Chapter 20 - Who Is Genius

From her position, she could perfectly see Ling Wei's current expression.

When she heard that everyone was praising Ling Yu's talent that was better than hers, a dark look flashed past her eyes, and she secretly looked at Ling Yu with eyes that were filled with jealousy.

From the looks of it, this Ling Wei could really be jealous of anyone!

With a cold laugh, she pretended to be surprised and rushed into the hall. Upon entering, she affectionately spoke to Patriarch Ling: "Grandpa, Grandpa, the house is so lively today!"

"Yo!" It's the Qing Er! Come, sit here in Grandpa. Let me introduce you to Grandpa. " Patriarch Ling waved his hand towards her, gesturing for her to go over, and introduced her to his teacher, Li Xiao.

When Li Xiao saw her, he unnoticeably frowned, but the expression on his face became more arrogant, to the point where he didn't even look at her once.

With regards to this, Yue Feng Qing laughed coldly from the bottom of his heart.

After listening to Patriarch Ling's explanation, she pretended to be enlightened as she looked at Ling Yu who was staring at her with a provocative gaze with incomparable arrogance and a smile: "So it turns out that my cousin's talent is even higher than my cousin's. He's really too awesome.

"Hmph, what's the use of being envious!" Ling Yu had just been flattered to the skies, so, in front of so many people, she actually did not care about her status at all.

As soon as Ling Yu finished speaking, the silent Ling Wei suddenly rebuked him: "Second sister! How can you embarrass your cousin in front of so many people! Even if she failed to detect stellar force twice in a row, she still has one last chance. Furthermore, she has a noble identity, hurry up and apologize to Princess Cousin Sister! "

Tch, just with her? A trash, it's not like I'm wrong, what right do I have to apologize to her! "

Ling Yu was so agitated by Ling Wei's few words that she immediately fired at her without caring about it at all. She actually did not even care about Patriarch Ling's face anymore.

Facing Ling Yu's underestimation, Yue Feng Qing had not even opened her mouth to retaliate, but the Patriarch Ling beside her was already unable to watch any further. Her old face sank, and she immediately shouted angrily at Ling Yu: "Yu Er! What are you saying! Qing Er is your cousin, how can you be so disrespectful? "

"Grandfather!" Just as Ling Yu was getting excited, suddenly being shouted at like that in front of everyone, she became furious.

However, Patriarch Ling's serious eyes, made her not dare to refute him anymore. She secretly clenched his teeth and glared at Yue Feng Qing.

From start to finish, Yue Feng Qing had not spoken a single word, but she had been secretly conversing with him using her mind.

From her own mouth, she knew that the spirit treasure that Ye Bei Huang had gifted her could only change the attributes of the stellar force that she had used, and did not affect the testing results of the Spirit Stone.

Therefore, if she wanted to enter the Jingyun Academy, she had to find a method that could avoid spirit stones and at the same time gain the recognition of the academy's instructors!

Earlier, she had been thinking about how to enter the Academy, so she didn't take Ling Yu's ridicule and ridicule to heart.

"Old mister Ling, I feel that Ling Yu's character is straightforward and logical, after all, in this world, everything is for the strong. If the girl beside you really has talent that surpasses Ling Yu, I believe that Ling Yu would not mock her."

Just when everyone thought that this matter was over, the Jingyun Academy's instructor suddenly said these words.

When he said this, it instantly attracted the attention of everyone present. On Ling Yu's face that was just angry, a hint of happiness instantly appeared.

As for the nearby Ling Wei, when she heard the instructor's words that clearly sided with Ling Yu, the jealousy and hatred in her eyes grew even thicker.

After sweeping away the crowd's expressions, Yue Feng Qing caught onto the crux of the problem from the instructor's words that was solving her difficult problem of entering the academy.

Since this teacher valued Ling Yu so highly, then, as long as she successfully used the astrology to defeat Ling Yu, it would prove that she was qualified enough to enter the Jingyun Academy!

When she thought about that, her eyes suddenly lit up, and while everyone was silent, she raised her eyes and looked at the Jingyun Academy Instructor's chest.

Over there, there was a silver badge, representing the position of this teacher in the academy.

Having grown up in the imperial palace, even though she didn't have the qualifications to enter the academy, her memories still contained information regarding the levels of instructors there.

In all the academies, teachers were divided into five levels, from lowest to highest: iron, copper, silver, gold, and diamond.

And this Li Xiao in front of him, was obviously a silver medal instructor.

Very good, just right for her low-key attitude!

Narrowing his eyes, Yue Feng Qing gave Li Xiao a glance before raising his eyebrows: "Li Xiao, the silver medal instructor of Jingyun Academy?"

"That's right." When he mentioned the silver medal instructor's name, a distinct proud expression flashed past Li Xiao's eyes.

"Good, next, I will prove to you who is the so-called expert!"

Yue Feng Qing who had a calm expression, lightly said these words, and then, under everyone's doubtful and shocked gazes, he slowly walked towards Ling Yu.

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