go to have fun?" I looked out at the thirty-seventh and eighth degrees.

"Let's go, don't be bored staying here." The lady before him was full of vitality and naivety. How she envied people like her, living a carefree life.

When I got downstairs, a strong light shone on my face, causing me to be unable to open my eyes. I quickly got on the car.

She said she wanted to go to the playground, and I had no choice but to go with her.

The two of us arrived at the playground, and as soon as we entered, we heard a crowd of people screaming inside. Was it that terrifying? He felt that all of these things were nothing to him.

"Have you ever played it? It's very exciting." Please use an expectant look. Tch! These things scare children.

Then she took me by the hand and bought two tickets. The moment he stepped into the arena, he saw a roller coaster that was 70 to 80 meters tall. Speaking of which, I really have never done these things before. My palms are starting to sweat, and I don't know where my emotions went from now on. All that is left is some ignorant fear.

"What is it? Why is your palm sweating? Scared, right? Hahahaha. "

I kept holding her hand. It was like first love.

"Who said I was scared and could leave? This is what a true man should be like." I grabbed her by the wrist and walked to the waiting area of the roller coaster. There were a lot of people queuing up in a line.

As I was queuing up, I seemed to see a person in front of me who seemed to have seen it somewhere. I just thought about it, oh... Wasn't that the Brother Feng who asked about the news of opening a room with Chief K at Ruan Xinmei's press conference? Who would have thought that he would also be here. What news was there to collect about the amusement park?

"Let's not worry about him for now. Just wait in line and forget how many points he has left." "It's our turn, it's our turn."

Zhang Yunya was very excited, we sat in the seats. After the staff members finished giving us safety measures, the roller coaster started to move slowly, causing me to feel a little uneasy. But now I sit up there feeling very uneasy, my feet are always weighing up and down.

I took a deep breath. Suddenly, the roller coaster started to speed up. I didn't know how to react as I ran straight down to the ground at a height of 60 meters. It finally stopped, and he could instantly feel its release. Zhang Yunya who was at the side still looked like she wanted to continue. I swear that I've sat on it for the first time in my life, and there won't be a second time.

When I got down, my legs were a little weak. He felt a little nauseous. He quickly bought some water and sat down to rest.

"I can't take it anymore, I can't take it anymore. You can play by yourself, I'll stop here for today."

"Didn't you say to let me see your true abilities as a man? It's too weak to be like this. "

Being looked down on, I felt very unwilling to accept it, but there was nothing I could do. I really couldn't sit on this thing.

In the entire afternoon, I watched Zhang Yunya play around with a bunch of entertainment facilities. At this time, I used my phone to send a message to that person who had been fired.

"Hello, I'm Zhang Yunya's friend. I would like to ask you a few things about K."

I was waiting for his reply when I saw Brother Feng walk over. This is bad, I can't let him recognize me here. I turned around and pretended to shop at the kiosk.

He didn't see me, didn't see me. I said to myself, and by that time he was gone.

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