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C2 He is funny

Golden Pov cont

The noise that stopped began all over again but much more louder this time.

" we missed you Mason" a girl said

" I also missed you " another one added

Everyone was talking about how much they've missed him and he just stood there smiling.

" okay I missed you guys too but I didn't come here to teach I came to listen to you guys sing so why don't you come out and give me what you learned during the holiday?"

Everyone of them screamed happily and began to even fight for who will sing first. his voice was damn ,it was really made for singing and he was cuter up close, wait did I just say he was cuter? well scratch that everyone of them sang and it was beautiful , Eva sang too she has a good voice.

Everyone is done singing and are waiting for the new girl to sing.

" Are you not going to sing " Eva asked

" no thanks I think I will pass" I said loud enough for everyone to hear including their teacher

" will you get your brown

self out here and sing?" Mason asked rudely after hearing what I said

I don't know why but for some reason I didn't want to sing if it was another time or place I would have gladly obliged I wasn't shy or anything but I just couldn't bring myself to stand up and sing.

" hey you got no business talking about my skin colour I said I will pass" I replied him rudely

Everyone gasped and began to murmur but being who I am I didn't care. the bell was runged and according to the time table it was a free period. thank God

" see me in my office"

Mason said as he turned to walk out of the class " now" he said then finally walked out

" hey girl what was that all about" Eva asked surprised

" I don't know, am usually happy when someone asks me to sing but I just couldn't bring myself to sing'

" careful girl you're new here and believe me you don't want people to start hating on you but wait did you see his face? damn girl it was hilarious" Eva said and we laughed.

" yeah I bet I had never happened before he is almighty John frigging Mason,"

Damnit I just remembered that I promised to behave myself in this new school but on my first day I had to go and spoil everything , well I guess you can't change who you're no matter what. I use my hand to slap my forehead

" way to go Golden, way to go"

I murmured to my self

"oh very Soon girl your name Will be on the school page". as Soon as she said it her phone began to vibrate and make notification noise, she brought it out and checked

" well maybe you are already there " she said showing me her phone.

My picture was there so someone took a shot with out me knowing. I checked the comments and some were good like one girl said

" wow I love this Golden of a girl, she is tough"

another one said.

" no one have ever talked to our Mason like that before and I have always been waiting for who would now I have found one go girl"

while some were bad '

" she just wants him to notice her " one boy commented

well I do not care what anyone says about me to hell with them

Annalise John his cousin sister that is a model commented

" O.M.G. someone spoked to my brother rudely this is the first time, am coming to school tomorrow to see her thank God she is in my class"

oh my God Annalise is coming back because of you, she likes playing pranks I just hope she isn't coming back to fight with you" Eva said

" I don't want any trouble". I groaned

" well you should have thought of that before doing what you did".

The bell rang and everyone hurried out of the class it was time for lunch, me and Eva walked out of the class I was feeling pressed but decided to get my food first before going to the toilet.

Me and Eva ordered our food and went to sir at the end of the cafeteria then I asked her to direct me to the female restroom. she told me the directions, if I tell you that I understand them am lying. well I guess I have to figure out my way by myself.

I've been walking for close to twenty minutes but I haven't seen any fucking restroom I was about turning to go back when I heard male voices talking and laughing and then I heard the sound of a door opening and sounds of approaching foot steps but for some reasons I didn't want them to see me so i quickly his myself behind a wall until the sound of their foot steps faded.

I came out of hiding and walked to where they were coming from there was a big poster which read students should keep off but I've never been the one to obey instructions so I opened the door and walked in.

my mouth dropped open in astonishment at what I saw , it was like walking into a standard music studio it was beautiful absolutely stunning, well I thought that I have seen all studio equipment but it seemed that I am mistaking because I haven't seen all like some that am staring at now.

I wish I can have some thing like this in the future,. just then a devilish idea poped up in my mind , why don't I sing and use my phone to record it. I know how to operate the essential one to do what I want for now. I quickly did all the necessary things needed, started the beat,. then I put my mouth on the Mike and began to sing " some one like you " by my idol Adele


Mason pov.

" Did you see the headline of the students page Michael it was so interesting". Matthew asked Micheal smiling annoyingly .

" hell bro I did, a girl spoke to our own Mason rudely". am surprised." Michael replied smirking

" unbelievable". mark said surprise

Damnit my friends were not going to let me hear the end of it, God I hate that girl already, hell she is beautiful alright but no one I mean no one has ever talked to me like that before.

" wait our own Mason that is chased and loved by every girl?" mark asked still surprised it seems that he haven't seen the headline on the students page.

" Mason we love you" Matthew said with a girlish voice , while catwalking and brushing his hair behind his ear like a girl and all of them bursted in laughter.

" Mason please I need your author grap " Matthew continued , mocking me

I love my friends like they were my brothers but some times I feel like beating the crap out if them especially Matthew,. I was close to him More than I was to the rest but he alway takes it upon himself to make my life miserable .

" I thought you guys have some where to go". I asked trying to change the topic.

" awnnn some one is trying to chase us away"" mark said mocking me.

" Mason pls don't miss us too much while we are gone". Matthew said still imitating a girls voice and they walked out laughing

Because of that stupid girl my friends are making fun of me damnit . I laid down to rest when the door opened again we're they back to tease me again? oh God pls not now I need to rest. I raised my head to shout at them

" what do you guys want......?" I didn't complete my statement because it wasn't them it was her . now what is she doing here????

I guess that is question of the century.....

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