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C4 Creepy feeling

Golden pov

" where the hell have you been" Eva screamed at the the moment she saw me

I rolled my eyes , she was just like my sister always screaming

" oh chill girl I missed my way and there is something I gotta tell you but that is for later" I told her as I drew my chair out and sat down suddenly exhausted, I opened my food that Eva helped me to cover and began to eat.

" Golden hi" the girl's sitting with us chorused

O just nodded my head and continue eating

" this is Mia" Eba said pointing to the girl by my right side ,she has blonde hair and blue eyes she is white ,

" and this is Mary" Eva said referring to the girl beside Mia she has brown hair and brown eyes

" Carly is the one sitting by your left and Rose is beside her." Eva said concluding her introduction

" nice to meet you guys" I said, Carly is black with black hair and green eyes like me and Rose hair was dyed pink and she has blue eyes like Eva but Eva's hair is Sandy blonde.

" Girl that was one hell of a show you have us today" Rose said to me , by now I already know that she is a talkative because since I got here she haven't keep quiet.

" yeah he has no right talking about or insulting your skin colour" Mary said, She is black so she understands how it feels for a white person to talk about a black person skin colour

" please don't insult my Mason like that and girl watch out for Madeline that girl is a bitch she likes Mason and won't stand anyone insulting him" Mia warned me

" who cares ?" I asked rolling my eyes

we left stoopy talking about Mason and began to talk about random stuff and I really enjoyed their company especially Rose she led us and she is really funny, Christ the girl can talk for American.

When lunch was over we went back to class, the lessons were interesting, I enjoyed my first day, people still talked about what happened in the morning but I know with time the talk will die down.

very Soon class was over and everyone went back to their hostel while day students went back home.

.. I and Eva were not left out we walked back to our hostel,when we got to our room I dropped my bag , pulled my uniform wrapped my towel around my self and padded barefoot to the bathroom, I closed the door hanged my towel turn on the shower and stepped under it then I remembered my sister.

Damnit by now she would have heard about what happened and I promised her that I wouldn't mess up and I even did it on my first day she will skin me alive.

I came out of the bathroom dripping wet with my towel wrapped around my chest when someone knocked on the door, Eva was not in the room so I answered the door

" who is that I asked twisting the door knob and opening the door before the person answered and standing before me was Diana ,her face red with anger.and her hands was on her hips , she looked like she wanted to kill me no scratch that she is going to kill me.

uh oh I backed away from the door slowly, she walked in and used her leg to close the door.

if there was anyone I feared apart from God then it's my sister she can pull out my hair without looking back and her knock can put a dent in ones head am not even this scared of my parents.

" you promised!!!" she screamed at me

" hey I just wanted to call you, how was your day? it was fine right?" I asked trying to change the topic, it alway help me to get out of trouble where she was concerned but I doubt it will work today

" don't do that" she said her eyes getting red and by now smoke is already coming out of her ears

" do what?" I asked innocently,

" don't try to change the topic idiot , you know that one word from Mason and we are outta this school and dad will never let you hear the end of it and you of all people know how we got here" she accused

I started feeling guilty " Diana I didn't want to sing and I don't know why, but then the idiot has to tell me to bring my brown self out and sing, he shouldn't have called me brown"

" even though you are brown?" a voice in my head asked me mockingly

" shut it " I snapped at the voice mentally

Diana became angry all over

again but this time her anger was directed at Mason not meshe hates any one who talks about skin colour or use it to insult some one

" how could he do that to you I wish I was there so that we can pull out his eyes"

Great , just so great one thing my parents don't know is that Diana is trouble, yeah she was the one who always bring idea of what prank to play on people.

" hey you meet any cute guy yet?" I asked , if anything can make her forget her anger then it's that question I just asked

" oh my God yeah there are many cute guys in my department"

I moved to my wardrobe to pick out clothe to wear as my sister began to babble on about the cute guys she met and one In particular according to her he was black , with great abbs and cute smile with dimples to die for.

