Godly Paparazzi/C3 You want to f*ck me too?
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Godly Paparazzi/C3 You want to f*ck me too?
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C3 You want to f*ck me too?

He was immediately silenced by the room manager.

Cheng Jiaojiao did not move at all, and thought that it was true. In the midst of all the 666 messages and presents, how could she pay attention to the barrage of bullets from a free user like me?

I cursed under my breath, only to find that the atmosphere on the screen had suddenly changed.

"Don't do it!" The gift was sent out! "Jiao Jiao, don't go!"

Ah, where to?

I hurriedly put on the headphones, just in time to hear Cheng Jiaojiao say in a sobbing tone, "Thank you for your support everyone, although I will not be the host of the broadcast anymore, but I will still remember every single one of you. Thank you! Love you! "

After saying that, she turned off the live broadcast. The only thing left on the screen was the barrage of bullets that the fans were trying their best to retain.

What kind of joke was this? I was taken aback, Cheng Jiaojiao is the most popular person on this live broadcast platform!

— Could it be that she was being kept by Director Ba?

When I think of Boss Ba, I can't help but feel frustrated.

Forget it, it's a piece of news that the Jade Maiden streamer announced her retirement. I quickly called the editor I know to inform him, but the other party said that someone has already gotten in first and won't even pay me the fee to release the news!

"Don't call me in the middle of the night if you have nothing else to do." As the other side spoke, it seemed as if they were about to hang up.

I panicked and blurted out, "Then why did she retire? I have an exclusive one! "


"…" Crap, you can't bring up the matter about Director Ba, but you've already said it. "Tomorrow, I'll send it to you when I'm done with my preparations. Wait a moment!"

He couldn't offend the big producer, but he could also not offend the small anchorman?

With the video of Cheng Jiaojiao sleeping with Boss Ba in her hands, how could she not tell me the news?

I reread the filming and lie down. The vivid scene kept appearing in front of my eyes, making me tossing and turning. I didn't sleep well that night.

The next morning, I went to the apartment to look for Cheng Jiaojiao.

The woman, too, did not seem to have rested properly. The voice that answered the door was weary and weak, and after hearing me utter a few keywords, she was silent for a moment. In the end, she had to open the door.

"..." "How much do you know?"

"What do you think?" I held up my phone, and the screen froze on the screen.

Cheng Jiaojiao silently turned her head, allowing me to enter the living room and sit on the leather sofa.

This was the position they had occupied last night!

I felt my blood rise.

Raising her head to look at Cheng Jiaojiao, he saw that she was dressed in a loose nightgown, and was leaning on the back of the sofa, carelessly lifting her long hair to cover half her face.

"You saw it? "Then what do you want?" she asked wistfully.

I want you to quit the live broadcast circle!

I couldn't bring myself to say it, because as she leaned against me, the strap of her little nightgown slid down her shoulder, and my eyes followed it.

For a moment, I don't even remember my last name, how would I know to reply?

Seeing this, the woman decided to play with the nightgown. "... What, you want to fuck me too? "

I looked away guiltily, stammering to deny what she had said, but I was too itchy to say it.

Cheng Jiaojiao suddenly sneered, her face full of contempt: "Relying on you? Don't think anyone with a handle can get into my bed. How much is it? Big Sis will treat it as feeding the dog. "

The goodwill that was just sprouting was suddenly extinguished.

After calming his heart, he was filled with rage!

I stood up, grabbed her, and shoved her to the ground. "You're just a whore who came out to sell, and you want to slap your father in the face with money? How pure your live broadcast is, how disgusting is laozi now! "

"Ya!" Cheng Jiaojiao exclaimed and fell to the ground.

I climbed on top of her and cursed, "Shameless bitch! How much money will you get for a month even if you pretend to be someone else?! "If I poke his wife, do you believe that you'll get beaten up into a pig's head in the street tomorrow?

Saying that, I raised my hand and made as if to slap him!

Cheng Jiaojiao protected her face with both arms and screamed, "Don't hit me! "No!"

I didn't hit him.

No matter how furious I was, I couldn't do something like hitting a woman. I only scared her into venting her anger. Who told her to look down on me with her dog eyes? She was trembling with fear now, and I wouldn't feel guilty.

"Stop acting pitiful. Don't you like this?" "I saw it all last night."

Cheng Jiaojiao shrunk into a ball and trembled non-stop.

This sort of special interest, would it be alright if he played it again? Frustrated, I reached for her wrist.

She whimpered, and I saw that her left wrist was covered with ice. The swelling should have been from being injured by Director Ba last night.

I pulled her hands away from her head and saw a face covered with tears.

"Hey!" He's really crying from fright?

"Every time he suffers from anger from her father-in-law, he comes to vent on me …" As she sobbed softly, Cheng Jiaojiao opened her mouth, "I'm fine, I have my income and fans, who is born to be lowly? …" I'm not willing to serve him either! "I'm not trying to seduce him, and I don't dare to take his money. It's him …"

She was as helpless as a lost little girl.

"He wouldn't let me go even if he pestered me. If I don't follow him …" I want my whole family to die a terrible death … "

"He threatened you?" I was surprised and completely forgot how ambiguous our position was.

Cheng Jiaojiao's eyes were filled with tears as she grabbed onto my hand. "Can you save me? Whatever you want me to do in return, you can do it! "

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