Chapter 12 - Extremely Dangerous Guys

"Everything is ready. I can help you hide from everyone and leave the Ling Family. However, you have to rely on yourself to climb the mountain or whatever." Ni spoke in a rather casual manner.

In the next second, a silver-white brilliance shot out from between Yue Feng Qing's brows. Following that, the brilliance quickly turned into countless tiny specks of light, with her as the center, it dispersed in all directions.

According to his explanation, these little dots of light were all the mental energies he had left behind. He could use them to temporarily put everyone in Ling Family in a state where they could not sense their surroundings.

However, this state only lasted a few minutes.

In other words, in these few minutes, she had to successfully leave Ling Family.

Therefore, when Ni Chang spread out her mental power, she immediately opened the door, took out the tools that she had prepared beforehand, and swiftly ran towards the main entrance.

Although the Ling Family was not small in area, she lived not far from the back door.

As she ran at full speed, she soon reached the back door.

When she saw that the two guards guarding the back door were drowsy and did not notice her appearance, a strange light flashed in her eyes.

Without much time to think, she quickly opened the backyard door and quickly left Ling Family.

Outside, she had instructed the Grandpa in advance to stop the carriage she had asked him to prepare at the back gate. Without hesitation, she jumped onto the carriage and followed the route she remembered to take, driving the carriage rapidly towards her destination.

Following the reverse prompt, she used nearly four hours before finally arriving at the place where the purple boll fruit grew.

However, there was still a small period of time before the moon reached its zenith.

Therefore, she was not in a hurry to harvest the purple boll fruit. Instead, she quietly stood to the side and carefully observed the purple boll fruit.

Time passed bit by bit, after about another hour, the luster around that small purple boll fruit seemed to have dimmed a little. As the moonlight became brighter and brighter, the purple boll fruit's aura was also being suppressed more and more.

"This is the moment. Quick, go pick it up!"

A reminder suddenly sounded out in his mind.

Yue Feng Qing no longer hesitated and immediately put on the ice silk gloves. In a flash, he had already rushed to the side of the purple boll fruit, picking the purple boll fruit with one hand and taking out the cold jade bottle with the other.

However, just as her gloves were about to touch the purple boll fruit, a tall and long figure suddenly approached from far away, following that, a gust of refreshing air swept past her nose.

In the next second, the purple boll fruit that she was supposed to pluck was snatched away by the person who came.

The purple boll fruit was scorching hot, and even those who had cultivated before, would not dare to easily touch it with their fingers, yet this person actually picked it off with his bare hands, and from the looks of it, he did not seem to use any stellar force to resist the scorching Qi of the purple boll fruit!

"This person is dangerous, extremely dangerous!"

Just as she raised her head to size up this person who had suddenly appeared to harm her, an incomparably solemn warning sound once again rang in her mind.

Beneath the cold moonlight, the person who came was facing her. His gaze was indifferent as he stared at the purple boll fruit in his hands, as if he did not even notice her existence.

From her point of view, this person's elegant and handsome face seemed to be covered by a faint layer of radiance under the moonlight, making his originally perfect facial features even more mysterious.

Just as the reverse reminder faded from his mind, that person abruptly lowered his gaze. His deep black eyes seemed to flash with a hint of surprise when he saw her.

"You also need this purple boll fruit?"

Unexpectedly, that person opened his eyes slightly and asked with an indifferent expression.

It was as clear as a spring, yet it also contained a majestic voice, giving her a feeling of being confronted by the powerful aura of a king of the world. She could not help but to be alarmed in her heart.

It was as she had said; this man was extremely dangerous to the current her!

After a moment of deliberation, just as she was about to speak, the man took another step before her and said indifferently: "According to what I know, other than being able to dispel the poison from the Frigid Yin Fruit, this thing has no other uses. You're looking for it, could it be that you've also been poisoned by the Frigid Yin Fruit?"

The man's sharp eyes suddenly landed on her body, and he slowly turned around. His pitch-black eyes seemed to have a hint of playfulness as he sized her up, causing her heart to palpitate.

Secretly biting his lips, Yue Feng Qing did not immediately answer the man's question. Instead, he thought for a moment, then suddenly raised his eyes and said: "I do need this purple boll fruit."

"Oh? What do you use it for? "

The man seemed to be staring at her with interest. That pair of eyes seemed to be able to see through everything, giving her an extremely uneasy feeling as if everything was being seen through.

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