Chapter 2 - Master of the Black Mask

It was unknown if her luck was too good, but in this Misty Forest where demon beasts ran rampant, she did not even encounter a single one.

Finally, before dawn, she had successfully arrived outside Jiyu City's city gate.

As soon as he approached the city gate, Yue Feng Qing saw the Ling Family people looking for her everywhere with torches in hand. Originally, he wanted to go over immediately, but in the corner of his eyes, he caught sight of Ling Zhi Ping who was guarding the city gate.

This person was the original owner's cousin, the second son of the main branch of the Ling Family. Back then, the original owner had overheard his conversation with his sister Ling Yu.

At this time, Ling Zhi Ping led the people of the Ling Family to guard the city gate. It was clear that he did not want her to return to the Ling Family alive!

These people really hated the original owner to the bone!

A cold glint flashed past Yue Feng Qing's eyes as he stared coldly at the entrance of the city gate, but his mind was working even faster.

In order to prevent her from returning to the Ling Family, Ling Zhi Ping could bring people to guard the city gate in this direction. Then, he would naturally think of a way to guard the other three city gates' entrances.

If he wanted to enter the city, he had to think of a way to get past the city gates!

As he thought about it in his heart, Yue Feng Qing couldn't help but to sweep his eyes towards the heavenly danger that was right next to the Jiyu City ? ? Chi Yushan.

The Jiyu City was built by this Chi Yu Mountain, if he could think of a way to enter the city from Chi Yu Mountain, it might also be a method!

However, since she could think of this, then Ling Zhi Ping and the other juniors of Ling Family could think of this as well. Moreover, there were ferocious beasts that roamed Chi Yu Mountain that were not safe!

Damn it, for a time, he actually thought of a way to not enter and leave the city!

Frowning, Yue Feng Qing started to look around.

At this moment, her gaze suddenly stopped at the beast carriage that was slowly approaching from a short distance away.

The beast carriage looked low-key, but in fact, it was extremely luxurious. If what they said was right, the person inside must have an extraordinary identity, Ling Zhi Ping and the rest probably wouldn't dare to casually search for the beast carriage!

As long as she could secretly attach herself to the bottom of the beast carriage, she should be able to successfully avoid Ling Zhi Ping!

As she thought, Yue Feng Qing kept her gaze on the beast carriage as she silently calculated the distance between them. Finally, at the most appropriate time, she immediately rolled on the ground.

Under the cover of the dust brought by the beast's hooves, she stealthily made her way to the bottom of the carriage. Her fingers tightly gripped the bottom of the carriage as she stuck her entire body onto the base of the carriage.


Just as she was about to successfully attach herself to the bottom of the carriage, a light sound of confusion came from the carriage.

Yue Feng Qing immediately tensed up.

Damn, could it be that the owner of the beast carriage sensed something?

While secretly guessing, she couldn't help but become nervous, and a layer of cold sweat also faintly appeared on her forehead.

He had thought that the carriage would stop to inspect the situation, but unexpectedly, the carriage continued to move forward without the slightest intention of stopping.

When she realized this, she felt relieved.

When they arrived at the city gate, the beast carriage stopped for a moment and then continued to move forward. Soon, they successfully entered the city.

After the beast carriage entered the city, Yue Feng Qing finally let out a breath of relief. He glanced at his little hands that were smeared with blood and shook his head helplessly.

This body was too weak. It was obvious that he had not received any training. He would need to take some time to work out properly. Otherwise, wouldn't his self-preservation methods in the modern world be greatly reduced?

She turned her head and glanced at the city gate as she thought to herself.

Ling Zhi Ping who was at the side, seemed to not have noticed her.

Hence, she immediately let go of the beast carriage's floor and fell to the ground.

She deliberately lay flat on her back so that the beast carriage could quietly move away from her body.

However, just as she was about to leave the bottom of the beast carriage, the beast carriage in front of her suddenly stopped.

Shit, I've been discovered!

A thought quickly flashed through his mind, and without giving it much thought, Yue Feng Qing immediately turned around and started sprinting.

As long as she could smoothly return to the Ling Family, with the Grandpa as the Patriarch, the people from the Ling Family would not dare to openly harm her!

Just as she turned to leave, a corner of the curtain on the beast carriage was lifted.

Behind the black mask, Ye Bei Huang's dark and serene eyes were fixedly watching her leaving figure. The depths of his eyes were filled with suspicion, as if he was suspecting something.

After thinking for a moment with a frown, a dim light flashed between his fingers and an ink-colored jade token appeared in his hand.

"Check if there are any movements in Jiyu City recently."

After saying these words to the jade pendant, Ye Bei Huang took another glance in the direction Yue Feng Qing had disappeared in, and a hint of a smile flashed in the depths of his eyes.

After the low key luxurious beast carriage left, Yue Feng Qing who was at the corner of the alleyway slowly walked out.

He glanced suspiciously at the beast carriage and frowned inwardly.

From the reaction of the owner of the beast carriage, he should know that there was someone hiding under the carriage, but he didn't expose her. Why was that?

Could it be ? Was it because that person didn't like to be nosy?

But, no matter what, the owner of this beast carriage helped her escape this calamity. She needed to remember this beast carriage and ? The owner of the beast carriage wore a black mask!

After secretly memorizing the characteristics of the owner of the beast carriage and the beast carriage, Yue Feng Qing quickly determined the direction to go and continued to run towards Ling Family.

Using the route in the original owner's memory, she rushed towards Ling Family at her fastest speed.

Finally, after an hour, he returned to the Ling Family.

At this time, the sky had already brightened up.

As a majority of the people were sent by the Patriarch to look for her, the current Ling Family did not have many people left to guard her.

When she suddenly appeared at the entrance of the Ling Family, the guards of the Ling Family stared blankly at her as if they had seen a ghost for two seconds. He's back ? "The princess has returned ?"

His stuttering cheers of joy immediately attracted the frantic Patriarch Ling in the front hall.

Just as she was about to step into the main entrance of the residence, Patriarch Ling led the people from Ling Family over.

When he saw her from afar, Patriarch Ling was so excited that he couldn't speak properly. He grabbed her arm and examined her thoroughly, asking anxiously while inspecting: "Qing Er, my poor girl, are you injured? He had been missing for three days. Surely he must be starving? Ling Fu, quickly order your subordinates to prepare medicinal food for the princess! "

"Ling Yue, quickly go and request for an alchemist!"

"Ling Yu, Ling Wei, quickly help Qing Er wash up!"

Old Man Ling had even given many orders similar to this one, which moved Yue Feng Qing. Other than that, he also finally understood why the original owner had received the jealousy of the juniors from the Ling Family!

Old Master Ling had truly doted on her, a good-for-nothing princess who had been expelled from the palace!

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