Chapter 17 - Sure, it's her!


Just as his words were about to leave his mouth, the jade pendant in his hand flickered and a respectful voice sounded out.

"Speak." Ye Bei Huang immediately retracted his smile, and replied indifferently.

Five days ago, she had entered the Misty Forest and was trapped in the forest for three days and three nights. Before that, she was indeed as the rumors had said, a complete trash.

That voice contained all the information that belonged to Yue Feng Qing, but it carried a hint of doubt. It was clear that he did not understand why the almighty Lord of his house had sent him to investigate the unknown little girl.


Without the patience to explain things to his subordinate, Ye Bei Huang cut off the connection with the jade pendant the moment he received the information he needed.


If this kind of talent could be considered trash, then, all of the Star arcanists s could be said to be crippled!

Ye Bei Huang waved his arm and the hall door opened once more. He walked out of the hall at a leisurely pace, just as he said. This hall was definitely quiet and independent of its own accord.

In the side hall, Yue Feng Qing started to think about the appropriate place to start the cutting process.

When she was still alive, although she had chosen to become a forensic doctor on both the medical and forensic paths, deep down in her heart, she had never stopped pursuing medical skills.

In addition to her years of practice, she had a very precise understanding of the structure of the human body. In this operation, if it was in the modern world, she was at least 80% sure that she would be able to cure Ye Bei Huang's aunt.


This was an otherworldly place where there were no relatively accurate instruments. The only thing she could use was her understanding of the structure of the human body and her exquisite dissecting techniques!

Fortunately, there was ice here, and with the effect of the Hedonist Powder, the patient should not feel any pain!

As he thought, Yue Feng Qing contacted him inversely, "To go against it, condensing poison depends on you."

"Relax, this will definitely not cause any problems for me. However, lass, are you sure ?" You want to cut open that kid's aunt? " There was a trace of doubt in his tone.

However, Yue Feng Qing remained calm: "Right now, this is the only way to save her, since Ye Bei Huang is willing to believe me, then, I will do my best to cure the purple boll fruit!"

With a determined look in his eyes, Yue Feng Qing did not speak anymore. He used the method he had learned from Ling Yue to condense his mental strength.

After a while, the hall door opened, following that, Bai Yao walked in with the things she prepared, she placed the things on the table, Bai Yao's expression was cold: Now that the things are ready, when will you be able to cure His Highness?

Your Highness?

Ye Bei Huang's aunt?

A hint of suspicion flashed past his eyes, Yue Feng Qing got up and casually flipped through the items. After confirming that there was nothing missing, he got up, picked up the items and said: During the operation, you cannot be disturbed by anything from the outside, or else you will have to bear the consequences.

After throwing that sentence, she carried the thing into Aunt Ye Bei Huang's inner hall.

When Ye Bei Huang's aunt entered the room, she was enduring the pain of the cold poison's invasion. Her beautiful features had become extremely distorted due to the torment of the poison, and her entire face was covered in frost. Layers of fine ice crystals were attached to every single one of her pores, causing the temperature of the entire room to suddenly drop below zero.

Ye Bei Huang's aunt, the situation was extremely bad!

A hint of coldness flashed through her eyes as she quickly rushed forward and said, "Against, quick, help me condense the poison. I'll go make some preparations before the operation."

With that said, she flew out from between her eyebrows, and she quickly poured the grinded Ma Dong San into Aunt Ye Bei Huang's mouth.


The cold poison was being suppressed, and Ye Bei Huang's aunt suddenly regained consciousness.

After consuming Mai Boiling Powder, he suddenly grabbed her hand, endured the cold and said to her: "If I have any accidents, please ? Help me take care of Huang'er, he ? It's not easy! "

"I won't let any accidents happen, whether it is to save you or to save myself!"

With a low shout, Yue Feng Qing quickly took out the blade he prepared beforehand and placed it on a flame to the side to heat it up. After that, he squinted his eyes and pinched the blade edge, and lightly slashed across Aunt Ye Bei Huang's abdomen.

Immediately, Aunt Ye Bei Huang's skin was cut open by her. Then, she started to cut off the second layer's subcutaneous tissue.

While she was cutting the subcutaneous tissue, her concentration was also high. Drops of sweat were dripping off her forehead, but she was completely oblivious to it.

During the operation, she was completely focused on the blade in her hand, completely unaffected by the outside world.

According to her experience and precise dissecting technique, the operation finally came to an end after five hours.

"It's done!"

Yue Feng Qing successfully stitched the wound as she weakly yelled in a low voice. In the next second, the blade in her hand had fallen off from her palm and her entire body had collapsed as a result of overconsumption. She leaned on the table, her face pale white.

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