His gentleness?

After flying for a while, after leaving the Jiyu City and arriving at a place devoid of people, Ye Bei Huang who had been flying for a long time suddenly took out a jade tablet.

He lifted up one hand, injected the stellar force into the jade tablet, and said in a deep voice: "Open the star realm."

The astral plane?

He heard another unfamiliar word.

It was really troublesome to pass it into the body of trash in this strange world. She had no knowledge of most of the cultivation jargon in this world.

She frowned helplessly and said to herself, "Hey, I, what is an astral plane?"

"The Star Realm is similar to a barrier that blocks enemies. It's constructed by stellar force and some mysterious star formations. On this continent, those who can afford to use the Star Realm are definitely capable of dominating a region!"

The reverse answer caused her to be abruptly shocked from the bottom of her heart.

This Ye Bei Huang definitely did not have a low status.

Since his status was not low, then he must have gathered quite a few medicinal masters around him. If he really only wanted to dispel the poison from the Eclipse Fruit, then he might not necessarily need to use her, but he ? Still with her, why?

No matter if it was her previous life or this life, Yue Feng Qing did not believe that a good fortune would fall on her shoulders. Thus, when she realized that she was not Ye Bei Huang's only choice, her first reaction was to find out what Ye Bei Huang wanted to do with her.

Her way of thinking led to her following actions.

"Why me?"

Once he landed on the ground, Yue Feng Qing immediately opened his mouth.

Ye Bei Huang did not explain any further. While using the stellar force to open the star realm, he said to her, "Like you said, the person who is poisoned is very important to me. I do not want to miss any opportunity."

"Even if ?" "You already have full confidence in yourself?" A cold glint flashed past Yue Feng Qing's eyes, but he did not immediately follow him into the Star Realm.

"She has been poisoned for too long, I am not completely confident. Even if you are included, I dare not say that I am absolutely confident!"

After a few seconds of silence, a trace of darkness seemed to flash past Ye Bei Huang's eyes, and after throwing down those words, he turned and left.

After pondering for three seconds, Yue Feng Qing finally caught up.

When her figure successfully entered the inner part of the Star Realm, the Star Realm behind her immediately disappeared. However, in front of her eyes, was a magnificent palace.

The large hall was made of black jade, it was grand and imposing. Two giant, lifelike beasts made of black jade were squatting at the entrance of the palace, their eyes were wide with anger, looking extremely majestic.

The palace did not have a name, but it was so extravagant that even she, who had seen the Tung Xiang's imperial palace, felt that it was luxurious!

No one came out to receive her along the way until she followed Ye Bei Huang to the main hall's entrance. Only then did a young girl dressed in a light blue ice silk dress stand up to welcome her.

When the young girl saw Ye Bei Huang, a gentle smile immediately appeared on her jade like face. Her clear voice that sounded like it came from the heavens, "Master, did your journey go smoothly?"

"Yes." Ye Bei Huang replied indifferently. He did not spare the girl another glance as he turned around and said to her, who was already on the stairs, "Follow me into the hall."

Yue Feng Qing nodded in response to his words, then lifted her leg and followed his footsteps.

Unexpectedly, just as she was about to pass by the beautiful young girl, she caught a glimpse of an intense killing intent from her.

If what she said was true, then this woman must have misunderstood the relationship between her and Ye Bei Huang, right?

She could not help but raise her head to look at Ye Bei Huang in front of her.

At this time, Ye Bei Huang had already entered the palace. When she looked over, he had just turned around and was staring at her with a pair of deep eyes.

Obviously, he was urging her to hurry up.

She glanced at the beautiful young girl and quickly walked towards Ye Bei Huang.

After she entered the hall, Ye Bei Huang casually waved his sleeves, and the hall door immediately closed once more. At the same time, countless of fine star-like scarlet lights inside the hall simultaneously released a scorching Qi.

He followed him to the side hall and entered an extremely cleverly arranged inner hall.

The temperature in the hall was clearly much higher than the outside world. There seemed to be a furnace in the corners of the hall, emitting dense steam.

When she and Ye Bei Huang walked into the Inner Palace Hall, one after the other, a gentle and gentle female voice slowly came from behind an elegant screen: "Are you Feng'er?"


The coldness in Ye Bei Huang's eyes seemed to have disappeared in an instant, the look in them becoming unusually gentle.

This gentle expression seemed to add an intoxicating air to his incomparably handsome face. For a moment, even she was in a trance.

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