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C1 New school

Golden pov


Music is my life, I can't bear to think of life without music. My ear piece is always plugged to my ear, am always singing or listening to music,

" In the toilet"✓

"In the bathroom"✓

" On my way to school"✓

" even while crossing the road"✓

It's always music for me.

" what will I do without your smart mouth

drawing me in and u you kicking me out

got my head spinning no kidding I can't pin you down

What's going on in that beautiful mind?

am on your magical mystery ride

and am so dizzy

don't know what in you but I will be alright"

I sang along with John legend as i took my bath

."what the hell"I screamed as someone turned off the music ,

damnit I know it's my stupid sister Diana,she hate it when I play my music loud I wrapped my towel around my self and walked out and there she was standing in the middle of my room that was painted my favorite colour royal blue glaring at me.

"are you trying to bust my ear drums bitch" she screamed at me

"well you are the one who's gonna burst our ear drums with all this your shouting" I said smirking at her as her face turn pink

" I will report you to dad"

" Oh yeah well the door is that way" I said pointing at my door"

" You better be fast with what you are doing unless you want to be late to this new school and I guess someone forgot that dad is taking us there him self" Sha said then turned and walked out of my room.

"new school? Oh hell" I screamed as I remembered that we just got admitted into our dream school.

"Golden fast get dressed quickly " I murmured to my self as I started putting on my clothes quickly.

*****. *********. ***************

We were at the dinning table eating breakfast and my dad was saying something but of course I couldn't hear due to the ear piece in my ears,my sister tapped me and i took my ear piece out

"'what?" i asked

"Dad is talking to you"

I turned to look at my dad and yeah he was looking at me " oh here it comes" I murmured

"Golden can't you take that damn thing from your ear even if for once?" he asked

"What do you think dad?" I asked as I folded my arms across my chest

"You never listen to any one ,why can't you be like your sister ,I hope you don't take this attitude of yours to this new school,I need you on your new behavior"

"I thought we already talked about this last night?"

" am telling you again so that it will get into that thick skull of yours " he said

I wanted to say something but my mom beat me to it

" Your dad is right you should change. you are seventeen and we've changed your school because of pranks you play on students and teachers and the last one was your principal, you are no more a baby Golden you better grow up" my mom said

"I Know you are going to agree with him but this is my life and this is me. I can't change that, I won't be seeing you guys till next term because am sure you guys won't be coming to visit us and oh thanks for making me loose my appetite"

I stood up took my phone and ear piece and went upstairs but before I closed the door I heard my sister say

" you shouldn't have said anything cause you know how Golden is she can't do without music nor do without trouble it's her middle name and life it shouldn't be new to you guys"

I knew she would stick with me even though she is annoying I love her, I smiled and closed my door.


BI dragged my box up the stairs of my new domitory and came to a stop in front of the door of my new house the name star was boldly written on the door, I kinda like the name. I didn't knock you can call it one of my bad habits I just opened the door and walked in and met my new roomie making out with her boyfriend and judging from the way she was moaning it' was hot.

Well I have never had a boy friend before and am seventeen years old, all my life is about music and I don't even have time for myself talkless of boyfriend. The sound of me clearing my throat made them jump apart and it's was fun watching the girl's face turn pink.

" Oh sorry the door was open and am Golden your new room mate you were busy and I didn't get your name"

"E.." she cleared her throat " Eva and this is my boyfriend Jeremy"

" I can see that and by the way he's cute"

" Can you please tell her that again?" Jeremy asked me

"Shut it dumbass" Eva said

" Well I hope we live in peace because am trouble spelled with capital letters"

" My baby is trouble also so yes y'all will live in peace" Jeremy said

" Wait I thought you have class now?" Eva asked him

" You didn't remember that I have class when I was making you moan five minutes ago" Jeremy said and I laughed

" Jeremy!!!!!" Eva screamed and threw her pillow at him "get out now"

" Don't worry am going so I can tell my friends that there's a new girl in our school and she is hot so bye". Jeremy said pecked Eva and waved at me then rushed out.

" He's funny" I said

" Yeah and now I have to help you unpack" she said as she stood up and walked to where I dropped my box

" Hey you don't have to I can do it believe me it's no big deal"

" you don't need to reject my help because am still gonna help you"

"Well since you have mentioned it i think I can use an extra hand"

********. ************". *********

I smiled as i and Eva walked hand in hand the next day in the hallway students were seen moving around both white and black and it made me happy at last am in my dream school I can't even express the way I feel.

Oh please don't ask me how my night was or about my sister because my night was good and my sister? am sure she can find her way just like I have, being two classes ahead of me she was two years older than me.

"Wait Eva since the M'4 band owns the school they do visit right?" I asked Eva in hope don't blame me I love them and is one of their good fan.

" Golden this is their school so sure they are always here unless they have a concert or show to attend and they live in that estate opposite our school and guess what?"she asked

" What?" I asked my attention on a cute boy walking pass

" I said guess "

" Well am not good at guessing" I said turning to give her my best puppy face

" Don't ever do that face again it's ugly" she said referring to the way I made my face

" Common stop stalling out with it"

"Well John Mason is one of our music Instructor"

" what? " I asked surprised to say I was shocked was an under statement. " Wait how come I haven't heard of this before?" I asked

" It's not in the news only students know about it "

" I will be damned "

The bell rang and everyone hurried to their class I walked inside our class and sat down beside Eva. Students began to murmur and stare at me well I was used to it so it's no big deal.

" What are we having now?" I asked Eva

She placed her hand on our desk and smiled mischievously at me "why don't you check your time table and find out"

I quickly brought out my time table and check " we are having music"

We were still talking when every where became very quiet, I turned around to see what caused the silence and noticed ever one staring at something at the front of the class.

When I saw the person standing at the front of the class it was enough to make everyone keep quiet, standing in front of the class was non other than John Mason.

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