Chapter 3 - Unrelenting

Yue Feng Qing who was surrounded by a group of people looked at the Old Master speechlessly giving out one order after another. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore.

He reached out to support his forehead and said to the old man with a headache, "Grandpa, actually, I'm fine. It's just that I'm too tired and need a quiet environment to have a good sleep!"

When the Patriarch Ling heard her, he became anxious immediately. His beard and eyebrows trembled as he shouted anxiously, "Nonsense! You haven't eaten or drank for three days and three nights, how can you be fine! "

"Really, Grandpa. If you don't believe me, come and check my pulse yourself!" Yue Feng Qing helplessly raised his hand to Patriarch Ling.

Although it seemed like she was asking the Patriarch Ling to check her pulse, in reality, her gaze was focused on Ling Yu and Ling Wei, who were both clearly guilty of a crime.

Ling Yu was the original owner's cousin, Ling Zhi Ping's half-sister and half-sister. Ling Wei, on the other hand, was the direct daughter of Ling Family's Second Branch, and was born a month earlier than the original owner.

Amongst the two of them, Ling Wei was hypocritical while Ling Yu was ruthless.

was the one who planned to trick the original owner into going to Misty Forest this time. Ling Yu had joined hands with Ling Zhi Ping and the other few juniors of the Ling Family to carry out the plan.

She would temporarily remember this debt. On the account of the Grandpa, she would not quarrel with them over it, but in the future, if anyone dared to go against her again, she would definitely not let them off lightly!

With cold eyes, they swept across Ling Yu and Ling Yu's bodies. The two sisters had different reactions.

Ling Yu obviously avoided her gaze with a guilty conscience, but doubt and unwillingness flashed past Ling Wei's eyes.

It was very obvious that Ling Wei was a bit calmer, perhaps he could already tell that she was different from the original owner from her words and actions.

She slowly retracted her arm, raised her bright eyes, and smiled at Old Man Ling. "How is it? I'm not lying to you, am I? "

She, who was proficient in medicine, was extremely knowledgeable about this body. For some reason, the poison in this body had already been cleared out, and her body's functions were normal as well. She did not feel particularly weak.

Therefore, she was certain that the lordmaster couldn't tell anything unusual from his pulse.

Sure enough, after the Patriarch Ling had completed his pulse, he whispered to Yue Yang with a bit of joy in his doubt, "From the pulse image, everything seems to be normal. It seems that my family's little girl is indeed blessed!"

"Since that's the case, why don't you let my cousin and cousin send me back to my room to wash up and rest?" After retracting her arm, she casually said this, but her gaze landed on Ling Yu who was standing behind the old man, and a faint smile appeared in her eyes.

When Patriarch Ling heard her words, he immediately turned his head and said to Ling Yu and Ling Wei, "Since Qing Er wishes to rest, the two of you will accompany her back to his room. Remember, the moment there is any problem with her body, you must notify me immediately!"

Ling Yu did not seem to expect her to call for the two of them to accompany him, and both of their eyes revealed surprise. However, Patriarch Ling had already spoken, so after they looked at each other for a moment, they could only bite the bullet and agree to it.

Seeing that Ling Yu and Ling Wei had been humiliated, Yue Feng Qing could not help but smile, a happy and light smile flashing past her eyes.

Very quickly, she was supported by Ling Yu to return to her room.

However, just as he reached her room, Ling Yu flung her arm off with a pale little face. She glared at him with her almond-shaped eyes, and scolded him with a look of disbelief: "Yue Feng Qing! You... Just who are you... How did he get addicted to it... That... Did you come out of there? "

"There?" Yue Feng Qing coldly looked at Ling Yu's slightly pale face, coldly snorted, and scolded, "Do you think that just by tricking me deep into the Misty Forest, I will die without a doubt?"

"You ? What are you talking about? Who lured you to that damn place, you... "I ?"

Being interrogated in front of her, Ling Yu's cultivation experience was obviously insufficient, and his face had turned pale again. Although he hurriedly tried to defend himself, it was clear that he was not confident enough, and even spoke incoherently.

Just then, Ling Wei, who had been silent at the side, glanced at her, and said softly: "Third sister, why did you sneak into the Misty Forest? It's so dangerous there, so don't you dare make a ruckus like that ever again! "" No, no!

"Big sister, I ?" I went with second brother... Who knew that she would secretly follow her ? " Ling Yu secretly bit her lips, and lightly lowered her gaze. When she said the last sentence, she obviously felt guilty.

Ling Wei, who was at the side, had a hidden look in her eyes, she turned and gave her an apologetic smile, and said gently: "Princess cousin sister, we are all family, Third sister does not know that you secretly followed them into the Misty Forest, why not let this matter go? After all, Grandpa is too old to be provoked. "

This Ling Wei, in just a few words, had pushed the blame onto the original owner himself, and had even used the original owner's Grandpa as a cover. Obviously, this woman was not easy to deal with!

Yue Feng Qing suddenly raised his eyes, looked towards Ling Yu and Ling Wei, and shouted, "You guys have plotted to trick me into going to the Misty Forest, so I can't tell Grandpa about this. But from today onwards, the two of you and me will not cause trouble, and if you find an excuse to provoke me in the future, I, Yue Feng Qing, will definitely not show mercy!"

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