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Godly Paparazzi/C8 Primary school students
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C8 Primary school students

Ruan Xinmei looked at me like she was familiar with her. I thought, if I was recognized as her classmate, it would be bad if she knew that I wanted to take pictures of her at the airport just now.

"No, we've never met. You must have recognized the wrong person, right? I …" Just as I finished speaking, Brother Feng's fist mercilessly landed on my face.

He was too careless when he spoke just now.

"Men! Catch him! I'll beat you to death!" Brother Feng called over a group of men. Seeing that the situation wasn't good, I immediately got up and ran. I don't care about the mission anymore, it's more important to save my life now.

I ran out of the press conference. A good opportunity to make money is running away from me again. However, was the question that Brother Feng asked earlier true? Why didn't Ruan Xinmei strongly deny that she had a date with K. Could it be that there really was another story behind this?

It's really enough, just what am I thinking? Ruan Xinmei is a good classmate of mine since childhood, how can I think like this? Brother Feng and his group of people ran out. I hurriedly took a taxi back to the rental house.

Back in the rented room, I lay on my bed and thought about what had just happened. I was both angry and unwilling.

I tried to find a few ways to contact Ruan Xinmei on their own. I tried to get hold of some of my classmates to call her, but all of them failed, since Xin Mei is a big star right now. It wouldn't be that easy to get her contact information.

Huang Xiaoqi is Heart Rose's good sister, the two of them are even closer than real sisters, I think she should have Heart Rose's way of communication.

"Little Qi, how are you? It's me, it's me. "

"Ah?" It's you. I haven't seen you in a long time. Why would you suddenly contact me? " Xiaoqi said in surprise.

"Yeah, I didn't expect your old phone number to still be in use. I'm glad."

"Oh? What's wrong, what's there to be glad about? "

"Then are you still contacting Ruan Xinmei? I suddenly have something to talk to her about! "

"How should we contact each other? Although we didn't contact each other on the phone, probably because of some public figures, it's not good to talk about some private things between the two of us. However, we're still privately chatting."

"Well, then, give me her number and thank you, Geez."

"Alright, there's no need to be polite. We're all old classmates."

After getting Ruan Xinmei's contact information, I immediately added her and greeted her. When I said I was's mother, she seemed to have some impression of me. I didn't expect her to remember. I thought of a reason to invite her out to meet with me, but as a star, her every action must be monitored by many people. I had to be careful.

"Alright, since we're old classmates, then we'll meet tomorrow at the coffee shop!"

The next day, I arrived at the appointed place in advance and reserved a place for Ruan Xinmei. A moment later, I saw one wearing a black dress, a peaked cap, and a mask. Isn't this a typical celebrity camouflage trip? I thought.

I waved, and she started walking towards me, as if some hungry tiger was chasing her.

She sat down and looked at me in surprise.

"You, aren't you the one from the airport and press conference?"

"That's right, it's me. I only asked you out today because of that matter last time. I'm sorry I lied to you at that time."

"I'm fine. Actually, I wanted to thank you for helping me back then. I thought I looked very familiar, but I didn't expect it to be you."

"Yeah, I came here for this too. That... "Last time at the press conference, Brother Feng asked all those questions to ruin your reputation, right?"

"I... "Actually, I don't have any." Why was she so weak when she spoke? Did she really hide something?

"Really?" Although it was inappropriate for a classmate of mine who was very good when she was a child to ask such questions, she still told me the truth after I pressed her so hard. To my utter surprise, the matter turned out to be true, and I was extremely shocked, thinking that I would get the answer I wanted.

Ruan Xinmei lowered her head, as if she was crying softly.

I comforted her. "This is definitely not what you want to do, is it? Someone must have forced you to do this, or had something to do with it, right? "

"I really didn't do it voluntarily. I also have my own difficulties. I don't know where that guy got this information from either. I'm really afraid that these things will be exposed. If that's the case, then I really have no other choice."

I was furious. Who could force a girl to do something that would let me down? If I caught him, I would definitely beat him up.

"Who is it!?" "Who forced you to do such a thing, tell me, I will definitely make him regret it."

"I can't tell you. If you tell me, my future will be gone. After leaving for so long, I can't just let it go like this."

Heavens, she really didn't do it voluntarily. Did she really betray herself for benefits?

Ruan Xinmei left without giving any instructions, leaving me behind in the coffee shop. Perhaps if she wanted to know the truth, she could only continue to investigate Xin Mei. Brother Feng shouldn't have the evidence to expose her.

Suddenly I had an idea, even though she was a good classmate of mine.

At the same time, she is also my money tree.

I know about these things, maybe I can get some benefits out of it, at least it's big news, last time Cheng Jiaojiao made a huge blunder, but this time it's not worse than Cheng Jiaojiao's. On one side was the benefits of ambition, and on the other was her childhood classmate.

Ah … What should I do? How could I think such a thing?

"So it turns out that you … "Luck I want to keep …" At this moment, the phone rang.

"Hello? Group Leader Zhou. " It's over! It must be Group Leader Zhou asking about Ruan Xinmei and me.

"How's it going, hehe, have you made any progress with the shoot?"

Oh no, it's rare for Group Leader Zhou to let me down this time.

"About that, team leader, something happened along the way, so …"

"Humph!" What can happen, huh? You can't even do it with such a good opportunity, if you don't, I'll find someone else to take care of you! "

"Team leader, team leader, please wait a moment. Although something happened, I received a very explosive piece of news. This news can definitely earn us a lot!"

"Fine, then I'll give you some time after what you said. It's best if you don't give me back empty-handed. Otherwise, you can just wait for next month to eat the dirt!" "Pah!"

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