Golden (My life is all about music)/C5 Where the hell have you been??
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Golden (My life is all about music)/C5 Where the hell have you been??
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C5 Where the hell have you been??

Golden pov cont

Days went by like a blur, each and every day more interesting, i tried my best to ignore Mason, avoid trouble and be on my best behavior even if it was hard.

It's been two weeks now and am already accustomed to the way of live here you can say I blend In quickly, this place isn't like other boarding school ,sure there are rules but I don't feel suffocated.

The food is superb, and you can leave during weekend ,there is always one activity or the other to keep you busy and occupied, up till today I have sang to any ones hearing ,I always sneak to that studio to sing and my luck have been holding out I know one of this days I will get caught.

I don't still know till today who owns the place ,my mind keep telling me it belongs to M'4 band but am not sure, sometimes I meet packs of chocolate , sweet or chew gum littered on the floor.

On Monday morning of the third week of my stay in this school as usual me and Eva did our morning routine and left for class we were in the hallway when three girls saw us and started walking towards us it was like they've been waiting for us. Everything about them screamed fake.

" and here comes Maddie " Eva whispered to me " just ignore her"

For the first time in my life am going to obey, they stopped in front of is but I turn to walk pass her when the one of the girls caught my hand and dragged me back to her front, why cant trouble stay away from me?

"so you are the Golden huh? ". she asked sacarstically

" you asking me ?" I asked my voice dripping with sacarsim, pointing at my self then turning to look behind me.

"Do you know who I am ? you have the guts to show up here and start misbehaving you even talked to my Mason any how" she said like Mason belong to her

" pls who are you?" I asked but she made a big mistake by answering

" my father is the president of this country,and Mason belongs to me" she said like I asked her of her father instead of herself and who is dragging Mason with her?

By now people where already


" well look here princess your father ain't the owner of this school so I can do anything I want, and Mason don't belong to you and he ain't gat no ring on his finger "

"what did you just say?" she asked her face turning red with anger and embarrassment

" am sorry sweetie but I don't repeat myself" I answered her sweetly.

" girl bye " i said and moved to walk out but she did what I didn't expect she slapped me and everybody gasped I saw red

she smirked like she just won the battle but before she knew it I returned the slap two times, then I smirked back at her as I saw the imprint of my hands on her face.

" Cat fight ,cat fight " people began to chant and I know she will want to drag my hair but I beat her to it ,I dragged her hair and punched her face, all the whole time Eva was quietly watching us.

Then I heard a voice and I froze It was his voice again damn

Mason pov

After what that girl did that day she have been quite like some one ask her to, I was going to my office when I heard students chanting" cat fight cat fight " and I immediately knew that two girls were fighting so I walked towards them this is Monday morning for goodness sake.

In the middle was non other than the brownie herself and the presidents daughter who happens to be my favorite student she was punching Maddie.

" what the hell is going on here" I asked and she froze then turn to look at me she looked angry ,she opened er mouth to say something but closed it back,.

" follow me now " I told her

Maddie smirk at her , and the brown girl glared at her then turned to me ,.

Maddie's face was covered with bruises but that was the least of my concern now why can't this brown girl stay out of trouble

I walked back to my office and the sound of her footsteps was the only thing that made me know she was following me , I opened my door and walked in the went to my sir and sat down I wanted to tell her to sit but she was already sitting down.

" why were you fighting with Madeline " I asked

" why didn't you bring the two of us so you can ask her?" she asked

I looked at her surprised, damn this girl lack manners, and doesn't give a fuck about who you're before talking to you, I know Maddie always tell people who she is to scare people from harming her and to make people respect her , but this stubborn girl still went ahead and beat her up.

I know everything about this Golden because I made a research on her, I know she was stubborn and was expelled from four different school. yet she didn't change.

" you know that if you are expelled you can't school in this country again right? ". I asked

" yeah I know so what is your point?" she asked.

" you should behave yourself ". I snapped " just two weeks you have been doing stupid things like being disobedient and fighting your fellow student"

she wanted to say something but closed her mouth , wise choice and good for her

" you should behave yourself or I won't hesitate to expell you".

she looked like she wanted to kill me if only look can kill an sure I will be six feet below by now I smirked

" you can go " I said ,

she stood up immediately and turned to go without looking at me or saying anything

" and Golden " I called and she stopped but didn't stop to look at me

" it's not a threath it's a promise ". I said

And that was when she turned back and looked at me

" yes sir I understand sir three bag full sir". she said smiling sweetly like she knew I was bluffing then her smile turned to a glare and she walked out.

I said it to make her scared but she didn't appear scared ,I can't expell her cause she has something I have been looking for.

when I played that recording for my friends they nearly went crazy, they threaten to kill me if I play it for my boss and am sute they would, now it's time to start carrying out my plans and the first in my list is befriending her I know it won't be easy because of her character and we didn't start off in a good way but there is no harm in trying and I hope I haven't scattered everything with what just happened today.


Golden pov


I marched to my class angrily damn him be didn't even ask Maddie what happened he only wanted to shout for because she is the presidents daughter. if I see her now I swear I would pull her hair out.

I was scared when he talked about expelling me but I acted brave, I didn't want him to know I was scared.

I got to the class and a teacher was already there I I still walked in

" where are you coming from Golden'" he asked

" good morning sir sorry I was using the toilet" I lied

" are you okay?" he asked

..... .

" yes sir it's just a little stomach ache "

" okay go to your sit " he said and continue teaching

I walked to my sit and sat down thank God he doesn't know about the fight because just one more person to scold me and my self control will snap.

" hey are you okay?" Eva asked

"Yes " I replied and faced the board.

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