Chapter 11 - Harvesting purple boll fruit

Thirteen years ago, when she entered the palace at the head of the rear palace, she relied on her peerless family background, and with her six concubines, in just three short years, she had leaped from being a noble to the position of imperial concubine. In addition to the influence that the General's Estate had in the entire Tung Xiang, the current Huajia and she occupied almost half of the entire Tung Xiang.

If he wanted to overthrow Imperial Consort Hua, that would be easier said than done!

However, what she wanted to do, had never been impossible for her!

Since she had reached an agreement with the original owner, she must keep her promise. No matter how difficult this path was, she must continue on!

With a firm look in his eyes, Yue Feng Qing said seriously: "Grandpa, when will you be able to get those two things for me?"

"There should be some in the treasury. I'll get Ling Fu to take you there." The Patriarch Ling then ordered Ling Fu who was standing outside, following that, Ling Fu turned around and walked towards the treasury.

After Ling Fu left, Yue Feng Qing thought for a while, then said to Patriarch Ling: "Grandpa, I might need to go out tonight, but I hope that no one will know about this, especially Ling Yu and Ling Wei."

"Alright, I will instruct Ling Yue to guard outside your courtyard. With the excuse that you are currently recuperating, no one is allowed to come close." The Patriarch Ling seemed to have a lot of trust in her and did not pursue where she was going at night.

However, it could be seen that the old man was still very worried about her safety.

A hint of warmth swept across his heart, Yue Feng Qing softly explained to Patriarch Ling: "Grandpa doesn't need to worry about me, I have had a fortuitous encounter in Misty Forest, as long as I don't meet an especially powerful opponent, I have the ability to protect myself. Don't worry."

However, he seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly dimmed. He shook his head and said: "If you could sense the stellar force, you probably wouldn't have been kicked out of the palace and lived in this border city."

"stellar force?" A faint smile flitted past Yue Feng Qing's eyes, and he said with a smile that was not a smile, "Didn't I say I'm not even fifteen yet? Isn't there a last chance? "

"You're right, but ?" Old Man Ling sighed deeply as he shook his head without uttering a word. It was clear that he didn't think Yue Feng Qing could still sense the stellar force.

In regards to the old man's sigh, Yue Feng Qing did not say much.

After a while, Ling Fu returned from the treasury. He placed the Ice Thread Gloves and the cold jade bottle on the table. He gave her a doubtful look, and then quietly retreated.

"Thank you, Grandpa."

Yue Feng Qing expressed his gratitude in a low voice, extended his hand and kept the two things back into his sleeves, then turned and left the study.

After she was done preparing her things, she did not take a detour, but returned to the courtyard where she lived.

After entering the room, she rushed forward and said: "I have everything prepared, but I am still worried, can you think of a way to secretly watch that Ling Wei girl for me?"

"I've already split a wisp of my spiritual power to keep an eye on her. However, after she left the fake mountain, there wasn't much of a reaction. Instead, she shut herself in her room, thinking about something."

"Looks like she hasn't thought of a way to deal with me yet. Since that's the case, then there's nothing to worry about. We'll set off tonight to go to Chi Yushan to harvest the purple boll fruit."

After making her decision, she cut off the special connection she had with the "reverse" part of her body and used her spiritual force to inspect the situation in her body. She couldn't help but frown slightly.

According to the reverse saying, before being cured of her poison, it would be best if she did not continue to cultivate, otherwise her life would be in danger.

Because of this, she did not continue to cultivate last night. For some reason, the little star cycle in her body had actually increased by a few percent.

Looking at the situation, it was clear that her body had self-refined the star cycle without her knowing!

This strange scene further confirmed her determination to cure the poison as soon as possible.

At this moment, Ling Yue's indifferent voice came from outside the gate of her courtyard, "Your Highness, this subordinate will follow the orders of the Patriarch and from this moment onwards, I am responsible for guarding Your Highness' door."

"Alright." suddenly remembered something, and rushed out the door saying, "Oh yes, in a while, my guards will be back with a batch of medicinal ingredients, at that time, I will need to trouble you to bring the medicinal ingredients in."


Ling Yue coldly replied, and then stopped talking.

Roughly two hours later, Ling Yue's voice came from outside the door, "Your Highness, the medicinal ingredients are at the entrance, so this subordinate will take his leave."

After the official voice fell, Ling Yue's footsteps distanced herself.

Yue Feng Qing shot a glance at the door, a bright light flitting past his eyes, and got up to bring in the medicinal ingredients outside. However, he was not in a hurry to study the medicinal properties, but instead contacted someone outside: "Hey, heaven defying, the sky is about to turn dark, make some preparations, we're almost ready to set off."

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