Godly Paparazzi/C2 Master is actually him
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Godly Paparazzi/C2 Master is actually him
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C2 Master is actually him

A can of beer emptied in an instant, and I threw it back, heart pounding, panting as I stared at the camera.

As the battle raged on, the man barely managed to show half of his face, just a little bit more!

Finally, as Cheng Jiaojiao's posture changed, the two of them suddenly fell! The man was facing the window!


I'm ecstatic!

On closer look, this face looked a little familiar! He was definitely a celebrity!

After a closer inspection, I was stunned for a moment. Immediately, most of the blood in my body was drained!

It was actually Wang Pingba!

People in the industry called Wang Pingba, the famous production in this province, a married man indeed. Gossip would scare everyone's jaws if it were to get out of hand. Cheng Jiaojiao followed him, most likely wanting to enter the acting world and get a higher position.

I should have been happy to catch such a wonderful thing, but...

Ba was always a reputable big shot. Not to mention a little dog like me, even the biggest media company that I could deliver the news to wouldn't dare to not smile in front of him!

Who had the guts to blow up his material?

I looked down at the camera, and it was as if the tool had suddenly turned into a hot potato. There was nothing to be gained from this trip.

— In the camera, Cheng Jiaojiao was still intensely entangled with Director Ba, looking like she was about to die from desire …

My mouth was dry again. I felt around me and found that I had run out of cold beer. Even the can was gone.


When he looked back at the screen, he could no longer stop the itchiness in his heart.

Nothing... Is it?

I, Cheng Jiaojiao, am just a little streamer. With the hot image of her rolling in bed with someone, do you think I won't be able to stop her?

As soon as the thought gushed out, it spread like wildfire.

Looking at the scene on the screen, the man's figure seemed to automatically replace mine …


I squinted: The water glow on Cheng Jiaojiao's face... Did she cry? Damn, is it really that good?

Just as he thought of this, Boss Ba suddenly raised his hand and slapped Cheng Jiaojiao's face!

The slap was merciless, causing half of Cheng Jiaojiao's body to be slapped off the sofa. She struggled to get up, but was pushed back. She was hanging upside down on the man's body, her snow-white legs still hooked onto his shoulders!

The scene was truly explosive!

He embraced Cheng Jiaojiao's leg as he busied himself non-stop on his waist.

Cheng Jiaojiao covered her eyes with one hand and mouth with the other. Her entire body trembled with the man's rhythm, even her toes were curled tightly.

I unconsciously held my breath!

Damn, the people in the city sure know how to play!

Could it be that Cheng Jiaojiao was actually a masochist? When Director Ba left … I want to have a taste of her!

On the other hand, Director Ba's work was extremely fierce, but his endurance was lacking. After a while, he lowered his head and took a deep breath. When he had rested enough, he slowly got up and left the living room.

Cheng Jiaojiao laid there, motionless.

When my informant sent the message that the mysterious black car had left, the woman seemed to come to life as she rolled over onto the sofa.

She still covered her face with her hands, her shoulders heaving as if she were crying or laughing.

After a moment, she slowly got up and left the room.

"Let's call it a day!"

I copy the video from my camera into my notebook, send another one to my phone, suppress the agitation in my heart, and take a cold shower.

He came out with a second can of cold beer. Before he could wipe the water off his hair, he found that his phone had received a reminder.

— — The editor you are interested in is on the live broadcast!

Cheng Jiaojiao?

The one who had just finished accompanying the man?

Are you kidding me, Boss Ba, is she still not satisfied?

My body, which had barely calmed down, began to heat up again. I opened her live broadcast room and saw at once the red circles on her eyes where she had just cried, and the five-fingered mark on her face which she had barely managed to cover with her concealment makeup.

It was all just asking for it, he might even be enjoying it a lot!

Glancing at the present that popped up, I couldn't help but run a bullet screen. "Bitch, I know what you just did!"

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