Godly Paparazzi/C9 Friendship and money
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Godly Paparazzi/C9 Friendship and money
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C9 Friendship and money

The group leader hung up the phone with such a loud voice that one didn't need to guess whether he was in a good mood or not.

If he didn't bring out the big news that would satisfy his team leader, would he really be eaten by them next month?


Maybe this matter can help me turn the tables around. The desire for benefits rushed into my brain.

I am very upset, where should I start from? I went back to the rented room. There weren't many things in there, either — a sofa, a bed, a coffee table. There were also all sorts of messy documents and manuscripts.

"Ah …" When will I be able to end this bitter life? I have to busy myself with filming and writing all day, and I also want to live with a car, my own room and a beautiful woman! " The more I thought about it, the more it aroused my desire for money.

I immediately opened my notebook, I really am sorry that I have to take Ruan Xinmei's ingredients. I've looked up a lot of things about Ruan Xinmei on the internet and found that they were basically all very positive. I've never seen her spread anything that would have a negative impact on others.

I went through the page, "Goo..." At this time, his stomach began to beat. It seemed that it was necessary to fill his stomach with something to eat first. He had been busy with investigations and inquiries all morning, and had not even eaten lunch yet. Seeing that it was already 2 o'clock, I couldn't be bothered to go out and directly ordered takeout on the internet.

"Knock, knock, knock." Knocking sounds came from outside the living room. Hehe, I think my takeout has arrived. After the delivery boy passed me the takeout, I was just about to close the door when a round, yellow-furred cat walked over. Looking at the thing I was holding, it kept on calling it "meow" … I squatted down and fed him a small fish.

"You're so lucky to have met someone as fat as me who's willing to give you food. Speaking of which, how did you manage to be so chubby and not have a fat face?"

The corridor was empty and quiet. It was quite odd for me to talk to a cat by myself. After feeding the cat, I'd better head back to finish my meal and get back to business! After returning to my room, I wolfed down the food. It didn't even take me two or three bites to finish the food. I really didn't know when I was hungry and didn't know how delicious the rice was. I had never thought that the rice would be so delicious …

"Burp …" I burped and went back to my business.

After much searching, though, it's not about the rumours about the date. But there was one incident that I was curious about. The headline read: "The Secret of the Sweets Girl + Ruan Xinmei in the C-spot."

I followed the title and clicked on it. It basically talked about how Ruan Xinmei relied on unwritten rules to become the core of the SweetsGirl +. There were many comments below that were washing white for her heart, and many people were cursing this article. The publisher of the post, "Trump card" said: "I saw Ruan Xinmei walking in and out of a certain hotel with a middle-aged man, this must have been ignited by the unwritten rules, I don't know if it was also by the unwritten rules that they entered the SweetsGirl +, hehe …"

These words were reprimanded by the reader, but I didn't deny it. After all, what he told me at the coffee shop was true.

If it's really him, then I'll make a huge profit, hehe.

I've just registered an account online, starting with the publisher of the post. Ai, we're just puppies, yet we're acting like detectives.

I added a "trump card", but it didn't seem like the other party replied to me right away. Sigh, I'm really impatient to wait for this moment.

"So …" His cellphone rang again.

So he was a working partner of mine. He was also a good friend of mine. However, he is someone who likes to flirt with girls. In my opinion, I am rather envious of him, to be able to act so shamelessly, to go up and strike up a conversation with a beautiful girl the moment he sees her. The most important thing is that he can get her contact information almost every time.

"Hey, Ah Jie, what would call me from here? Weren't you always busy flirting with girls? "

"Bro, look at what you're saying!" Our relationship is like our backs sticking to each other, no matter how we stick our butts to each other, we can't tear it apart. "

"You talk a lot, I didn't see you move!" What do you want? I'm very busy right now. "

This guy might have something to ask of me.

"Is it really a move this time? Hehe, do you want to come and have a drink tonight? Bro, I've made a fortune recently! "

This brat could actually say such words.

"I didn't expect you to be so abnormal today. Where did you fish up this?" You won't ask me out and give me a plan, will you? "

"Brother, how could I be that kind of person? It's true, this time I'm really only bringing you to relax, but in the morning at the company, when I saw the Group Leader Zhou angrily hanging up your phone, I wanted to take you to relieve some pressure. " This kid used to use me to help him pick up girls, but this time I have to take it easy.)

I didn't expect him to know about my conversation with the Group Leader Zhou. Maybe he really was going out to relax.

"Alright, then let's get a place tonight to reminisce about the old days!"

"Alright, I'll drop bro!" The more we wait around the company for the next two nights, the more I want to relax. Recently, I've been busy at work and I just happened to bump into him.

Taking advantage of this time, "trump card" has yet to reply me, first to go to sleep lazy first, tired to death.

Suddenly, I opened my eyes and saw that the sky was already dark. I looked at my phone and realised that it was almost 7 o'clock. I didn't expect that I could sleep so well. I slept for an entire afternoon. He was probably too busy. He felt sorry for himself once again.

I got up and dressed, that's good, I prepared a small camera and left, I went to wait for Ah Jie at the appointed location, I didn't think that Ah Jie would already be waiting for me there, it's rare for him.

Ah Jie said that he would take me to do a great health care. Wow, and the benefits, of course, can't be resisted. I took a rental car and went upstairs together at the sanatorium. I rarely came to this place, of course, because I couldn't afford it.

"Hey, Ah Jie, how come you have the money to invite me to this kind of place? "Also, where did you get the money you said you got it from, and how could there be such a good thing?"

"Aiya, bro, I'll tell you in secret. Recently, I've become a rich girl, and this money was stolen from her."

What's wrong with the world? I can't believe that a little puppy could get such a large sum of money.

"Don't believe me. I'm telling you that my flirting skills are very effective. She's really obsessed with me right now." Ah Jie said proudly.

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