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Wow! Isn't it just using your body to repay me?

My eyes widened, and then I snapped out of it. "No, no! "I'm just a little puppy. I can't keep my job anymore, how can I have the ability to compete with the big boss?" As she spoke, she hurriedly shook off Cheng Jiaojiao's hand.

Who would have thought that Cheng Jiaojiao's eyes would light up and cling to me, refusing to let me go. "You're a reporter?"

No, it's not a professionally trained entertainment. It's just a puppy...

I bitterly ridiculed myself, but then I heard the other side excitedly say: "You came to find me, is it to expose Wang Pingba? Great! He's so bad. Someone should have taken the lead to clean him up a long time ago! "

"No …."

Without waiting for me to clarify, Cheng Jiaojiao's entire body was already on top of mine!

She changes her face faster than she flips a book, and her tears turn into smiles as she sweetly starts to coquettishly say, "Sorry, it was just a misunderstanding. If you have anything to ask, just ask. As long as you can get a big piece of news and bring down that Wang guy, I will listen to everything you say! "

The last few words, one by one, she jabbed me lightly in the chest with her fingertips.

My little heart thumped unseasonably against the organization.

I've had a few girlfriends since I was young, but none of them have Cheng Jiaojiao's provocative figure. Besides, she was still beautiful, with big, watery eyes that looked up at me as if I were their savior — a man always looks up with chicken blood in his eyes!

Even so, my mind is still clear!

"No way!" I firmly refused, "Wang is good wrist, backstage is hard. Not to mention me, even if I add up the entire studio, I still wouldn't be able to touch a single finger of his. "

Cheng Jiaojiao's smile instantly disappeared. "Then what are you doing here?"

"I …" I looked at the phone that was lying on the sofa.

"You really still want to bluff money, don't you?" Cheng Jiaojiao gave me a hard shove, but she didn't push me with enough strength, so she expressed her anger in full, "Scram!" You don't have any seed! Are you even fit to ride on me? "

Why did he suddenly scold people!?

I grabbed her arm. "Who did you say had no balls?"

Cheng Jiaojiao struggled to retort loudly, "Whoever bullies the weak and fears the strong, only dares to come running over and ask for the woman's money. If there's an emergency, we'll fight the woman. This sister is referring to!"

I have never been humiliated like this by a woman, so I almost fainted from anger. "Can't you just speak properly? I'll let you know immediately. Do you believe me? " With that, I locked one hand around her wrists, and with the other I tugged at my belt.

At this critical moment, Cheng Jiaojiao didn't show any signs of weakness and kept cursing nonstop.

It was as if he was trying to provoke me.


My mind jolted, and I turned to the window. The curtains were open.

Startled, I rolled off the woman and ran to cover the curtains.

Cheng Jiaojiao sat up and humphed. "You are such a coward. What are you trying to do if you have the guts? Why are you acting so secretive?" Chief Ba really wants to hang me on the balcony for a fuck! "

"Shut up!" Startled, I peeked through the curtain.

Cheng Jiaojiao spoke coldly from behind me, "Stop looking. The camera is not outside."

A camera!

I jerked my head around and saw her take the bag off the wall and pull out a pinhole device with a data cable attached to her cell phone!

"Give it to me!"

My scalp tingled, and I snatched her cell phone away.

She hurriedly declared, "It's already been stored in the cloud! Even if you smash your phone! "

I froze, looking down at my phone.

There were several images in the memory card, including the one Wang Pingba had spent the night with her, the one that had been crazy and passionate last night... And the image of me furiously pushing her down.

She's been planning this for a long time, and I'm probably an afterthought...

"Did you see it clearly?" Cheng Jiaojiao tidied up her messy hair and smiled like a wild cat who had just stolen a fish.

To my surprise, it was my turn to ask, "What do you want?"

She said concisely: "Help me deal with Wang Pingba. Otherwise, I'll tell him about your filming, and the video of you trying to get on his woman. "

How could she be an innocent little girl if she could be a big sister on the live broadcast platform? Naturally, he would think of ways to turn the situation around when threatened by powerful men.

I was careless in thinking of her as a woman with a big chest and no brains.

Cheng Jiaojiao told me that she had planned to give the evidence to Wang Pingba's wife, then withdraw and move to a place where Wang Pingba couldn't find a place to live.

But when I said that Cheng Jiaojiao would suffer terrible retribution as a mistress, I warned her.

From that moment on, she decided to take me on board!

How much trouble have I gotten into?

I sank into the sofa, feeling my blood run cold.

The woman hugged me from behind. Fragrance's soft body snuggled up against my back and whispered, "Don't worry, you guys have your ways as the media. I believe you can help me."

I don't believe in myself!

As if she was comforting me, Cheng Jiaojiao spoke her seductive words next to my ear. "What I just said is still valid. As long as you are willing to help me, what do you want …" I'll give you everything. "

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