Chapter 16 - She's a piece of trash?

"Thin blades, ice cubes, bandages, hemostatic grass, boiling water powder ?" Are you sure that these items are for the antidote? "

Ye Bei Huang's low voice, which carried a hint of suspicion, suddenly came from behind her back, causing her hand which was holding the pen to tremble slightly.

Her delicate eyebrows slightly frowned as she angrily put down the pen in her hand. Her elbow quickly shrank back as she pressed it against his firm chest. At the same time, she took advantage of the moment when he was startled to move to the side like a fox and quickly open up a distance between the two of them.

Forcefully suppressing the irregular heartbeat, Yue Feng Qing glared at him and said, "I have a use for these things, you just have to prepare them."

After saying so, she bit her lower lip. She frowned and said seriously, "I'm used to maintaining a normal social distance with others, just like the distance between us right now!"


Ye Bei Huang's eyes flashed with amusement at first, but after hearing what she said next, a light smile involuntarily surfaced at the corner of his mouth, "If you are successful in detoxifying the poison, then I will naturally divide the purple boll fruit that belongs to you."

"Alright." "Yes!" Yue Feng Qing replied as he picked up the Xuan paper that he had just written and passed it to him: "Before preparing these things, I have to state in advance that this treatment process may be extremely painful and bloody. Moreover, the success rate is not particularly high and the variables are great, you ? Do you need to think about it? "

The poison in the woman's body had already sunk deep into her innards, but he had just said that he could help to temporarily force the poison back into a certain place in the woman's stomach.

If it was as she had said, forcing all the poison into a certain part of her stomach, she might have been able to use an operation to directly remove the area where the poison gathered!

This kind of operation would be a difficult challenge even in the modern world, not to mention in this world where equipment was incomplete!

Thus, she was not completely confident that she could succeed. However, this was the only way to save her.

Otherwise, if she allowed the poison to spread, she would die in less than three months!

At the same time, since she couldn't obtain the purple boll fruit, she couldn't immediately start cultivating, so she had to take the risk, but ? She was not sure if Ye Bei Huang was willing to believe her.

As she thought about it, her gaze unconsciously landed on Ye Bei Huang's extremely handsome face.

After hearing her reminder, Ye Bei Huang seemed to be silent for a few seconds. Soon after, he suddenly raised his pitch black eyes and looked at her with a smile that was not a smile. Then, he turned towards the direction of the hall and muttered: "Bai Yao."

The moment he finished speaking, the door of the hall automatically opened.

The beautiful young girl who had been standing guard outside the door and had been looking at her with obvious ill intent immediately rushed into the hall.

After entering the palace, the young lady who was called Bai Yao, had her eyes set on Ye Bei Huang once again, as if she did not exist beside him.


Bai Yao knelt on one knee and respectfully called out to Ye Bei Huang in a low voice.

After Bai Yao entered the palace, the playfulness and light smile in Ye Bei Huang's eyes had unknowingly disappeared. At this moment, he had returned to that cold and noble position once again, and her entire body was emitting an aura that caused one's heart to palpitate.

He glanced at Bai Yao indifferently, then used the stellar force to push the xuan paper she had just written down towards Bai Yao, saying seriously: "Prepare the things on top, quickly!"

"Yes, sir."

With a solemn expression, Bai Yao took the Xuan paper in her hands, and with a word of agreement, she turned and left the hall.

But, just as Bai Yao was about to turn around, Yue Feng Qing felt a cold aura sweeping towards her.

It was very obvious that Bai Yao had already treated her as a thorn in her side!

And most importantly, when Bai Yao had just entered the palace, Ni had already warned her that this Bai Yao's cultivation was at least at the Earth Scale realm and above.

In the entire Wudang Continent, a Star arcanists with a level above Earth Scale could be described as extremely rare.

This Ye Bei Huang, what exactly is his identity?

Even one of his servants was above the level of Earth Scale!

Thinking that she might have offended a powerful warrior that even the entire Tung Xiang might not be able to, she felt more uneasy.

At this time, Ye Bei Huang seemed to have seen through her uneasiness. The thin lip raised her eyebrows slightly and said indifferently: "Do you know how to be afraid now?"

"Cut the crap. I'll start detoxifying immediately after the materials are prepared. Now, please give me a quiet and independent space. I need to do some preoperative preparations."

was obviously extremely furious that his words had hit her, but she was born with such a prideful bone that she was not willing to lower her head in front of this dangerous man in front of her.

As if attracted by her anger, the explosive force that resembled a cheetah, the gaze that Ye Bei Huang used to look at her became even more frightening than before.

After looking at each other for a moment, he suddenly stretched out his hand and pointed to the other side of the hall. He said to her, "That room is definitely quiet and lonely. You have four hours to rest."

"Thank you!"

With a cold snort, Yue Feng Qing thanked him with a stiff expression, then walked to the other side of the palace.

In the middle of the Main Palace, Ye Bei Huang watched her figure disappear from the side hall and couldn't help but smile. He muttered to himself: "Yue Feng Qing, the Seventh Princess that is praised as trash?"

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