I know she is talking with that dreamy smile of hers on her face , I blocked her out.


After Diana left the bell rang,me and Eva marched outits time for dinner its seven already time runs fast in this place, oh Eva met my sister and they got along very well, especially because of their love for cute boys.

I haven't dated one boy yet but the same could not be said for Diana, she have dated many boys both black and white.

The place was already crowded by the time well got there, this hall is different from the one we used for lunch so we moved to join the long line, we were talking about the song we love most and our favorite artist when students started murmuring it seems like they love doing that in this school.

" what is making the noise increase? " I asked Eva

She was looking at the entrance, I followed her gaze and saw five boys coming in, they are cute no doubt.

" who are they?"

" they are students her but one class ahead of us and In dance department,the one in front is their leader his name is Owen he is the best dancer in the dance department" she said pointing àt the one at the front.

Owen is cute with blonde hair and blue eyes just like Mason but he is lean unlike Mason that have broad chest and there was nothing lean about him Christ why am I even comparing the two of them.They were coming towards us.

" hi golden am Owen " he said stretching out his hand for me to shake when they got to my front.

I really wanted to tell him that I already know his name, it seems like am now popular here, I mean am always popular in all the schools I've attended but today is my first day here and everyone already know me , nice just so nice.

if I don't shake his hand people will say am rude. i looked up at his face he was smiling and his eyes were twinkling in a cute way.

I took his hand " nice to meet you'" I felt butterfly dance in my stomach and I smiled geniuely at him.

He introduced his friends , we ordered our food and walked to a table were we sat down with Owen beside me.

" so Golden why did you leave your old school ? if you don't mind me asking". Owen asked trying to break the silence.

" I don't mind , the thing is i never liked my old schools, it was fun alright but the school I've always wanted to attend is the school since it was opened four years ago"

" old Schools not even one?" he asked putting stress on the s in the school

" yeah schools " I answered. " I've never stayed in a school for a long time because I always get expelled" I told them with a sincerely

" expelled?" a voice asked with surprise behind us and we turned to see the owner of the voice it was Jeremy Eva's boyfriend.

He walked to Eva pecked her lips then sat down on an empty chair beside her.

" yeah " I said

" why is that?" Daniel one of Owen's friend asked

" well you can say that am rude , I always play prank on students, teachers and the last one was my principal" I told them.

" why do you always play prank on people?" Eva asked curiously

" I've always been a good girl but my dad won't let me and my sister come to this school, he doesn't want me to become a musici and he doesn't want my sister to become a dancer, so we decided that if he doesn't let us come willingly then we come by force. playing pranks on people is what brought me and my sister here"

I explained

" This is i and my sister's last chance, if we get expelled we won't be able to school I new York again, and am sure my dad is praying for it to happen thats why am trying to be on my best behavior" I added

" you should have thought of that before talking to Mason like that" a voice snapped behind me and I recognized the voice as my sister's voice

" don't remind me " I groaned

She came to stand beside me and looked at every one in curiousity, I knew she wanted me to introduce her to them so I did, she took the last empty chair beside me and dropped her tray on the table.

As everyone ate we talked and laughed, till the bell was runged for us to go back to our hostel, it was funny to me when everyone of us began to hug each other, Owen enveloped me in a beer but,I inhaled the scent of his perfume and my start began to beat fast.

I loosened myself from his hold and hugged my sister for a long time uni Eva separated us and dragged me along with her.i turned back and looked back and looked at my sister she looked like she is about to cry and I felt tears gathering behind my eyes.

Am beginning to miss her we

have never bet separated before. we were not only sister's but best friends also in our other school we were either in the same room or the same host with our rooms close.am used to her sneaking in to my room if she couldn't sleep or the feel of her arms wrapped around me as we talked or gossiped to the wee hours of the morning. in short we are always together.

Am staying in pure white girls hostel while she is staying at royal blue girls hostel like the colour of our uniform.

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